Journey to the Centre

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it's finally done! a Month's work, hope you have fun playing!


It's harder than it seems!

Yes I agree that the traps are quite annoying but without them this game could be pretty dull. It took quite a bit of time to get this game into playable shape and I know how many prototypes he went through before the final product. For somebody's first platformer, I would have to say this is pretty good compared to other garbage some people will throw at us. So give him a break and don't let this game discourage you from playing his future ones.


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Masta12 responds:


The traps..

The main flaw in this game are the little traps. To fix this you could make a little image, for example a pile of dirt for the pitfall, or the tip of the spike coming out of the dirt for the spike. This would give people more of chance, and it would be a lot more enjoyable!

Masta12 responds:

thats not a bad idea. i Will Probably do that for a later game. It didnt do that this time cause i wanted people to die. lol.


it seemed like an okay idea but it had some problems
the 1st level had random spikes and invisible pitfalls that kill you
the 2nd had those 2 annoyin lava pits in which you had to jump wait then spin jump to clear
the 3rd it had that 1 pit in which the bubbles kill you it seems and at that big jump you continue to fall until you go off-screen and nothing happens
is that the end or another glith?

Yah why?

Sorry, these games that have invisible shits to fuck you up are like public masturbation for the authors, it's just a test of how often some chump is willing to replay the game. Play enough times and you figure out all the crap that will kill you. Get tired of it before that, and all your effort is wasted.
Still, the programming is pretty good, as is the animation, surprise from a clock, so that's nice. Lacks music, the sound effects are ok, the death animations are a little less than ok - - - for example the way you get a whole new screen for the spike death.


You've almost got it. My only issue with it is that you can't tell where traps are. But that could easily be overlooked if you would set up constant checkpoints.

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2.79 / 5.00

Aug 11, 2008
7:40 PM EDT
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