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***If you don't listen to the instructions, you're probably not going to get how to play ;)

Crunch is a math based arcade game in which you try to get the total (or product) of the crates to equal the number located on the bottom right of the screen. Good luck. Any and all reviews are appreciated.

Let's say you have boxes 3, 4, and 5. The total of these boxes is 12. Which one of the boxes could you remove to make the total of the boxes equal the current goal, 7? Simply remove crate #5 by clicking on it, and then move on to the next problem.

Sponsored by MaxGames.com

Easy: Every 10 correct answers up the difficulty
Medium: Every 7 correct answers up the difficulty
Hard: Starts at 4 boxes.

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Love it :)


im not really INTO math, but i just really liked the song X)


Nice little game that mixes basic math and arcade.Time waster for some people, teaching tool for the young ones, and a pretty hard game at higher levels.So good that I hope you keep doing more games like this, maybe an adventure or something like that.

Cryzabey responds:

Haha, thanks. I think this is probably going to be our last run at an educational game though. While some people loved it, an even larger number of people decided that simply because it was educational it deserved a low score.

Thanks for the review =]

omg my ears....

Good idea... but too simple =/ I mean it's math.. and 6-8th grade math at that. Also the song made me wanna rip my brains out of my skull X_X

Cryzabey responds:

There's a mute button for a reason :P
The math gets harder. If you played on hard you would have realized that.


Honestly, I am more impressed by the fact that you got alot of these people to not only do math problems, but to actualy enjoy doing them.

Unfortunately since the game got kind of boring after god knows how many math problems I did I'm gonna have to give you a low ranking... BUT, I will nominate you for teacher of the year.

Cryzabey responds:

I'm not entirely sure if this is a diss, compliment, or some weird hybrid.
So... Thanks?