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This game was made in one hour. Well, pretty much, I spent a bit longer signing up for the NG API and trying to get that working. Anyways, you have to use the mouse to dodge pillars as the screen rotates.
Edit: WOOOO! Frontpage! That was very unexpected. Thanks to whoever put it there :)


Rotating but not round

Though I liked the game, I'd preferred if your mouse/object was a round object instead of a square.
Those four corners of the square makes the game a LOT more difficult than what I'm used to.
But it's a pretty good game. =3

Too easy to exploit

This is the type of game that should use keys for input, instead of mouse.
Impossible to die when you figure out the old Right-click trick works.
Thus proves my point. Use the arrow keys for it instead.
Much harder to cheat then.
Other than that a great game ;)

I can right click

fix the right click

good but

rhyeen is right about the sometimes its possible and sometimes it not because when it starts with the beams crossing eachother they dont always make the gap so u can pass trough and i dont know if it was a glitch but at some time if u click your mouse u return to the main screen O-o

it's good but...

sometimes it's impossible to get passed the walls...which is a real downer

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3.53 / 5.00

Aug 14, 2008
1:36 AM EDT
Skill - Avoid