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illwillpenis wants you all to know that she hates Locks! They are gay and pointless. Stop making flash and die already LOCK LEGION! FUCK YOU ALL! P.S. I love Newgrounds and YOU THE VIEWER.

<3 illwillpenis



Dude, Locklegion has been dead for a while. Where have you been? XD

The rainy desert was very well done, but the still image of a keyhole, and a blue penis with a rubber duck ruined it.
You've got great art, but what's missing is that there's no animation.


Truth is i didnt watch the WHOLE thing it came in from the opening scene and there was a duck, a cock(dick) and a what ever the hell that was so i stoped watching.


You should not lose your time like this.
Please try to do something useful or if not a little funny.

huh? D:

i know that illwillpress and the clocks\locks have some sort of issue...
(more or less the locks and clocks have a issue with illwill)

but, i didn't get it. at all. is this ill will hate flash? [o_O]
and i guess its good art. but like, no animation. great sand however! ^-^
the sand kick-up was done well.
but no matter how much i like\dislike illlwillpress wont affect my vote.
0\5 this just isn't really a flash.

if you really want to put illwill to shame, animate better and actually out do him. just saying you dont like illwillpress wont do shit.

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illwillpenis responds:

I never said I didn't like illwillpress...

A for effort

Not the best but it does express your opinion in a way that shows you have talent in flash beyond seisuer inducing spam. I think more animation and an advanced plot is in order. But then again, see as you don't like LL you likely didn't want to put the effort behind something you hate. Music was also difficult to hear.

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1.07 / 5.00

Aug 6, 2008
11:55 PM EDT
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