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Shape Dodger

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I've always liked games where you dodge stuff, so I made one today.

Have Fun


Like CubeField

Great game, and it works perfectly! I like how steering rotates the whole thing!

Well done

It's a very simple game...I don't really like games this simple, but I can see you did a good job. There was some pretty good programming in there. The scrolling was nifty, and I also like how you can go as long as you want in one direction. Does it repeat? Interesting. Also, I like how you got the file size so low. (Probably even lower if you took out your llama! But whatever. ;) )

A simple avoid game.

Easy to pick up! I liked the scrolling BG. My score was 986... somewhere in the higher 20s on the high scores, I think. Make another with better graphics and more shapes, and you'll have a great avoid game. Maybe follow the powerup trend. You could even have levels, including bosses, which might be tunnels you have to go through, or set patterns.


alright im in the top 50... for now. hi score is 762. nice game.

Good but...

Needs a little more to it. The graphics could use some improvement, cause they're too plain, and you could also work on the background a bit. Other than that, it's a fun game. Overall 9.

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Credits & Info

3.75 / 5.00

Aug 7, 2008
5:07 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid