Naruto Commits a Felony

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-----------PLEASE READ!!!-------------

Naruto Illegally sells his brand new DVD on the internet and is caught by a experienced FBI agent known as Afro Ninja which is from a videogame that i cant wait to get.
I'm new at animation so please dont leave harsh comments I'm trying my best.


lmao XD

helo i am ac99 lollololllololololollolollololollolol lol and that was short and funny. XXD rofl!!1! =DDD

lol retarted

i thawt this was realy funny nd flashman this is fcking newgrounds if u want sumthing 2 enjoy ur tea nd crumpets 2 this is probly not the place 2 go so...ya...keep up the good work nase

Lol, not bad

I liked it. Sure, the animation could have been better, but all in all it was good.

Oh, and to the guy who said Kakashi's sharingan isn't in his left eye, it actually is in his left eye. Just check Google images.

Kakashi eyes

Kakashi have the sharingan in his right eye not his left eye

IceKube responds:

no it isnt smartass


I won't crush you on your bad animation since I am also bad at animation..thus stuck creating quizes... =/ and your new at it. Actually, I commend you about that humor. The kakashi weed part was funny, and the very end.

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Aug 6, 2008
11:15 PM EDT
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