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A small collaboration between Nerd-02 and ZreaperZ.
-ZreaperZ- I had a idea that we could collaborate on a small space shooter game with some graphics i made some time ago.

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Big Glitch

I enjoyed the game... I liked its classic feel, and the humor of the angry enemy...

The game was a bit easy though once you got the pattern.

But the reason I am giving you a 3 is because there is a rather annoying glitch in the game... If you drift to one side you get "lost". When everything is flying on the screen at once and you rush to the side to survive, you loose sight of your ship, and it is near impossible to get it back. Next time you make a game like this I would add a perimited, maybe just an inch or so off the screen.

ZreaperZ responds:

We understand and well fix that in the sequal

Really fun game...

And loved the angry face enemy haha. The only problem is the background, you can't tell the bullets and stuff from the stars often, so fix that if you make a sequel. Overall 9.

ZreaperZ responds:

Thanks man. Will defianetly fix that in the sequal.

What can I say?

It's not bad, it looks fun, but it's a bit too difficult. It's got good classic graphics but you really need to open the box a bit more, so there's more room to where you can go and see, make the background lighter or the things that happen in-game lighter, that would help too, you may want to add difficulties and maybe more health to the game. Overall, it's not bab but needs quite a lot more tweaking. 6/10 2/5

ZreaperZ responds:

Thanks for the great review man.

Not bad

A good effort but it's too difficult to see what's going on. I'd say lighten up the background stars.

ZreaperZ responds:

Will do in the sequal

nice job

It's so hard to see the bullets and the space ship and anything that goes on the screen
Just get rid of that background
Anyway i liked the game and the sounds were good for this game
nice job

ZreaperZ responds:

Thanks man!

Credits & Info

2.56 / 5.00

Aug 9, 2008
4:30 AM EDT
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