Astra Squad

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This new type of game developped by our team will make you discover an amazing arcade adventure style game. In this spaceship game, you will be able to build your own ship. There is 32 994 possibility of ships to create. So your's is almost unique. Chose which weapons you'll like to have to go throught 20 missions in 4 galaxies ! A well designed game for you to play!

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Was good

I liked how the backgrounds would move independent of the interface, but other than that not much was new, though it was still well put together and an overall good game. =)

Needs Improvements

I like a good shooter game now and again, but this could use some improvements. The graphics are wonderful and clean as well as the animation, but the loop was annoying because it was the loop for each level(include different and more varieties of songs)
Also, the gameplay could use some work as well. I strongly disliked the bulky movement of the ship even if it has the best upgrades availible. Make the movement more freely, and I would have liked for the ship to move backward.
The upgrades was a neat idea, but a problem with me was the cannons. I would have liked to have more than 2, some cannons in the rear, on the side, and more.
Some plot or storyline would have been a good idea (what was the Astra Squad, who was the man in the title screen, what was their background?) To be honest, this game was really repetitive and made me lose interest shortly.


Just as repetitive and boring as the next asteroids-esque space shooter. Yay for upgrades, but upgrades =/= originality... or fun. It just makes for horrible difficulty curves or the "grind" effect.

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A few tips...

The idea to create your own ship is nice. But you don't actually get to "create" it. You upgrade it rather. Maybe, instead of upgrading it. You get to pick the colour, the name, and then you get to create the kind of projectile it fires!
That is creating, rather than what you have here.

The game was repetitive and frankly just boring. Enemy after enemy, quickly turn, shoot, next. It wasn't very appealling. I would have much prefered a side scroller. Maybe next time. You could choose missions. These missions would include "Offense" missions, where you played a sidescrolling version -with- your customised ship. And you'd have to fight your way past enemies until eventually coming to the boss, Wether the boss be; A huge enemy that launches smaller enemies, an armoured space station, Or something else.

You could also provide a choice for the player. Wether they want to "Attck" or "defend" a mission...
Mission scenario: "There is a small attack force on the way to an allied space station, <mission details blah blah blah blah>. ATTACK/DEFEND?
If the player were to select ATTACK. A sidescrolling fight would be started "You must intercept the attack force before it reaches the station
If (s)he were to select defend the same as this would be launched.

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Nice idea

I loved the possibility to "create" your own ships. Thats a lot of fun, the only problems are the contols and the small stages.

Dont know if its because of my Laptop, but when I press more than 2 buttons at the same time, the ship keeps on flying in one way... really frustrating...

But so far its quite enjoyable. Keep on.


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3.36 / 5.00

Aug 13, 2008
1:46 PM EDT
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