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Icy Slicy

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Author Comments

Description (full):

The object of the game is simple. Several silly critters and thier things have gotten frozen in the ice and they need your help to cut them out. Using your mouse slice off chunks of ice in this exciting physics based game!


+ Hold the left mouse, then move and release to make a slice




Programming - Mike Cann (mike.cann@gmail.com)(www .artificial-studios.co.uk )
Art - Mike Rigby (mikerigby@gmail.com)
Audio Production - Jake Rigby (jrigby@hotmail.co.uk)
Music: 'Celestial Aeon Project - MasqueradeE'from the album 'Aeon 3'

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Nice little distraction...

This game was pretty engaging, given the brief amount of time it lasted...

Suggestion: Longer times, penalties for cutting off parts of items

Glitch: Occasionally, the entire ice block would teleport to the upper left corner of the screen, making it much more difficult to cut at the ice.

artificialgames responds:

Hi DishonestAbe,

Yes its a known bug, im going to try to work on it tonight and resolve it, its a problem releated to my polygon decomposition failing.

Cheers for the score :)


Hey, pretty good game u got there.

Not bad

Quite good, but the levcels need more time each.

Pretty Good

Good effort put into this though the game was too short and got boring after a few rounds, overall I say it was an ok game although theres still alot of potential in this.

artificialgames responds:

Cheers for the comments phychomac, the game is intentionally a short burst of fun with some nice graphics. If yo want a longer game stay tuned for my next game ;)

Unique puzzle game - rocks!

Very imaginative little game here, excellent graphics and presentation, good skills!