Gopher Ball Z 3

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This is the third of my Dragon Ball Z parody movies. I worked on it very slowly, and I had large gaps of time in which I didn't work on it, but it's finally done. Mystic (Corey Holland) Shinhanku was kind enough to lend his voice for this movie! (Since mine is horribly monotone...) I don't know why the animation lags SO MUCH everytime I submit something to New Grounds! It works fine on my computer, but seriously lags on some parts when it's uploaded! It's so frusterating, but I'll try to fix it.


Refreshingly Entertaining!

You get a nine just for the "Bald People!" line at the end. That one killed me! (Not literally)
It's a shame about the lag, because your animation style is great. If you find a way to make it a little smoother and keep the tempo consistent you'd rule the world! (Not literally)

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Why do I get the feeling I've seen this on Newgrounds before?

Its over 9,000!!!

With so many DBZ parodies its hard to believe they can still be funny, this proves it can. loving the classic 'retarded close-ups' and hilarious lines; the one that stands out for me is Piccolo's "I am so awesome". Just because you knows secretly thinks it (dramatically throws off turban and cape) and it reminded of the complete disregard, apparently none consequential, and consistent obliteration of the moon. (well i think its destroyed at least twice... for the same reason). The last lines will live in miscellaneous profile taglines for eternities to come.
Keep up the good work.

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i cant even finish its not good and not horrible

iz ok

"Oh Nappa look bald people, and we thought you were the only one!"

Good ending, most jokes were funny. I didn't laugh at otheres though... Good job!

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4.15 / 5.00

Aug 6, 2008
4:02 PM EDT
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