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Gopher Ball Z 3

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This is the third of my Dragon Ball Z parody movies. I worked on it very slowly, and I had large gaps of time in which I didn't work on it, but it's finally done. Mystic (Corey Holland) Shinhanku was kind enough to lend his voice for this movie! (Since mine is horribly monotone...) I don't know why the animation lags SO MUCH everytime I submit something to New Grounds! It works fine on my computer, but seriously lags on some parts when it's uploaded! It's so frusterating, but I'll try to fix it.


Although not Spot-On

Your voices gave me some nostalgia lol.

Awsome Work cant wait for the next one !

It's a shame I don't like DBZ

I don't watch DBZ but I still this flash is funny! XD

In a crude sort of way... but who cares! =P

it was good but

some of the audio did not match the flash,'
thats something you couldwork on

"Look Nappa, bald people!" xD

The animation, art and humour was great although the sync is very off. But this doesnt hinder it too much.
I also found it amusing how you sumed up like 20 episodes in a couple minutes :P
Good stuff, cant wait to see the next one.

reallly good

this is really funny indeed nice going

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4.15 / 5.00

Aug 6, 2008
4:02 PM EDT
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