Super Adv. Navy Training

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Having completed their advanced training, our buds take it to the nexter level.


I believe your animation has potential

If only the navy advertisers were skilled in motivating people to become a team player such as the one receiving in this animation, then we may have more people in the navy at this very moment! (making their cocks pound away at each other). The art in this animations falters compared to Navy Recruitment, but both are equally a laughing riot. It's sad that the 15 yr. olds (who technically shouldn't be watching animations labeled as "adult") can't find the humor in these. Thanks for the laugh Grumio!

Grumio responds:

I aim to please. And I hadn't considered the fact that anyone underage shouldn't be watching "adult" rated stuff, that's a good point.


What's the point of doing this further? And why do you have two accounts with the names of people from the Cambridge Latin Course books?

Doesn't one waste enough space?

And I'd like to know how this bullshit gets on and STAYS on NG! With a score higher than one! (I would say zero, but there are idiots who actually think that this is hilarious.)

Grumio responds:

I don't. Caecilius is a friend of mine.

Yes, you do.

You don't find this funny because you've never touched flash in your life.

I love this song.

Yeah, well. Your dicks have liver spots on them. I dunno.

Grumio responds:

That was my shading :(.


A dick fucking another dick
Well the grapichs were pretty awesome and so was the animation
i loved it

Grumio responds:

I aim to please.

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Aug 10, 2008
9:34 PM EDT
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