Reverse Space Shooter

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This game was produce by both WAAANIMATION and SAGGAMES, both parties did the same amount of work, SAGGAMES scripting, WAAANIMATION animating. First production published. Their is a cheat somewhere if you can find it!!



I really liked the idea, definitely original and well thought out. My only problem was that keeping track of all the tinry red pixels got difficult. Maybe you could make your shots larger (not collision-wise, just for viewing purposes) or add a tail to them, or perhaps just change the color to something more easily followed?
Other than that though, I approve.

'Kinda fun...

and quick. The gameplay is a bit fast so if you could slow it down some, you would have time to get your fingers on the controls. Graphics and audio are o.k.
It's worth playing when you just want to kill a little time.......vp

SAGGAMES responds:

Its what I made It for! Update(15/10/08): starting levels made easier, level indicator, more levels after level 10.

Fun but easy

It was fun for a minute until I figured I could just sit next to a wall and aim towards it and never get hit and infinitly gain points as long as I was pressing the arrow towards that wall.

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SAGGAMES responds:

Thank you for writing a review, I will fix this bug as soon as possible. Update(15/10/08): bug fixed! the ship now no longer can hit the edges, so the bullets just come back and hit you.

Good concept but...

The ship was shooting too fast, therefor, making you die too fast, so basically it was too hard. I liked the graphics though, with some improvement, I'm sure this can become a good game, overall 7.

SAGGAMES responds:

I'll remember this, and make the starting level easier. those who think it is too easy, it can start at harder levels if you want. Update(15/10/08): starting level easier


Nifty concept. Took me a bit to realize that the shots that were coming at me were simply the ones from my own ship.

Unfortunately I played this game for about 5 minutes (4 of it was forced so I could give an honest review) and just could not get into it. Either you died way to fast or you figured out a pattern (not impossible since the shots come from you) and didnt die at all. And the longer you played the more accidents you could handle.

Gave you a 5 out of 5 for something new... I would offer a few suggestions, but I can't think of any that would upgrade the game without making it into a new game entirely.

SAGGAMES responds:

Thank you for this constructive criticism, I'll remember to put in random events in any future games, so you cannot just fly in a random pattern. try playing at level 10, though, and tell me that their is a pattern to follow.

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2.84 / 5.00

Aug 12, 2008
9:46 AM EDT
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