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Visions 2/2

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Just like the other part, audio in spanish, english subtitles.

Originally meant to be all together, I had to split it due to crashing problems when exporting. I find this part more amusing than the other ones. Just a note. There was a big time gap between the making of some scenes, so the quality drops and then gets somewhat descent again.

Im really sorry for the audio, it was the best i could get (buying a new microphone soon >.>). In sounded corectly in the fla, and as a clip, but even exported in the higest quality it sounds cracky. Sorry, really. I may have missed a lot, but i m really inexperienced....

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Everything was pretty good..
I want you to go RIGHT NOW to OFFICE DEPOT and buy a 200 pesos microphone :O
haber como te las arreglas para los 200 pesos, no me importa D:
'cause that's a big problem xD
y deja de posponer lo de "tengo ke comprar un microfono nuevo" porke va a llegar la hora en la ke lo ocupes y seguiras en las mismas N00b xD

PinkSkull responds:

No ocupo un microfono nuevo no0b

tengo el tuyo :P

Fucking Awesome

You made my day, because I was in the credits :D

I have been waiting so fucking long for this, I am very pleased with the result of this animation.

As you said the quality of it does sometimes drop, the last scene's quality was very VERY VERY amazing. :D

The ending was a bit weird, made no sence until I read the extras.

The credits looked a bit rushed too, and yeah. :D

You are awesome. :D

i agree

WTF is goin' on i don't get it i agree with the comment below what is it meant for what happens i didn't even finish it

Drawing was pretty nice but...

...what good is it if I don't understand WTF is going on?

The plot on both parts was very badly exposed: action rythm going up where it should be down and viceversa, incoherent images, absurd lines(I'm spanish btw, the speech was awkward)... I thought it was MEANT to be confusing for some hidden reason, but the ending only revealed more absurd.

Seems to me that you started doing the flash without having any draft, not eveng having decided how it would end... As said, good effort in drawing, but what good is a Renoir if it's used as a blunt weapon to knock your head off?

PinkSkull responds:

I'm mexican, so i suppose regionalisms make it sound more akward.
There are somewhat explanations to the story in the extras, but i am aware it could have been better. But i started doing in with the script finished, i just didnt want to put in it anything unnecesary, and i suppose that ended up in making it confusing.
Thanks for your comment, i ll keep the stuff you said in mind.