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Megaman in air.

This is a flying side-scrolling shooter, it's relatively simple, though playtesters tell me it's too hard. (Thus, pussy mode)

Use arrow keys to move, space to shoot, hold space to charge.

There are 3 levels, each being piss hard to beat. Play through the game on hard to see a poorly animated ending.

Several tips:

Don't always be at the left side, most swarms can be avoided if you had the balls to stray near the right.
You have a charge attack, use it.
Boss Fights are best fought with small rapid fires, rather than charged shots.
Those Marine Spheres explode when killed, but they are harmless if left alone.
You have unlimited lives.
Enemies are best avoided than fought.

This is a translated version (from Chinese), and I produced and own both versions under the username %u68FA%u6728%u53D4%u53D4.

there is a horrid bug where you don't go to the dying screen after you die, which is what the suicide button is for.

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There is a bug where you get infinite lives, if you die, on the lives screen,you can keep pressing suicide until you have negative lives.

OBJECTION! I wasn't done yet!

You would use Ikaruga music :P

funny use for ryu

games a little poorly made but its funny how you use ryu


Epic. Purely Epic.