Edible Castle #10

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We present to you, Newgrounds, Episode 10 of Edible Castle. This is the final episode of the first series and for now, the last of the Edible Castle cartoons.

As you may well know, the release of this episode has come through a little online adventure that we set up. It was I guess, a kind of small scale Alternate Reality Game (ARG).

We had around 3,000(!!) people looking for episode 10, but only one person is walking away with the prize pack we've mentioned before, and that is:

Chris Conant of the USA, AKA RedNoseDonkey on the EC forums!

CONGRATULATIONS to Chris! He's won a ton of goodies and will be having a character drawn in his image in a future one of our toons, as well as the chance to do the voice for it!

Thanks to everyone who played, and a huge thank you to Tom Fulp for giving us so much unexpected support during it as well. We've had so much fun watching everyone play and hope to do more stuff like this again!

But enough of all that, enjoy episode 10! It's a collaboration with a handful of popular NG animators. We gave them all the task of creating an EC-themed winter Olympic event. Once we had all the animations we put the sound to it, created the commentary, and POW! Episode 10.

Until next time.. we hope you've enjoyed our little EC extravaganza. Join the forums!


The Swain (Opening Ceremony)
Dim from Super Flash Bros (Action Skiing)
Mike Parker (Steed Bobsleigh)
Chase Suddarth from Tomorrow's Nobody (Snow Writing)
Lazy Muffin (Half Time Celebration)
EgoRaptor (Icicle Jousting)
Tom Fulp (Ice Licking)

Thanks again everybody!


only 1 comment for whole series but its a 10!!!

what can i say AWESOME!!


That was awesome! i don't even Know what w00t means but yeah!

Mind of a maniac :D

Your ideas are as crazy as they are original. Keep up the good work! :D

Decent conclusion to a pretty good series

I always liked this series(and pretty much the rest of your animations) from when I began watching them. You always had a knack for creative ideas, fun characters and spectacular voices. I'm surprised I'd never reviewed any of your movies before, but I guess I'll review this one now.

Like the rest of the series, you show the great talent of colorful settings and dialog. But now you show some of your great ideas animated by some of my favorite flash artists. This medley of artists keeps the whole movie interesting and it is great seeing some of the different interpretations of some of the characters in different styles.

I liked the idea of having the two characters narrorating the whole olympics and describing each individual event based on each artists interpretation. While you don't have as much of your own art in it, its easy to understand the whole premise is the animator's cameos. One thing I have to point out is your dialog between the two announcers isn't as creative as in your previous episodes, but I see how the writing depends more on how each piece turns out, rather than having it based primarily on your own setups.

All in all, it turned out pretty well. I could honestly say the a few of the parts were not as interesting as I expected, but I guess thats how they took their take on it.
I hope that you may someday make more episodes of Edible Castle, but for now I patiently look forward to release of Cuboy Ep. 3. ;-)

~Josh B


Tom fulp owns the site but his animation sucked!

lol, just wanted to slam him.

i thought it was very funny and very well done. Dont listen to Manofry and Gypsylad, the ones that posted b4 me. good Job!

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