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My Distraught Tendencies

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Obsessed with michael keatonI am. obsessed with. The michae l keatoni am obsessed with him he does not love me. I want him to love me but he does not. why wont michael keaton love me. i love him.

actually, he does love me. He loves me/ . very much.

i am obseessed with the michael keaton and it's good becasue he also loves me I love him and he loves me too we love each of us. we are in love. we are in love. he knows who i am. I love michale keaton. Michael keaton = Obsessed with the michael keaton love. Obsessed with the michael keaton
<3 love <3 love
<3 love <3 love<3 lo<3 love <3 loveve <3 love

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Man, that looked like Freddie Mercury in the thumbnail, I'm intrigued.

WHY THE FUCK WAS FREDDIE THERE?! I am so confused, but is this is amazing, I love you. XD

Whatchu want for Christmas?

Whatchu want hoe?

Very touching, in a disturbing kind of way...

How this could get a 2.5/5 I have no idea, this and all of your other videos are simply amazing, though saddening and somewhat scary... I love how you manage to put whatever's going through your mind into animation- something a lot of people are afraid to do for fear of being judged; you don't seem to be afraid of what other people will think of you, I respect that a lot. At face value your flashes look like spam, but honestly they all carry a deeper metaphor, a glimpse into your mind. Take Alfred, I'm starting to wonder: Is he your portrayal of yourself? Or are you trying to show the world what thoughts go through the mind of someone truly neglected and disturbed, even if not necessarily yourself?

Either way, I've watched all of your submissions and I'm very impressed with each one of them. You're very good with bringing to light problems that many people face in an indirect way, and whoever tells you you're not normal because of it can fuck off. Don't listen to them, they just haven't read into the true meaning of what you're presenting...

i have watched a few of your videos, and

decided that you are not normal.

i still cant figure out if its in the good way or the bad way, though o.O

Im so in love right now :3

tHis IS SOME AMAZINGly lovely spam you made here Emliy ur sounds and drawings always make me laugh while pissing myself out of fear it has captured my heart in many ways <3 lmao oh anyone who hates spam wont like this in case you read reviews frist