Annoying Game Characters

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Since British people are so boring I started annoying game characters

First on my list was that freaking italian guy called Mario
I've always wanted to do this to that mother F#@ker

I've managed to get away from him and now I'm on my way to another game

Oh and by the way
I put you the most annoying preloader on this file just to annoy you too


Terrorbly pointless.

No offense but why the fuck do you have to go against the UK? They ain't that boring but seriously, get a life.



than last time.

i dont care about u or the uk

this is simply pointless. if the point wus to be annoying again, u still failed again. u hav to try harder than that to annoy people. this just makes them think u hav to wear a helmet when u go outside and floaties when u eat soup.

What is this?

WTF did i just watch? It was so short, and i had no idea what was going on.

I would have more into it.

Think of all the possibilities... Stealing Samus' upgrades... Hitting Link with his own boomerang.

Also, you should have used more audio, and the audio you did use was of poor quality.

I would have also used a different path-type for the jups to make it look more physically similar to the game.

Overall, there wasn't much, and what was there wasn't good. If you were just doing a test, you shouldn't have posted it. If it was meant to be an actual flash video, even a short, then you should have taken it more seriously.

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Aug 13, 2008
1:39 PM EDT
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