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Classic style side scrolling shooter with tons of weapons to be leveled up.

Arrows: Move
A: Fire
S: Shield (You can't dodge all of the enemy bullets. It's impossible. You need to use the shield extensively. Plus, it charges your EMP!)
D: Change weapons (You can only hold 2, and the one you have equipped will be replaced if you pick up another)
F: Fire EMP


Fuck the weapon changing system.

And pretty much everything else. The graphics were nice though

How do you expect..

.. us to shot at an enemy right in front of us? The only way to shoot the enemy is to go right up to them and shoot them, but that puts you in their range of fight.

didn't work SHIT SHIT SHIT

This isn't a good game. Here's why:

Well, first of all, the gameplay sucked. The ship didn't respond to my moves quite as well as it should. Another thing is the enemies. From the start you have these faggots who shoot vertically with a repeative pattern. So basically you have to fly between the enemy bullets or take the damage to shoot them (of course there's the shielt but I thought that it was a shitty idea and unnecessary due to huge amount of health). So, fuck those. Then you have these fucker who shoot fucking everywhere! So, you have to dodge those AND the vertical motherfuckers. The shield is still shitty as hell. Even the enemies came in a slightly repeative pattern. Oh yeah, and the game was slow
oh so very slow ..............
What comes to the graphics.. they were boring, insignificant. Nothing new, nothing to please my eye. Round spaseshits, helicopter looking fuckers, bron flying shitrolls ... ... And all the enemy bullets looked alike! Why the fuck was that? The colors irritated the fuck out of me.
Then the sound effects ... nothing new there either. Got repeative very fast. And annoying.
The weapons vere, again, very boring. Not fun to use.. At all..
The boss battles were predictable as hell. The music.. erm .. were there any music init? Can't remember but I guess that says something if there actually were any.... ....
In the description you said that it's a very classic type of sidescroller. Agreed, if by 'classic' you mean a game made million times before with nothing original to add.
So the game lacks originality, it's unninnovative, and falls for many glitches and kinda 'incomplete' ideas. From time to times I can see what you were trying but you just fail to see that the game isn't actually fun to play! the game isn't actually fun to play! not fun to play!
So basically I hated playing it. There were too many to even bother to rant about.
You got a star for trying! Yay for that! Better luck next time!
Well, maybe two.. you tried hard anyways.

This game is shit.

Honestly man

This is a horrible shooter. First off it looks like the blue chick has a beard. Second off you give the ship a weapon that looks like it could move, and shoot, but it doesn't. That is a total waste of a game that is obviously trying too look like einhander. This is the complete opposite of that.

It was a big let down

This is a big let down. I mean, a game so cruddy as this from Disease Productions seems a bit half assed by you guys. Anyway, something constructive. First of All lock the screen for gods sake. Moving around and then suddenly having enemies outta sight on a Side Scroller? Terrible. Secondly, you need LESS enemies on the screen. 8 of those ones that fired 2 shots in my direction. Please people dont want something where you have to move around so much

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4.05 / 5.00

Aug 7, 2008
6:49 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight