Space Eye Defense System

August 11, 2008 –
April 19, 2011
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In the year of 2500, human population spread through space. Human has been able to build colonies. Each Colony has independent government separated from the earth government although they are ruled by the earth government. To keep an eye on colonies, earth government built and artificial eye which drift in outer space called "Space Eye". There was 20 Colonies with 10 space Eye spy on them. Recently, 8 Space Eye stations were destroyed mysteriously. At the same time there are suspicious activities at colony 19. To prevent unwanted conditions, Space Eye 9 has weapons. You mission is to control (remote control from the earth headquarters) defense system of Space Eye 9 which is under construction.


killer. Graphics and controls are great. The audio fits the theme. Way to go......vp

Most of the time it's impossible to block a shot without getting hit.

Well, nice game. Although it would be a bit easier if the lvl-4-shield wasn't so slow that you don't have a real chance to get it into the way of bullets that are fired more than 50-60 degrees of the shield axis.

Not to bad, but nothing all that new either. It would be cool if you could have more control of the upgrades.

Seems like its been a while since I voted anything above a 7 on a new submission.

Honestly, your biggest prop in this is the fact that its a new "spin" on defence games. (get it.. spin.. heh)

Though with all new concepts.. it has a few bugs to work out. Going down the list.

1: A Store of some sorts would add a bit of flavor to the game. An old concept, but one that has proven itself to work many times over. I much prefer it over just being handed the better and stronger items.

2: Increase the difficulty a bit more. With all the new sheilds I was getting the game seemed only to get easier and easier as time went on. Possibly make it to where the "inner" shields can take damage and be destroyed forcing you to make repairs.

3: The weapons NEED to be balanced a bit better. Playing through the game... the Flying daggers seemed the best weapon by FAR. Granted other weapons held a bit more ammo and did a bit more damage.. but they took 2-3 times as long to activate. Each weapon I got I tried out, but immediately went back to the daggers.

4: Make the game a bit faster paced. Faster shield movement, but countered by faster enemies and fire.

5: Possibly add onetime use items... such as a 1 second shield, a stun gun, the ability to slow time, or even make the black hole gun cause enemy (and fiendly) fire to be drawn to it, giving you a bit of reprive.

Onto the good points.

1: I enjoyed the concept of the moving shields.. and the ability to use my "boost" in order to move them faster when needed.

2: Having to wait for your weapons and having to wait even longer for the better ones.

All in all, great attempt at a new game. Can't wait until your next release. Keep up the good work.


Hey, awesome game I feel like it could be so much more though. I went to Lv. 13 and its a blast to play. 8/10 but i'll give it 5/5 too.

My gun wouldn't work either. I tried several times but still couldn't get it to work. Good idea though.

Try as I may, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to fire the gun. Even after reading the instructions which say, "wait and collect energy", "use mouse to aim and left click to fire". I do all of these things, and do any of them work? NO! I am forced to conclude that the controls do not work on a mac, which pisses me off even more than your ridiculously slow moving shield. Honestly, how am I supposed to win if I can't shoot and I can only block one shot in ten?

A lesson, by the way. No matter how good looking the backgrounds or how novel the gameplay, if the controls are not simple and easy to use, then your game will suck balls. People aren't gonna stick around to play the game if they can't actually do so without wanting to tear their computer apart. Fix the controls, please.


Honestly, this is by far the worst "TD" game I have ever played. There is no more that needs to be said. Just stop, don't bother making anymore ever.

Their is nothing that can save this game. Please, just stop.

Butt, werk onn yer speling.

I just want to start out by saying that I love the idea of this game. It's so close, just missing something. I'm honestly not sure what except that the shield should move just a little faster.

Get a little more practice and try this game again. It could be the next Madness Interactive.

They hit me more than twenty times!


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2.97 / 5.00