Space Station Jason

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NOTE Game requires the latest version of flash from:
http://www.adobe.com/shoc kwave/download/download.c gi?P1_Prod_Version=shockw aveflash

After a long time building this 3d engine from the ground up, and after many hours of animating for Lilg, Space Station Jason is finally here!

Help Jason collect all his lost cargo in each of the 15 levels in the game.
Each time you complete a level you will be rewarded with an employee badge.
Later in the game you will encounter space mines and lasers to avoid, and robots to destroy.
Be sure to at least play up to level 5 which was greatly inspired by the boulder levels in Crash Bandicoot.
There's a lot of secrets in the game so be sure to check out the walk through which can be found in the in-game menu.

SPACE - Jump
A or D - Spin camera
NOTE: You can set up your own custom key configuration in the in-game menu.


Nice...aw wait...damn this sucks

The game is fun, until I died and had to start all the way at the begining of the level. At that point I knew it was time to stop playing.

Phantasmagor responds:

Wow, how could you play any game if you're so impatient?

Thanks for the review anyway


Looks nice.

Music is a little irritating. Add a bit more please.

Add checkpoints.

Add upgrades (blaster/enemies, shield, superjump) maybe.

Give your double jump a charge time.

It looks nice, but I got bored fairly quickly. I'm not entirely sure how to fix that.

3d awesomness

it was really fun but it does have attributes from the latest paper mario game

I am sure this game has many strong points

But it did not suit my taste, too simplistic, besides i could swear i have seen this idea before in paper mario. I am certain this game is going to fare well, but this is my personal opinion.

Phantasmagor responds:

Why are you taking off points because its similar to paper mario? There's so many things out there that take ideas from other things. Also this game is a flash game so it's allowed to. How many games on this site do you think are entirely original and haven't taken ideas from anything else?
The same goes to the review above this one.

Thanks for the review

Totally Groundbreaking...

While I didn't love the gameplay (a bit simplistic for me), one can't help but recognize the potential of the techniques used in Space Station Jason. 3D in Flash has, up until recently, been pretty limited. This game is fantastic in that it opens up a whole new realm for Flash/CG interaction. It's as much a fore-runner - in this realm - as Pong or DN3D was for today's PC/Console video games.

So while the game itself may not be for you, give Phantasmagor some props for bringing in a whole new platform that's probably gonna be our standard in 3 year's time.


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Phantasmagor responds:

Thanks a lot mate. Really glad you appreciate the game and the effort that went into it behind the scenes. I don't think the 3d is as epic as you make it out to be haha. People can easily use open source 3d engines which are a lot more powerful than what Ive created here so really my work isn't that ground breaking. But thanks a lot for your support!

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3.92 / 5.00

Aug 11, 2008
7:47 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle