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Judging by all the comments.... no one has read the info xD

some parts in the maze are impssible to get by because you didnt follow it right... the ONLY PART OF THE HEAD THAT CANT TOUCH THE EDGES IS THE UPPER LEFT EYE AREA!!!! Thank you xD

This is my FIRST game ever... so please go easy on me... i know you've played these types of games billions of times... but just bare with me :D

besides... this is mostly to test out the Actionscript



Buggy, annoying, pointless.

P.S My eyes are bleeding.

Too easy to cheat

You can beat the whole thing by right clicking. Decent game otherwise

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easy and fun

the levels were cool.


i liek the idea of putting the headon the stickman to start. but theres a serious flaw in teh 1st level, no matter which way i slide it past the head is too big to fit through the gap. in the end i sumhw fluked thru the wall without it game over-ing me. still for a 1st flash its a good attempt

Zomg, Daft Punk!!! :DDD

Pretty good for a first time ^_^
It's pretty cool, the artwork could use improvement, but that's fine since the point of the game is the focus on getting the mouse to the end. It's fun and not bad for a first time :D
I'd give a 8/10 but then I heard Daft Punk's song and I had to give you a bigger score :DDDD that is an amazing song :]

AJP25 responds:

lmao thanks... this was mor of a test cuz im going to be improving... but thanks :D

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2.37 / 5.00

Aug 9, 2008
4:35 PM EDT
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