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Paint.NET tutorial 1

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If you get a popup saying flash is trying to connect to audio.ngfiles.com, then click settings to allow it;otherwise you'll will not hear any music, because its streaming.
Hello there, after my previous, bad, flash submission i tought i should make something more usable, and here it is! The first interactive paint.NET tutorial!!

Its advised to use the popup, since you have to switch alot.

Its a project i've been working on for days and i hope you will try out the tutorial.

If you haven't got paint.NET get it here: www.getpaint.net
If you want a text version of the tutorial ( with images ofcourse) go to http://paintdotnet.forume r.comviewtopic.php?f=15&


Please comment and have fun!


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Sweet, I like it.

Art at play.

saxpro responds:

wow, you really think so?


...This is getting good ratings?

I honestly thought it wasn't impressive. Someone could simply google that and make a flash off of the newly aquired information. The only tutorials which sould be allowed to pass are ones that are useful in multiple ways. I thought this was both a waste of time and poorly done. Things that are more like Ultimate Tutorial, or Tutorials amounting up to it should be rated as everyone below this review rated this. Honestly, 2/10 is more than this deserves, but 1 would be to low. Everyone else i think is really over-exacgerating with the 10's and 9's and i think are becoming softer on flash-makers these days.

saxpro responds:

u didn't gave the reason why it was poorly done, the tutorial itself was totally written byME, also the text version, i don't really see why u don'y like it, i think its a fast conclusion without even cheking the whole tutorial.

And what do you know about flash? You haven't got a single submission!
try and make one and you will see that this isn't that poormy done and that this is very hard to make!!!


Very nice work!

I may be overdoing it but I never knew how to make such good work with Paint.NET, I always used a combination of that and Photoshop CS3 v10, but that was on my old computer which I no longer use, that's not important anyway, fact is I never knew how to make such good work, especially like that! I applaud you, 10/10 5/5, judging this is tutorial 1, I take it we can expect a tutorial 2? A tutorial like this is definately recommended for a collection! Nice music too, even though it's not really relevant to the tutorial. I would say how to improve, but it's a tutorial, a good tutorial at that, how can you improve a great tutorial? The tutorial can only improve you.

saxpro responds:

wauw, thanx a lot!

first 10 eva!


it was good and helpful i like how it was done.

saxpro responds:

well thank you!

Very Informitive

i like how this tutorial was done. keep up the good work

saxpro responds:

thank you very much en thaks for the review

Credits & Info

3.72 / 5.00

Aug 9, 2008
8:41 AM EDT

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