The Ultimate Steal Quiz

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Do YOU have what it takes to rob a bank? Click to find out if your a Mastermind or a Dunce

Take 30 Questions, with the addition of 5 secret ones to detect your:

Intelligence (I.Q)
Common Sense
Mental (Mentally able to cope)
Physical (Body)

Effectiveness while robbing a bank. With each Attribute given 6 rankings (A+, A, B, C, D, E) You can be sure to know how you will fare doing this "job"


I started this months ago, but did 90% if it in the last two days, im very proud of this and hope everyone enjoys it. If you have found any bugs or typos (in game, on here), feel free to pm them to me, I might even add on a credits section with your name in! Also make sure you play till the end, theres a good hint there which makes playing it again much... easier.

I aim to beat or get near the awesomeness of "The Zombie Survival Quiz" which inspired this.

Make sure you post what you get in your review (if you can be bothered), wonder whos the first to get max stats.

Thanks to dastrophy for the background :)

Im also open to any suggestions.

Thanks! :)
Fixed a problem with numbers appearing on question 21
Fixed a problem with the borders

Edit: changed it to a game, dunno why it was a movie.

Withen the first 10 mins of the game posted here, It got reuploaded about 7 times fixing bugs found at the last moment.

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dam im good i lyk passed it all of it

Flaws XD

First of all, euros are practically worthless now so I could care less about them XD
SECOND, I really like this quiz,
THIRD, The questions are sometimes unrelated

are you male or female"

Answer: I dont know

xD lolwut?

i failed. nuff said

i..i.....failed. GREAT QUIZ THOUGH!

a few flaws

a few flaws kept this from getting a 10 such as lke many ppl pionted out the getting rid of dna or fingerprints. and the inside man? really? atleast let us choose the inside man...how bribable he is etc. or she. like others have said very biased. other than that great.

Credits & Info

3.90 / 5.00

Aug 13, 2008
3:15 PM EDT
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