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Stryker Saves the Day 2

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Author Comments

It's the sequel no one wanted, but you got anyway.

This action packed video is packed with action!

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As awesome as the man himself

Okay first of all, Woven knows me personally, and I not only watched him make this movie with his bare, bloody hands, but I added my own voice talents to it. Striker has always been about randome goodness, and is intended to bring a sort of WTF?! attitude to the viewer. Good work bud, can't wait for the next one!

Fantastic progress.

I only bother writing reviews for stuff i really like, but have something constructive to say. So i hope this is useful!

I love the sense of humour. It reminds me of Sakupen's "Dad" cartoons, only with the lead protagonist talking too - like it's combined with an egorapter cartoon! Some of the scenes made me laugh really hard (pulling out an ice cream cone on hte train!) and the animation's a big step up from the first one. I can tell where he jumps out the helicopter and into the building you'd worked especially hard on that one scene, and it really showed.

The storyboard extra was interesting and also showed you'd planned this whole thing through which was really promising, because so many artists dive in way too quick and come up short. The concept is really funny, loads of potential. Having read the Fulp's post on Bakshi's speech, i think there is a world of potential for you extended a cartoon in this series to an epic 7-10 mins and getting something really special going.

On some constructive feedback, there were two things that sprang to mind. Firstly, sometimes the voices seemed a little off. The ancillary characters' voices (police officer + chief, gangster boss w. reward, etc) weren't top-class, and the recording sounded a little muffled. Stryker's voice as well sometimes just wasn't quite right - car chase, handing in his badge, "...to finish this!" - it feels like the voice is almost right, but not quite. It sounds a little "silly", instead of the all-out retarded effect! (which i think is the desired outcome, right?)

The second thing was the music. It's great to have some in the background and towards the end it really matched the clips, but in the first half it didn't blend with what was happening on the screen - some scenes were loading mid-bars, and when Stryker blows up the orphanarium he's taking way too long. I can appreciate though getting music and animation in sync is incredibly difficult .

All in all it was a really nice flash, and a huge step forward on earlier work. Get into a habit of tightening the last screws and you're definitely floating in "4.??/5.00" territory!
Please let me know if you're planning a next, i'd really to check it out.

Woven responds:

Thanks for the input. As much as I can say to defend myself from your criticisms, they are true. Also an unnamed voice actor is hunting you down. :D

Damn! That was funny!

I want to see the feature now! :D
90 minutes of giggling madness!
All that was missing was a black cop saying stuff like, "I'm getting too old for this shit", and "GO SPIT!"


LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ENCORE

okay I guess

animations: good(9) plot: wtf dude? drugs are not the answer (2)