Asteroid Evasion

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The ship will move towards your mouse cursor... Grab as many pickups as you can while avoiding the asteroids.

Be sure not to overheat your thrusters or you'll have to wait for them to cool down a bit before using them again.

You have no guns in this game, you must use your piloting skills to get you out of tight situations.

Patience helps!


fun and simple!

This was a fun, simple game. Very addicting when trying to get high scores, too.


It was a decent game...but wow, it was addicting because I was always JUST in reach of getting a highscore...which I finally did. My only complaint is the player lagged at times even on my beast of a computer, which killed me a lot of times, but I know thats expecting when you have a hundred asteroids around you checking whether or not they are hitting you.

Nice job.

What is the point?

In terms of mechanics, the game plays and looks fine, it's just that there hardly seems to be a point to the gameplay. Other games with survival modes add things as time goes on, to create more of a sense of accomplishment, which this doesn't really have. You shouldn't auto load the high score sheet btw, it just adds to loading time at the end, so make it an option to go see it instead of making everyone see it.

Well done

I thought this game provided an interesting yet simple game to play when you had some spare time. I found it amusing and addictive.


good game

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3.29 / 5.00

Aug 11, 2008
5:45 PM EDT
Skill - Other