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SKATER V2 Episode: 04

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Author Comments

Edit: I'm sorry that I can't respond to all reviews, I have so little time, but I try to read most of them :)
Edit: Thanks for the front page and the award :)


I'm sorry it took so long, but here it is. SIx minutes of loving, fighting, dancing and skating. Thanks to all fans who's been waiting in patience, but also thanks to those who've been sending me tons of PMs asking where it is ;)

The story continues!


(There might be a little easter egg!)

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I was wondering what this had to do with skaters at first. It just seemed to be going into another direction. I just noticed "Eric Clapton" sounds a lot like "Eric Cartman". He's much nicer, though. I remember those scooters. They're pretty much gone nowadays.

I was so impressed by the animation here. For semi stick figures, it was very well done. I've seen so many flashes it's hard to remember them. I can't keep up with the other ones. I still love this, though.


Great animation, great everything basically. Especially loved the Gold Digger bit, almost started crying at that point.

It's the best from the best

a very good one from this series

i laughed real hard!

i cried laughing at the gold digger part, man that song iz terrible!


on scooter. HAHAHA! the punks shirt: WILL CATCH CHEESE FOR CHEESE lol.