Spin Me (like a record)

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Took me around 15 hours. Extremely fun to do. It might not be the best thing here on NG, but I'm just starting out! :D

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great animation really neat background at start

I know this isn't the original band. Whatever, this is still a great movie! I have forgotten how good this whole song is. I mostly hear parodies with just the chorus. Instead, we got an interesting remix. It really is an uplifiting cartoon.

It was great to have these fine details. It just has a very good feel to it. I like seeing that kid spin around. It's simple, but it entertains me. I guess most people are like that.

ha hey. not bad :).

this song can get really repetitive, but it keeps me smiling through all of this. the drawings were a bit of a turn-off, but at least it isnt some lame anime-rip-off style. the 'spin tween' was also really unnapealing, and i thought it would be something a bit more unoriginal. though you had your try at fbf, it could use improvement. everything needs improvement. but you got potential, keep making flash.

Magnadooodle responds:

I will. :)

Not Bad

In fact there is something incredibly charming about this :D

Magnadooodle responds:

Thanks! What is it?


A great Flash Video with great music. Now you've got me addicted to that song......Oh well, see you on Cubetoons!

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3.36 / 5.00

Aug 10, 2008
8:11 AM EDT
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