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Sonic Chronicles Prologue

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Yay, I got preloader now!

This one's a prologue for new Sonic sprite series called "Sonic Chronicles"(Nothing to do with the game). And BTW, it takes a while when episode one is released, so please, be patient.


Nice animation.

But I think the sound could have been improved on, it was very quiet!

For a prologue....

Yes... a bit too short, but none the less I like! I had a similar plan to make a video called Sonic Chronicles, but I guess it's too late since you beat me at the title xD Anyway, the Prologue looks promising enough but like other flashes, when they talk, you may want to introduce the "Hit SPACEBAR to continue" feature so we can read it in our own time rather than try to rush and read it when it's only on for a few seconds, you know? Anyway, great effort! 9/10 4/5, I am really interested to see where the series leads to!

0SonGoku0 responds:

I know that, but i can't do it.


i will like to see where you go with this and see it become a series. Also that background song is so the opener for an anime called vandread. But all in all good work.

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0SonGoku0 responds:

No, it's not Vandread opening, It's opening for Neon Genesis Evangelion.

a little too short

i guess when it turns into a series it will be better

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2.51 / 5.00

Aug 13, 2008
10:28 AM EDT
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