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I do not condone crime nor should anything I write be interpreted as being accepting of it. But the days of good guys wearing white hats and bad guys wearing black faded with my childhood. After working with youth for approximately a dozen years, I've seen many of these "victims of society" grow into adult perpetrators. It amazes me how intolerant we are of these former children, these former abuse victims. At some point our collective capacity for sympathy, understanding, and tolerance is lost. I suspect that point occurs when we or our loved ones become threatened. Rather than examine the nature of these feelings, we retreat to a simplistic world that resembles the old western movies.
Lately there have been more and more calls for harsher prison terms to address just about every aspect of criminal behaviour. Several years ago a junior high school student in my community lost his life when another youth knifed him on school grounds. This horrible tragedy resulted in a short-term mobilization of parents within the community. Many saw harsher Young Offender conditions as the best response to increased violence among youth. By getting tougher, by modelling more intolerance with violence, by punishing the violence out of our youth, we were going to put an end to these crimes which offend and frighten us all.


BEst evahr 5/5 10/10

i creamed my pants

oblanda responds:

yah man hahaha thanks

Sorry to say this

Even though you are my friend's friend I can't go easy on you. Basically the same thing Archon68 said. I gave you a point because of the song. To tell you the truth I wouldn't join the KK in my opinion, Of all the crews out here i would join the least crappiest (the ones that are active) which would be the Lock Legion.

Ps I really don't like the KK.

oblanda responds:

n***a fuck you

Not again...

I will not join the kitty krew. This flash had no story. I suggest you add one. This flash had no characters, so I suggest you add some. This flash had crappy audio, so I suggest you fix that. Now that I've written a decent review, this can't be deleted.

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oblanda responds:


What a waste

Awaste of your,my and anyone else's time.
I read your lead up & thought ...this may be good.
I watched it & immediately realised 'Kitty Krew" Shite as usual.
So as usual I voted exactly what I personally felt your submission deserved.

oblanda responds:

dont talk about kk like you know anything about it if u didnt find this funny then your just a lost case

wtf was that

there was no story. it was just dumb

oblanda responds:

sooooo your point is?

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Aug 8, 2008
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