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**/Update: Level 20 fixed, Sound bug on reset level fixed\**

From RednBlu.com and MaxGames.com comes a new hit... Sketch Rider!!
Choose your car and wheels then race over 21 levels as fast as possible...

Everything in this game is handdrawn.. yet very badly...

Give it a go; tell me what you think, then spread it over the internet!!


"Bad drawing" Pffft! More like awesome drawing!
Seriously the game was hard and all but its so fun and there is something that wants you to keep playing! 4.5 stars :P


The game is great at the name suggest i actually reached level 17 waiting for moooore action.....
but then i was quite shocked to see that IN level 17, my ride was floating in the air!
to make things worse, the car was running on its back; and the level wouldnt finish even after i reached the checkpoint.....is this a forgotten mistake or else?
level 17 has rugged mountains [i think thats right]
well i'd really love to complete the game!!!

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i'm soooo addicted!

i got to level 15 in 9:46
it's freakin difficult man!

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good game

the drawing may be bad, but it makes the game sort-of "special". lvl 16+17 need to be fixed, i got the same drawing twice, and the drawing didn't match the actual course my car made. jsut so you know...

addictive, and i like the style. 4/5 8/10

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damn addictive, lvl 20

when i got the my car didnt show up, i saw that yiou said it was fixed.
but i still had the problem.
love the game but one time through is enough for me.
if you had password for levels that would keep me.

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3.29 / 5.00

Aug 6, 2008
5:46 PM EDT
Sports - Racing