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You are a bountyhunter killing of alien infestations for money to make your ship even more capable of dealing death and withstanding forces.

Use [MOUSE] to move and shoot and [R] to fire rockets once they are bought and ready.


*Sorry about the equip button problem, new file comming right up, turned out there was a bit of invisible overlapping*


This is one of the best games out there, I really like how it makes you fire in the direction you are flying.

This is the single greatest flash game in existence, I hope you get around to making a sequel.

I tried grinding the 8$ spaceships from Boss 1, but it left after i got 2.2k gold and the game forever went on infinite loop. The boss dissapeared from map :\

anyone else notice that the hulls are named after car companys.

As much as i love this game i always die at the same point. There should be some way to save or get extra lives in the game because there is no way to beat it at this rate without trying endlessly for hours and hours i suppose. If there was a save option i would give it a full score because the graphics and the gameplay are all really great.

on level 1 it looks like the aliens can run on air

Especially with the difficulty jump between the 1st and 2nd level, not having an autosave function [or even a proper continue function] would really suffice here.

All it needs is a pause button

Seriously dude the game is awesome and all.but if u read these reviews you `ll find out that 90% of them ask you to make a check point system.

This game is SO ADDICTING but theres one problem. ...

Good graphics, nice flow to the game and all, but its frustrating when you get halfway with nice upgrades, die, and not be able to start from the level you were on >:(

Really, Really,REALLY needs a autosave!

until the final level!...please add checkpoints!

There has to at least a auto save at least plz try to do it?

Please add continues or save points. A store that you can go to any time would be nice, and the low armor warning sux.

make the game better,me like blood

I agree with everyone below me, the game needs checkpoints. If it had checkpoints, it would be better XD other than that, good game.

needs checkpoints at each little stop

this game is awesome, and it would have gotten into my favorite list if it had save points, i just dont wanna reapeat every single lvl everytime i wanna play this game : P, please if you got the time, add a save button : D

death! butt it's not so bad anyway

there has got to be saves or checkpoints, starting all over after everything is a pain

This game is great, and you dont need a checkpoint, actually thats one of the best things in this game, it makes you play again and again until you finally beat it, if you have the patience you'll enjoy the game.


Yes, it's really fun and the upgrades are nice. I got to the second level, but without check points, I don't think I'll play anymore.

if u get the gatling gun and the bets ship u will PWN

Game was great and lots of fun. Upgrades were awesome and the cash flow was nice. A tooltip explaining the upgrades a bit more would be helpful. I prefer the fast guns and getting a slow plasmagun was a bit of a shock.
Did not much care for the lack of any checkpoint/save point. Got interrupted at one point and smashed all the normal pause buttons I know of and was unable to pause. I ended up dying and was very disappointed to find I would have to start from scratch with no money or upgrades.
Game would be awesome with checkpoints at each level at least.

Great game, though as the past two people have noted, a save or check point would have made the game much better.

awsome game i kinda agree withSilasMcD but this is kinda of like a sirvival game of sorts gotta see how long you can last without getting killed but awsome game 10/10 5/5

Sorry, but when a game gliche's on me when the boss is beaten, and I get hit when the game takes over my ship at the end scene before the next level, causing me to die right when the next starts, with no check points or saves, it just makes a bad game. I'm being generous too..

All I can think of to suggest is maybe dreaming up an extra level or two so you can get all the upgrades. Had to play through a few times to figure out which weapons worked best for me. Other than that AWESOMENESS. =]

but i really hate it :(

i can't beat the second fucking boss :-/

This is another great shoot-em-up games but I couldn't really make myself give you a 10 due to my suckiness lol there needs to be a save feature if not per lvl then per stage at least

Very classic arcade style shooter. Brings back techno memories.

Great game, keep up the good work, however only 9/10 because it needs more than just one life. also great music.

This is a great game, all it needs is saving capability and more lives.

WOW! That was pretty rough, but I beat it none the less. I wound up upgrading to the second to last Armor, and the Gatling Gun made things alot easier for me. Well done, I'm really impressed. 10/10.

you are game over after 1 death, otherwise it was 10

I am awestruck. I dont even know where to begin. The music was exceptional, the story simple, the idea was purely brilliant. I loved almost everything, i just have one complaint - dying. It is incredibly frustrating to die and have to start the WHOLE thign over again, so if you could fix that, i would give this a 10/10. Good job, keep up the good work, and .... oh yea, make sure you make a second one ;)

It is so freaking awesome but it needs continues !

also i think it would be even more awesome with an RPG element.

The only things that could have made it any better would have been:
-A save feature, because upgrading like crazy and then getting crushed is a BITCH.
-A story. Not a big one, but just enough to give a little background.
Other than that, great game.

This is one of the best shooter games on newgrounds. Anyone claiming to be a flying blaster fan should play this at least once. I managed to finish the game on hard mode in about an hour and I had the time of my life while doing so. The enemy models were fun and original, and I like how the three different types seemed to attack differently. The first ones just en masse, the second in coordinated strikes, and the third in blisteringly hard random waves of DEATH.

One of my favorite parts of this game was the way that the upgrades worked. In of itself, it was a pretty standard system, but I liked how, even at full upgrades, the third level was still a scramble to survive. Even with upgraded boomerang missles, Ferrarus, and gatling gun, I still had one hell of a time staying alive in that third world. (I finished the game with 60/900 health left.) Towards the end, it felt less like a shooter and more like action-survival horror.

My one complaint was the money gained from enemies. In world two, the beam gunships only give you forty dollars on the mode I played, and in world three, the shotgun crescent fetus ships only give you forty as well. They both take a very long time and a lot of dodging to get rid of, however. Also, the fact that you can't continue at the beginning of the world, say, when you die, made getting very far in the game the first time kind of frustrating. Other than that, PERFECT!

During the last boss battle, my mental process went something like this:

"Okay, running giant. Die, you- wait... no damage? Oh... the armor..."

five minutes later...

"Gasp! Gasp! Yes! Finish- ohcrapflyinghead."

AlphaBounty is awesome. Keep up the excellent work.

This is one of the best shooters I've seen, the graphics were good, the weapons were fun, and the animation was really nice. Extremely addicting as well lol...

realy.. almost the best shooter i have ever played, just some new guns and enemy's would be nice..

The graphics and gameplay are fun. Nothing new, but great fun.


Yea it's nice.

This is my favourite shooter.. the graphics are amazing.. great gameplay.. love the way enemies explode n' blow up.. lots of ships n' guns to buy.. love it.. great job

fun to play, olts of things to buy, good fun. However if it's going to be that chalenging, bring in a save progress button!

But I think that it could really use a pause button, or mabey a save function? If it seems selfish, I apologize, but there are some times when multitasking is appropriate. Otherwise, extremely fun game.

This game inspired me to start coming back to newgrounds.




Truly amazing game man, thumbs up!
Managed to pass it on insane difficulty on my second try :)
Guys if u think its hard.. i found this way easier.. on first level, get enough cash and get the plasma gun, then save and get the last hull, this will be about level 2 if you killed enough mobs.. then save up, about level 3 u should get the gattling gun... after THAT.. get rockets and upgrade them.. for final boss you should have all the best stuff.. just leave left mouse button pressed and R pressed and avoid his attacks.. easy

im being hard on you
this game is almost perfect its really hard but that might be the problem
i died on the first boss (maybe i just suck at this game)
but 9/10 5/5

From the graphics to the sound to the gameplay, the entire package is outstanding. The 2D graphics are great, the retro sound is kickass and even though there are only 3 levels I've played through several times.

Sequel please!

Beat game in 20 min yay still an awsome game

hard mode

to bad no send in score :D

Too hard and it needed checkpoints Anybody beaten the last stage boss? I could not:(

I played it on a laptop so it's hard, what i mean was there was no mouse. The thing that i liked about this game is the diversity of the weapons and the shapes of the creatures, really really interesting i have to say. And i can't finish the last level by the way, too hard! But yeah, it needed checkpoints but, a big BUT, it's addicting so you won't mind abou the checkpoints really.

If there were at least check points at the beginning of each level it would be great. All you needed was check points, and you would have a 10. Sorry dude.

Well, not quite, but pretty damn close. The lack of extra lives made it that much more difficult, but it was still beatable on one life (if you're careful) on all three settings (though insane did get a bit hairy for a while). This was challenging (weaving your way through the bosses' shots is almost a requirement after the first level), the number of checkpoints was just right (though one just before taking on the boss would be nice...I suppose that would be making it too easy though), and the ability to repair at checkpoints was good. The ship names were pretty funny, though I have to be honest - some of the guns weren't worth the price (i.e. the gatling gun). 10/10 and 5/5 - I favorited this game long ago.

i know youve heard enough about the frigging checkpoints so i have another criticism, if not a checkpoint at least make health purchaseable, or let it be given to you after each boss..not even full helth..just a little. Other than that great game

you stupid lazy person

you make a totally awesome game with frikkin awesome music and then you
make no checkpoints?!! ...tickin me off....

The graphics were stunning, the game play was addicting... yet one major factor in the fact that you did not get 5/5 or 10/10, is because you were too lazy to put in a single check point... or even a save/restart level feature.

The lack of checkpoints ticked me off.

But why is ther no check point when you go to the next planet. The planet of Droids was really hard!!!

i dont kno how often u here this but can u put some god damn check points in the game cuz it really pisses me off when i gotta start the whole thing over again from lvl 1 when i die

But you should bind Spasebar as the Rocket-fire button
And maybe game-saving ability
And,you know,most of weapons there is .... .. uhm.... not interesting

But,anyway,game is very-very good and must-play

Im from Russia,and i been surprised when i seen that Ladus,i dont know why you named it so,but in Russia we have a car that named Lada and everybody know that it sucks))

Its funny))))))

I think it's one of the best shooter I've ever played.

This game is an exceptional side-scrolling shooter. It sucks you in with its beautiful graphics (seriously) and keeps you playing with its fast paced action and game play depth. The ability to buy different weapons, armor, and missiles is great (i love the names of the different hulls) and really sets it apart from similar games in the genre.

Three things that bug me:
No save: After a while it stopped annoying me, but when i first started it almost turned me off of this amazing game.
Weapon options: The weapons are actually pretty limited, and there is no point in buying the small ones when you can just get the big ones. I kinda wish there was an option between two really nice end-game weapons, to beat the last boss you kinda have to have the minigun, anything less just makes you die.
Not enough levels! This is just a personal pet peeve, as the first three levels just leave you wanting more =)

Overall great game, shoulda spent more time on the front page, in my opinion!
Come out with more soon!!

i gave 8 because its really addicting and also a great shooter.
i love the story and the graphics are pretty good.(looks drawn out.......)

Really addictive game, added to my favorites ;D

one hint: I think that the final weapon isn't enough strong to provide the right support for the last levels.



a little more better yes : the graphics could be better. But the gameplay is excellent and the game is addictive. Contnue like this!!!

Well, the summary says it all.
Great graphics, wondefully chosen music, great gameplay. After i've beaten the game in hard mode for the first time, then spent several days trying to beat insane mode (I dont do that very often), and now that I did in still playing it just for fun (Thats something I never do, with a few noble exceptions).
A pause might have been usefull, but its not much of a problem since you can pause between enemy waves, and saving... well who cares! I'ts so much fun to play that I acctually enjoyed playing form the start.
It has that extremely addictiong "Journey in to the unknown" atmosphere :)

Its good, what can i say. Sucks that you can't save or pause, but those are the only drawbacks, smooth game play and nice graphics. YOU have to make more.

This game is fantastic! I love the detail you put into the vreatures and fighters. The only thing that I don't like is the fact that there's no pause button. That's the only reason I gave you a 9 out of 10. Haha the no pause sucks when I'm at work or class and I can't pause and minimize.

10/10 to! Fast, addictive, simple gameplay makes this game awesome! Keep rollin' stuff like this out =D DBH out.

You know why? Because this game takes alot of effort (even though its fun) and you made it to hard to play. All that money you made, all those weapons you got, and then you get shot ONCE, you die and have to restart the ENTIRE game? You have to do something about that. I think you to disable the restart game thing and make a "Pay $1000 to restart level" option so there will be some sort of punishment. And you should make floating healthpacks, because u fly around n crap n then u get shot ONCE and you lose ALL of those 500 health points and theres the "low health" alarm goin off and ur all "when the hell is that weapons shop going to show up!?" ...Also, change those little brown things flying around in level 3, they look like crap. no, seriously, they really DO look like crap.

Other than that, this game was pretty fun to play.

the only thing thing that ticked me of is like you die and you have to start over i hate that but ya everything else is pimp........ SiR HammyBoobS

this is a good game with good controls, gameplay, etc. but there is a bug where the enemies will just fly too high for you too shoot them. many times this caused me to miss upgrades by less than $10. you should also be able to sell old guns that you bought before and have become obsolete.
but you should definitely make another.

The art style gives this game a fresh look and feel, which is gold when you're doing something as done-to-death as the classic side scroller. My only quip with the design of the starships (and between the player ships and the enemies, there are MANY interesting designs here) is that the ship I thought had the quirkiest and most interesting appearance is the "Ladus" Starship, and your survival depends on your willingness to ditch it early in the game.

The controls are well done, especially for a "curser" based movement scheme. In a lot of these games, I end up losing control because the position of the ship is based on mouse position relative to the stage, rather than the screen as a whole. So I'll click outside the window by accident, and take the first step towards finding my ideal mate... or whatever the ad I land on is about, and die in the menetime. I noticed the ship moves at its own pace rather than being directly attached to the cursor, which makes movement much more dynamic looking, but it puzzled me a bit why there was no "speed upgrade" scheme, with the lowest being heavily delayed, and the highest being almost attached to the cursor. The best control feature though is the angled shooting, rather than all fire moving exactly horizontal across the screen. It solves the perennial problem of how to attack a rapidly firing enemy in a sidescroller.

As has been mentioned before, there really does need to be a pause feature. Since the "shop" window pauses the game, you could just key that to the P-key. I understand this would allow players to purchase things throughout the game, but the only option that would unbalance gameplay is "repair". You could disable that option and allow it only at the checkpoints.

Speaking of checkpoints, not only are there no progress checkpoints in the game, but there's no acknowlegment of progress whatsoever, which is frustrating for players, especially in a game with RPG-esque elements (like purchased improvements.). Multiple lives would be a good enough fix, and an encouragement to buy the "hulls". When you lose a hull, you start again at the last checkpoint with the previous one, and so on until you run out of hulls.

The option of equipping past weapons and equipment doesn't seem nesessary since each upgrade is obviously superior, and I havent seen any evidence that there are enemies with particular weaknesses that would make it worth while revisiting the Plasma-gun once you have the Gattling gun. If such vulnerabilities exist, there needs to be some indication (it can be vague as you like, but it has to be there) of which weapon would be most appropriate.

Good job on this one, and keep it up.

it contols well has great graphics (the animations as smoth as a babys botem!) and has a good wepon upgrade system. Some problems include no storyline whatsoever. I think just some dude saying you have to kill stuff would be great but for an arcade style game thats ok. The game doent really intruduce new ideas its more of one that sticks with already worn out ideas. Borrowing ideas isnt always that bad thing though as alot of ideas that work make a great game. overall a good job. I could complain about bland looping backrounds and no real new or many power ups for that mater but you know that great gameplay compisates that nicely. great games make more. THx for the game man!

game is alright...like playing in a space background

that was really good, but really does need a pause

Things to implement: pause feature, replay the current level (starting from the beginning is just too punishing).

The music was pretty good, the sound effects are about what you'd expect, and the animation was pretty nice.

really like this game

Would've continued playing if it didnt return you to the very start when you die. 9/10 5/5

....Just dont really like it

.... and rate it higher if ONLY there'd be "play this LEVEL again"

I love this game though the prices do get questionable cause it takes to long to get anything usefull, and I don't like how you only get 1 life. Other then that It's a fun game and hope to see more like it in the future keep up the good work

great levels. also great art all around.

I emmersed myself into this game for about 3 hours. I finally managed to beat it, so I naturally went to the review board to see how difficult everyone else thought it was. Well I figured myself to be below average when I saw a few people saying that it wasn't so hard, until I saw the word "difficulty", then it clicked that I chose the hard difficulty at the start off with. I then decided to try Insane for a bit, but I got massacred on the 3rd level by those rolling droids. Well always I decided I'll right a few tips down that I found out, to help others with any problems.

For guns, the only ones I felt worth buying were the
machine gun- it's better than your starting gun so buy it every game
railgun- more control over directional shooting, with increased DPS
beamgun- unique ability to hit all targets in a line, however the boomerang rockets replace this guns effectiveness, only use if you will not buy rockets
gatling gun- like the railgun but better

For armour or "hull" I suggest:
Toyotus- cheap doubling of HP, but skip it if you can without problems
BMWus- an effective stepping stone to the final armour
Ferrarus- The final armour, definately worth getting over the previous armour, 1001$ for 340 more HP.

Tomahawk- 2000$ cheaper in the end, can choose your targets, requires aim
Boomerang- twice the price, auto fires, targets closest enemy without going to far out of it's way, so I refer to them as the "Lazy Rockets"

Changes in difficulties:
I believe damage the enemy does to you is the same
life of all enemy units is increased
rate of fire is increased

Tips on Level 1:
Get enough $ to buy the machine gun on the first stage if possible, the third stage introduces enemies that shoot back, watch out and time strikes when they are not firing. The boss's attacks can be avoided by moving just up and down.

Tips on Level 2: Kill buildings, they offer the most amout of money for little resistance. Rockets kill enemies around the impact zone, use this to your advantage. On the boss stage big guys start appearing, they will do massive damage for little reward(40$). So unless you are confident you can dodge the barrages and still take them out, the best advice is to dodge then fly behind them so they can no longer tear you apart. The boss has three attacks, red lasers, a stream of fire, and rockets. Make sure you dodge the first two, the rockets don't hit for nearly as bad.

Tips on level 3:
Watch out for meteors, they can kill you, but you can't return the favor. Look out for the fire-breathing guys, fire is compact and it eats away your HP fast. Be wary of the big guys that shoot like 15 lasers at you, at once. Also the rolling droids will shoot you from behind, so make sure to take them out the first time around. The boss on this level is the final one so I'll let you figure out how to beat him. Good Luck guys

Oh man, this game got me hooked for like, hours! Seriously! As all of my fellow ng buddies have already stated, you must do something about the saves, resets, and pause features! Although, i will admit that this is retrospective of games like Galica and Centipede, truly a work of heart! I think it will be a New Grounds favorite for flash portals to come!! Well done, well done indeed!

A few improvements: The first gun was just as powerful as the Plasma Gun, and the Machine Gun just sucked... You should be able to switch weapons after you've bought them using like the F keys... There should be a password or save system because it's just too frustrating... and a different background and music for every level. Good attempt but I think if you changed these things, your game could be a lot better.

good game but it left me wanting more after the final boss and need more wepons
to use [and slightly better names ]

... too slow-paced, one life to live on the easiest setting, no saved progress even after passing a level, no weapon switching until the next wave. I think it didn't have to be this frustrating.

That said, I loooved the design, the weapons were fun (albeit I questioned the pricing somewhat. "Power Gun?" Ripoff!), and the monsters were innovative and kept me guessing. So, Cool.

I think it could be done a little better

hard, took awhile to beat on normal. Loved exploding aliens. Ready for more.

This one is tons of fun and the animation is awesome. I really do think getting an excellent reaction out of your enemies when you destroy them is what makes a game like this fun to keep playing. Remember in Symphony of the Night how everything explodes and catches on fire, even the skeletons? Yeah...I mean, it was a great game for other reasons too, but there's no question that it was satisfying to kill things.
I don't have any complaints about this game: the controls were a little different than what I'm used to (mouse to aim and shoot, arrow keys/WASD to move), and it did kind of suck that you had to put yourself in the line of enemy fire to get in hits without using rockets, but the enemy had to do the same thing, so it's not really a bad change. Also, it's pretty damn hard: I tried my hand at it three times, which is persistent for me when it comes to flash games. I never did beat it, but I'm quite certain I'll revisit it in the future. All in all, I hope you continue to submit awesome games to the portal!

Ha ha...that was a blast! First tried on insane...couldn't get past first boss lol!

Beat it on normal:
1. buy machine gun
2. buy auto-aim rockets
3. buy most expensive gun
4. buy most expensive armor
5. max upgrade auto-aim rockets
-don't forget to keep your ship at max health throughout!

That is the only way I was able to beat it on normal difficulty.

Great gameplay! I loved the blood n guts that were everywhere when you shot the "creatures"???

music got a bit annoying, so I had to turn it off.

I really like the no saving part...it made the game that much more intense!

Great game...5/5

@perez666: You're an idiot. I had to say that.

Now. The review. There needs to be a way to regain health. Maybe as a purchase, maybe it could even get more expensive each time you buy one. Maybe you could get them as random enemy drops, they could come out on little parachutes or something,
I dunno . . . But then again, maybe you could slowly recover it or gain 1 health each time you make a kill, then regaining health could grow more difficult as you grow further.

Many flash games don't have a save/load and only the largest ones need it, so leave that be. A few lives would be great, but the main thing is a pause.

You don't need both, but I strongly recommend either more lives or regaining health . . .

Overall, I liked it and you did well, it just needs some of those things . . .

I really enjoyed this game. It has been a while since I've played a flash based game more than a dozen times. I liked the aim tilting when moving and upgrading the ship with more health and better guns.

I wouldn't introduce a save/checkpoint feature but having a few lives would help a lot. I also thought the backgrounds were a little plain.

people are stupid now a days....seriusly in 1981 when the first donkey kong game came out. ther wasnt a checkpoint...ther wasnt even a save or load thing.....but that dint stop it from being an awsome game....this game dosnt need it either its good how it is...its called a challenge little people....i mean now a days games barely have a gameover feture for kids dont get sad and kill ther neighboors...well i say thats bullshit...and this game is good how its well done man well done....>=)

this game woulda made 2nd or first place if you woulda just dd like 3 - 4 things add lives or something or retart on the level not the game and a save and pause button
other than that the game was great it was fun but hard and i only played it on normal lol but the veriaty was kewl and the graphics wer pretty good to

nice work, but as everone else said, it needs a save/checkpoint feature, a pause feature, and the ability to retry right where you died.

it is a good game but it need a better save feature

good but it is a bit to hard

but you need a retry on the level you lost at, not a restart

...there was a save feature. Its a long game with hours of gameplay and it can be very annoying if an annoying itch made you start again.

plz plz put a save/checkpoint system in then its worth 10/10 =D
just about everything else is perfect =D

Great game but sometimes when i shoot a rocket, my ship seems paralysed for 5 seconds, so i die...

its tooo hard :/

....hard game like that without save mode is a crap :]

I like this game and I did buy the strongest weapon and the strongest hull but I always die at level three because it's too hard.

Nice Game but i was sooooo close on the ferrarus.... and than a thorg beamed me..

it gets annoying because you have to start the whole game again if you die! make it so you only have to do that stage again

I liked it but it needs a save point or a restart the starts at the level cause starting all over is kinda annoying

I loved the enemy design and the fact you can actually see most of them break down as you keep killing. I didn't die once but if I did according to the people below me I would have been forced to start all over again. Also with checkpoints you could afford to make the game longer. Finally I feel the urge to have more weapon variety.

It was one of the best games I've seen in a while. One problem though. You shouldn't have to start over when you die :(.

its not bad but dont like having to restart from the beginning with nothin but i like how its challenging to the player

gr8 job on this i like it quite hard but still should b harder i beat it 1st try

it REALLY sucks to have to start all over when you die...

I'm not sure how but I had -50 health and could still shoot but was offf screen, is it possible to add a continue? the 3rd boss was fun but hard

Awesome game. I just keep getting killed and it's really making the game frustrating. 1 tip to make this game awesome, and 1 question...

Tip: Like everyone else has said A SAVE FEATURE!!! It's unbelievably frustrating to get a nice ship, rockets and an awesome gun only to die and have to start all over.

Question: Has anyone else noticed that it feels like the amount of damage you receive scales based on how much armor you have? I upgraded to the 900 point armor in an attempt to experience the game from an offensive/defensive perspective, and it seemed like instead of taking the same small hits to a large 900 point pool, I just started getting hit harder by enemies...

wtf!!! if u die u have to start all over thats crap man

The game is awesome.
But not the music.

the game was fun enertaning 8 staRS descent game

It's a good game, I like playing it, but it's frustrating as hell! I saved up through the whole first level to get the best hull, thinking "HAHA, nothing can kill me now!" but the third level is so freaking difficult with those fire-breathing fish... things, and the Star Wars-esque 24385734j guns-on-one-unit things, it's impossible to do without some kind of continue feature, even a limited one would be nice. But dying once and having to start all over is way too extreme for the difficulty of this game.

I'm willing to bet anyone who says they've beaten it is lying. It's just improbable. :V

I'll give it points for having a good control scheme, though. But I'd make the rocket button lower on the keyboard, namely the space bar, for those playing on laptops. Also, nice music for the first boss. I betcha didn't think anyone would notice that, did you? :3

But it brings nothing new to the table. There are like 1000 others games like this from the shoot-em-up era.

I would advise you take a longer time planning your game. I found that the enimies were a bit repetitive and it's nothing i haven't seen before. The overall feel of the game, the controls, and the graphics really saved this game. I liked the variety of weapons and or, ect, but i didn't notice anything really special about this

Verry nice game, i normally hate this kind of games. But you really turned into someting special. (That special is a good thing :P ) But i miss a story... I'm just shooting now, a story would be nice ;)

Keep up the good work!

As it were said before, the controls are very smooth and tight... I like it. One thing that doesn't bothered me too much at the end is that the ground is always safe... even if you flew below it -.-

Difficult is ok - took me three attempts to beat hard-mode. Spare my money for railgun, then gatling. Had to take on the 2nd boss with standard-hull but made it closely. Then best hull and at the end I purchased and upgraded boomerang-rockets. So the end boss itself were very easy.

To answer the question of big laser being better. Maybe, on big guys floating over each other in order to get you... but gatling makes you deliver constant damage to several spread targets. So it was my favourite choice, because it has enough firepower to get rid of the big ones too (plus, the falling ammo rounds look much nicer ;) ).

Keep it up, there is plenty of space to improve that game and make it even better ^.^

it was fun because you can aim better then a normal game

Very good game I must say. The graphics and the animation were very decent and the enemies don't simply explode, which is quite good. The way the ship moves with the mouse is really great, I think the controls are among the best I've seen for this kind of game. It's also good that you can aim in different directions.

But then, it is quite difficult. I've only played on Easy and frankly, I'm not even gonna try the hard and insane modes (though it's still good that they exist). It definitely should have been a bit easier, like, with lives for examples (I just don't like the idea of having game over, and especially not after dying ONCE) or save states (That's the solution I like the most). Maybe not on insane, but at least on easy. Actually, it's not that the game is really on difficult but it's the fact that you can't even die once.

Now, tha can be said about almost any space shooter out there. They are always insanely difficult and I can never beat them so I don't like them. But I like this one.

And, yeah, I don't really get the point of the gattling gun (used for the first game when I died) since the big laser (whith which I beat the game the second time) is much better since it can hit several ennemies.

Well, I can see one reason why the game is difficult : Because it's too short. But that's not a reason to make it so hard, come on.

Last thing I didn't really like is the end of the game. I thinking : "What ? That's it ? What the hell ?". I'm aware that there is no story so an ending scene with characters would be quite pointless but come on, that was really lame and it's a shame because the scene is well made but it's just not enough. I mean I didn't beat the game just to see some ugly monster get blown up. It doesn't need to be long, but at least something a little bit more gratifying.

But well, in the end, it's still a great game. Probably my favorite flash shooter.

So I tried to cheat the system on expert by staying at first boss and continuously killing the little ones he pops out. I had my money up to $1399 and then the boss flew past me... and I just was flying there doing nothing and listening to music. I think I'll just play easy.


you die and its all over again.
what if you get really really far and you die are you goig to start over?, NO!!your going to be like wow i dont want to play this anymore, so its not very addicting.
anyways its all right just change that, make more lives.

that is all.

it is a good game i like the concept but you should have made the prices a little cheaper.

It gets repetitive, but it is still a great game.

I LIke the gameplay very Graduis.

Gameplay is good, i enjoyed playing it, but what is this the 80's?

I Hate games where if you die you start over. This would be more bearable if you could get more lives or something.

I got frustrated playing the same 1st level over again when I would die. frustration is not what i play games to experience.

A pretty fun game, through more should have been added to it because I find it a bit boring most of the time. The RPG system was a cool concept, and the graphics are great, but some more sound effects and music would have been nice. So in short, good game, but needs more added to it.

An amazing game, and probably the best shooter I've played here. I love the shop function and the ability to upgrade and equip weapons. Being able to restart from the last level, rather than start all over, would be nice. Great job!

I got up to the bos with the armour and my hands got sore and I could not pause it so i died and got really pissed off!

wonderfull game, stunnig graphics! as always: But! i think its crappy when youre in the third level and die and you have to begin again from the beginning, thats what i think ruins a lot of the fun and gameplay, because noone will do it all again, so i think if you would change it, so that the death just resets you to the last checkpoint, it would be a 10. because its overall one of the best shooters I played in the last time ill give you a 9.

Really cool game but do we really have to start all over when we die...but other then that really cool and addicting game

realy is un but you shouldnt have to startover evrey single time you die

addictive sucks when you die all goes to hell

great game you have make a great job

ur work never ceases to amaze me... i only had 2 problems with this game... 1st is the Gatling gun sucks... and is way more expensive then the laser thing and 2nd its wayyyyyy too short... but thats expected from such a master piece.

id just like u to either switch the Gatling gun and best laser or make the Gatling gun better... AND MORE LEVELS =D i and many others are wishing for a sequel plzzzzz

This game was a great game to play..
I was disapointed by the fact that i had to restart when i died though..
Make a life system or prehaps checkpoints throuhout the game?
Apart from that i was hooked!

I love how the music seems to give you a nice purge of adrenaline on all tha levels. I think im gonna play it again. Make some checkpoints tho. Awesome work!!!

i get killed always on the 3 stage

it needs some more stuff added but nice

Awesome game i really really liked it

i agree make a save point or the ability to continue. otherwise it was pretty fun

Ok, first off, fantastic game! very addicting and very fun with a great selection of weapons and armors to chose from.

The only bad thing about it, and by bad i mean the only thing in the game that really brought it down, was not being able to save, lets say you get get almost all the weapons and upgrades and are about to beat the game, then you fuck up,

GAME OVER! start from the very begining with every thing lost that you worked so hard for. Dude... make a save point, if this game ever gets a save function, it'll probably be one of the best shooting games i've played!

great game, but desperately needs checkpoints

eh. the game is alright but you have to start ALL over again if you fuck up. some people have a life and have things to do and don't want to start over.

I had to find my login after countless years of inactivity just to tell you that this was a fantastic game. Well done.

wtf make a damn auto save so you dont have to start ALL OVER AGIAN

It's good, but those laser/gatling gun ship are too accurate

awesome game. very good. the thing is with a name like alphabounty, I thought "oh cool, another badass sniper game." but no, this is more like the games stormwinds. I like stormwinds, so don't take offence. still, awesome game, you have the makings of a great game designer.

but i died cos a ship fell on me :(

Its a great game! i think that the 10 hit death should be extended a little higher to like 20 hits.The game is also very addicting

it is really cool except the fact that you die in 10 hits and some enemies die in 500 hits

excellent weapons, variety of enemies and challenging! a winning formula indeed! quite interesting the control with the mouse, most games in the same genere never make it feel right, but you managed to make it just right.

good work indeed!

the music kicks ass, the graphics are cool, the powerups are strong and fast and this game IS PRITTY AWSOME!!! 20/10 6/5 ^^

right, so, like everyone said, needs a save, think u got that so i wont say anything (oh, wait, too late, sorry)

now, just some mroe points: first, this isnt my comp, and its a piece of crap, so maybe this problem spawns from there, but first, the preloader freezes at what i assume to be 87% and i couldnt play the game unless i manually changed the play settings (i.e. right click, click on play, forward, rewind etc) as such, i got to the main screen, but couldnt play, so i right clicked again, got to the first mission, but didnt have a hud or anything, and the shop menu was incomplete (as far as i know, maybe it wasnt, but there was information missing i think) anyway, aside from that, got to play until the first boss, then the ship left the atmosphere and the background just kept scrolling and not even right click advanced the game

onec again, dont know if its a prob or just this piece of shit comp

anyway, heres some constructive critisism, i really like the way the gun rounds dont fly straight but move relative to the angle of the ship, really good idea

negative things: the bugs that can fly out of bounds of the screen, or fly near the ground behind the mountians so u cant see them, kinda annoying

anyway, thats about all the criticism i can give because the game was buggy, but from what i saw it looked great, really well done, pat urself on the back

Nice sounds and graphics. Its fun to have alot of mobility as well. It would be better to have checkpoints or save points tho, Overall its a great game, had me hooked a while.

Giving it 7. cos its a good game. well made. love the aiming system.
Hate that it doesnt save progress.
Any game that doesnt save progress isnt worth playing. It just pisses me off.
Any sort of restart level or save button and this would be 10.
Dont care if the authors care or anybody for that matter.
Wont have everybody singing its praises while im sat here getting pissed off.

you sir are a fucking mad man.. but the good kind, the kind that makes kick ass games like this that shooter fans can enjoy time and time again. i love how the ships are named after various cars. that brought a smile to my dile. the weapons are supurb. i love the gattling gun. the enemies come in droves and leave in little iddy bitty bits when that gun is equipped. the last level with the roasted chicken enemies?? wtf lol! the roasted chickens are so inane but i love em.
the music and sound effects are excellent, the music in the second level is brutal and i like the sound of the machine gun alot. the ship movement is very smooth, it follows the mouse nicly. the level backgrounds are very nice. gives the impression of an alian world.

i hope to see more action packed madness coming from you soon.

Very good game fun, but yeah you really need a level save button, so much better :P lol. awsome game tho.

10 because i am loving it like mc donalds!!
savepoints really wouldnt be wrong..
(best shooter ever ;) )

Phenomenal job on this game man, really! This kicks ass so hard!

Good game, Nice graphics/ artwork... the thing i noticed that makes this different from other games of it's type was, when your cursor goes up, the ship not only follows, but it points up at an angle.. other games like this dont..
The Music in the second level was whoop ass.. goes with the game real well...

I collided with a ship, and we "froze" in place
I was at full health, and then was at -1,000 before it went to the "Try Again?" screen.

Due to the fact that the game is so short. The save points don't seem to matter too much. The artwork in this game is absolutely fantastic, and that is definitely what kept me hooked. Not to mention an awesome set of upgrades. Keep up the good work.

Sweet game, cool upgrades.
Please oh please make save points or something.
My boss would kill me if he knew how long I spent playing this game....

It was a wonderful game. but it was so unforgiving. please put in like a save or something lol. the fire like one swipe destroyed my ship haha. but anyhow. it was a very good game i played it a few times over. you could definately go on with this and add more levels weapons etc. and a save or atleast a few lives lol. nevertheless very good game.

This is probably one of the games I play the most when I'm just looking at short down time-excellent work, and would be great on a portable system.

Make it much much much longer add a few more missle types (maybe a few new weapons if it were to be longer) and you get a 10 for sure. But awesome game none-the-less

this is a great game! everyone should play it. although there are some things that could be done, but they are minor and dont affect my judgment.

...But please for the love of all that is wholesome, DISABLE RIGHT CLICKING! I've been on the last level on Insane like three times now, maxed out ship and weapons and then i accidentally right click and it resets the game. This game does not need newgrounders to access the rewind feature in flash. Otherwise, I can't complain. I'd just ask that you ramp up the difficulty for the sequel and add more levels, weapons and ships. (checkpoints wouldn't hurt either.)

This is definantly the best shooter i have ever played. But i agree with the ;ast guy, this thing needs checkpoints, like some kind of portal you fly through every 2 or so levels to save your progress.

Just amazing. :D

Great game, but THIS GAME REALLY NEEDS CHECK POINTS BAD!! O_o I got SOOO far to die and start ALL over, That's no good for any one.

this game is impossible without checkpoints

best side scroller here!

I love the game, the style, the art, the music, gameplay, etc. It all kicks ass. The only thing I HATE is the lack of checkpoints or lives or continues. It makes the game crazy challenging. I'm having a love/hate relationship with the game, I lose and then don't play, but I'm always back after a little while.
Keep up the good work, man.

i rly liked te game

Not bad. Easy to use controls are always welcome.

good game but make checkpoints. cause when we die, we hav to start all over

make a second part plz with chekpoint

10/10 >:D


Great game, very fun, kinda throws you in the deep end in the second section in terms of difficulty. The music was great too, Sonic boss theme was in there, and the graphics were cool as well. Only complant was 1 life and no continue function. I mean at least let people start on a section that they have already tried at the start screen so they don't have to replay if they don't want.

There's no continue needed, because it's not a really big game. Pls make a second part!

this game is just awesome!
only 1 point...
it really needs a checkpoint

Love the blood spetters to!

I loved the animations, the blood splatter, the lighting on the ship when you fired your weapon, everything!
A challenging game.
But the only thing that i miss is a "save" button or checkpoints or something so that you don't have to start restart the game.
But i love this game!

Very awesome game!

Though I must agree with the previous posts, add a continue function

That was motherfucking awesome. I loved that you use the mouse not arrow keys. It is definetly the best flash side scroll shooter ever. However the auto target missiles are a pain because they don't go for the enemy you want.

but u should make an auto save so u dont fully restart when u die =(

i managed to get to the third level -on insane- and using only the railgun as my main weapon, and tomahawks as my rocket... but please add a continue option, and maybe a score board?

I really liked this game.... the upgrades were good, the game play was fun, the music was fitting. The only thing keeping it from a 10/10 is how horribly exasperating it is to go so far and then have to start from the beginning. Either lives or a save system would fix this.

Great job though!

i have to agree with people about the dead guy thing, iam fighting that guy in the glowing red stone, and i almost have him killed, when one of his little cronies, which i blasted into oblivion, or it should have blown up, spun right into me, and practically 1 shot me from full health, with the strongest ship, that sorta BS stops anyone from playing... altho iam a stubborn guy and might not stop till i beat it, but that far only to be brought down by a spinning dead guy... the game is good tho, graphics are neat, and i like how the bosses start to fall apart before they die

like every one says the graphics and gameplay are good but im dissapionted that we only have one life you lost a player

Your game, although fun, is seriously glitched. During the boss fight against some red fish-like machine that switched between a flamethrower, laser blasts, and rockets, I was suffering to get through it. Eventually, I had 9 HP but managed to kill it...or so I thought. I watched as its HP bar actually read -52 out of 1,600 or so. During my shock at this, it hit me one last time and I died, even though it SHOULD have been dead long before that.

The game's fun, but I don't like getting screwed over by glitches. You've lost a player until you get infuriating things like that in check, pal.

i play this almost ever day but u should have lives so you dont go back to the very beginning. other wise its a cool game

Good game, the only thing I beg of you is to have extra lives or continues etc rather then going straight back to the beginning, i work in a call centre so shouting bollocks out is not a good thing! :(

This game goot all wat a shooter should have great and simpel control
loots of weapons diffrent enemys and explosions and good boss fight

One thing what was the name of the song on the second planet?

Damn this game is CATCHY! Even the music loop leaves me feeling warm 'n fuzzy! While the names of the guns, however, aren't very original, the names of the hulls definately got a few chuckles from my ever receeding humor line. The entire game was very streamlined and smooth, and you get my respect as a flash animator, and are now on my positive watchlist.

this game is fun
the upgrades are cool

A great little game you got there! I like the smooth animations very much! The controls are very simple, that's nice too. Though you could "shape" this game much more, a lot of power-ups and weapon upgrades are always nice in a side-scroller-shooter. What I mean, there could be a lot more of these power-ups, upgrading the guns in firing speed, accuracy, something like this. The music was kick-ass! A nice, detailed background, some creative story behind the game, some new content, that other similar games don't have, and you can reach the top! ...These just my ideas/advices, all is just up to you! For a concept, it is very, very good! Cries for a sequel, or some updates :)

Goodgame, the only absent thing is Extra lives or Save/Load Game options. It makes me cry to grind all those things from scratch after I spent thousands of dollars on improving the ship and dying at the boss and starting all over again and again.

Good Job tho..

I don't know,there was something so magical about that game,I think it's all because of the music and the graphics but I adored it. I hope you will continue with things like that!

good flash game, the graphics were good and the controls were nice to handle

lol to all the people who died! i didn't!

Hey, now that's a good shooter! Wonderful weapons, wonderfull upgrades, many enemies, i love it!!!

I like this game a lot. The gameplay is great for a flash, as well as the sound, graphics and replay value. I do think that a continue option or something of the sort would be nice, but I understand trying to get the arcade style for the game. Maybe you could buy extra lives with in game cash, kind of like putting in tokens. Just a thought. Great job though.

great game! except for the fact theres no continue option, once i died i just stop becuase i got so far and starting again is boring. level restar please!

GREAT game. Love the sound, the graphics, the controls, almost EVERYTHING. But...
No continue option!? I spend a good twenty minutes getting my ship powered up with the little money I do get, only to be killed and have to restart the game? Not cool. Other than that, it's great. Sequel?

Fun game.
Nice graphics and overall fun gameplay.

However you need a Continue option! Restarting from the very start sucks a lot and once I got the boss and died...I just gave up cause it ain't fun anymore.

I would have loved an upgrade system for each weapon, and the ability to cycle through weapons.

And a continue or lives system would have made this game godly.

Great game! I loved the graphics, great gameplay, nice upgrades, etc. I liked the music and sound effects, as well. The only thing I didn't like? No lives, continues, etc. I'm playing on a laptop with no mouse, so I guess I'll do better when I get on my desktop, but it'd be fun if I could continue after dying one time. GREAT game otherwise.

I really liked the controls, they were very intuitive and it was great to have a side scoller game where you could actively aim up and down, whilst still requiring more skill with the mouse than simply pointing where you wanted the shots to go.

I didn't get past the second level though, it would be nice if you could have a "continue" option, so you could continue from where you left off. If you had a scoreboard your score would be reset. It's just an idea so that the less skilled of us might enjoy the later levels :)

this is ver godly game man

Great love it, you did a great job connecting the levels with the music and some how the decent graphics makes it sooooo . . . much better than regular. Keep making ones like this. Love it!!!

Later levels were a bit ridic but it was definitely a good game. Keep up the good work.

This game is great, simple arcade style action like from the past, with cool graphics, gameplay, and interesting style.

The final boss is worth the effort and the end scene is brilliant, i had to laugh.
reminds me of the old school arcade but much better.

I like how you can switch back to previously bought weapons. Maybe next version can extend the amount and kind of upgrades you can get? The physics of the weapons is very good, the power is countered by the randomness.

mute is a must, pause might be good, continue maybe also -if it is limited like arcade credits... save is pointless, it isnt so long (Add more levels!)
You could even do a sequel and make this a double ultimate boss game? Where you can save at that point and continue with your ship, money, and weapons to more enemies and more upgades?

Instead of writing everything good about the game, i try to save some time by only writing what i dont like...

There is no Pause .....

Everything else is very Nice

a save point would be nice

the whole save system isnt that big a deal a pause would be nice but over all the animation nice the dismemberment beautiful and i will definatly be looking for a sequal....with a *COUGH longer game and COUGH PAUSE * nice weapons tho

This game is nearly perfect. before i begin let me say good job, you've made probably the best sidescroller on NG. The game is so fun and addictive that its very, very easy to lose track of time.

The presentation is superb, great music, sound effects, and graphics. its very satisfying to see a giant boss explode in a specacle or blood and metal(or both). there are slight framerate hickups that can cause lag, which leads to clusterfucks, but these are few and far between.

The gameplay is most satisfying, like i said earlier its highly addictive, and good for hours. The array of weapons and upgrades is very impressive, and extremely well balanced, kudos on delivering an amazing play experience. the weapons deal a hefty punch and will satisfy the hardcore sidescroller fan.

My only complaints are that theres no way to mute the music(The music you chose is good, but sometimes you just want to listen to your own library), there are sometimes very cheap enemies that shoot you in the back(im of course talking about the rolling turrets in the third level, and others) And finally the biggest complaint, is that there is no checkpoint system in this game at all, most of the time when youre in the 3rd level, and you die, you realize that your journey through the previous stages took about 15-20 minutes, and then you have to do it all over again, which is very annoying. I understand you were going with the arcade vibe, but even arcade machines have a continue option. I'd love to see you fix these issues in the next alphabounty (i'll be crossing my fingers)

In Closing, i'd like to thank you for making one of the most well made, intense games on NG, you've certainly created a masterpiece that i hope nobody will forget. I can't wait for the sequel.

Seriously. It's great. I like the way the ship tilts, nice upgrades, nice graphics. It's really incredibly fun. Definitely does NOT need a save system. The lack of saving works perfectly with the arcade feel of the game.

I keep playing it over and over. I even beat it on Insane mode. It's loads of fun and the music and graphics are incredible.

Just a few minor notes: The first boss, if you dick around too much it will move at you like a normal enemy and just disappear. You can't progress and stay in limbo. The last boss "head" guy improperly displays his hitpoints (1200/800)

You can gain about $600 extra by killing the little dudes that spawn out of the first boss before killing the boss itself. It helps on hard and insane difficulty, when you need better weapons and rockets sooner.

People keep complaining about save points - it's only three levels! Just keep in mind that it's better to dodge than stay and fight. There are some points to where killing stuff is secondary to avoiding damage.

you don't need a saving system if you're a ninja. Great graphics. Music is pretty sweet. Excellent little effects. Badass!!!!

I like the style of everything. the gameplay is fun, and the music is well chosen for each area. You also made it challenging which is always good. Keep it up

Really nice touches, gun moves whn shoot, proper dismemberment of aliens, rough drawn look of ship.

The tilting ship is actually really intuitive too, well done!

Nice graphics.. Good game, nice music. 8/10

This game was pretty much perfect. I was entertained, challenged, and got hooked the second I started shooting up aliens. Great job!

Game's awesome but i'll give 9 for it & -1 for not having a saving system. But i think its pretty good.

It would be awesome if it had checkpoints.There's a lot of pressure to stay alive.And I don't do well under pressure.

this is an amazing game it has amazing gameplay and music what is there not to like !

Great Game. Very fluent, good music... not so good system. I was able to get to the first boss, no upgrades. The boss was a bit tougher, but I almost had him through. And then I died. This system sucks. With no checkpoints, how can we even think to get through the entire game without dying at least once? Some of us can (I'm not one), but the rest aren't exactly that hardcore. 4/5 8/10

it's fun and nice... except when you have to restart from the beggining. No savepoints, no checkpoints. perhaps the author like hardcore games. I don't

A bit short. And I did not know what the first Level was for. Then the layout and music changed... The rockets are a must. But I dont know what the straight rockets where for? the autotarget were much better!

Anyway, great game to play.

if it had checkpoints.

starting all over isn't really all that fun

This game was sweet as!
Great music with fantastic art and sweet game play!
But no checkpoint system?! I feel cheated

If this game had a checkpoint system it would be 10/10 5/5

This game is fun and challenging. GREAT JOB!!!

Great game, but you really have to learn it to reach the end.

NEW PLAYERS (semi spoiler alert) - Suggest upgrading as - rail gun, (guided rockets, guided rockets++ make sure you have $2k to buy these at the end of the first chapter), full armor, gattling gun.

i really enjoyed this game if u made another one i would surely vote 5 again kickass work

I haven't been that addicted to a game since I first discovered tetris. It took me three days, but I finally beat it on normal. Excellent work, good sir

Really cool game, great graphics, ugly aliens and awesome firepower to take them down!

Great game, original graphics, and satisfying gameplay. I'd personally prefer using the keyboard as a controller, but it was still fun to play.

Suggestions: Implement a password or checkpoint system, heal the player at the end of each level or allow the player to buy health upgrades/replenishments. Other than that, great game.

Great game. I played it 5 times so far. The only thing that will probably keep it at that is the lack of a checkpoint system, or lives. I think that working to get through to whatever lvl, onlyto get shot down in the end and having it put you all the way back to lvl 1 was garbage. Having checkpoints at each lvl, or a life sytem would make the game much better. Other than that, the graphics, sounds, powerups, and challenge was great.

9/10 and 4/5

Great game!
The balance seems a bit strange, as the suicide flyers only give small amounts of cash and they're difficult to hit, and it's hard to dodge waves of attacks because the ship moves so slowly, and the rockets often seem useless because they target the faster, smaller, weaker enemies since these targets are usually closer, and the powerups seem a bit too powerful, despite that they're so seldom found.
Even with the lag and the other small problems, AlphaBounty is better than almost every peer out there.

I loved it! Though, there is one thing I didn't like.

I know that the game is short. But it would of been nice to have at least ONE extra life, so that you don't have to start over.

It took me two days to beat it. But I really enjoyed it!

i loved the game very much

i beat it loved the game make another more weapons longer game and cooler ships plus guns, just brilliant.

Atleast until I died, which was ok and all until I realized that I had to start ALL THE WAY FROM THE BEGINNING! I would've loved to have atleast another life : /

I was doing alright, having brought that running boss down to about an eighth of his hit points when my mouse decided to spaz out throwing the ship into a bunch of enemies and then bringing the cursor to the start button. Needless to say, I'll be needing a break before I try that again!

As for things that bothered me, I'd have to say the firing angle on the gatlingun was very disadvantageous. Whether it was a balancing issue or merely oversight, I think it should be changed.

Loved the music, loved the enemy design, and it's so damn pleasing to see everything blow up when you kill it!

i liked the make a lot
the only thing i would like to see added is a pause button and check points; starting from th beginning every time is very annoying but thats just my opinion
great game

But the lack of a continue option-- if even from the beginning of the level-- is... uh, a pain.

Only bad thing was the aiming.

Why did the shots fire from under the ship,... should be center.
Guess im more of a traditional side scroller kinda guy

i suggest u to add:
1.a save option
2.pause menu(lol)
3.i found the music not so good...u can find better tracks!
keep doing the good work!

5/5 10/10. Graphics were awesome, really fun to play

There are a lot of shooters on NG these couple of weeks, but this one is by far the best.

Great difficulty and scaling, great art, tight controls, satisfying conclusion.


Such a cool game!

The graphics, the sound, the weapons, all did fit well.

That game was amazing. Very Nice Job. Keep up the good work. Added to my Favs too ^^

The graphic is really nice.
for me, the bomber type
1st get a plasma gun, then max out the missile(guided missile),
then get the galting and put your HP on it

Just need: a pause function.

but you have got to add a continue function. having to start over from the very beginning is a real drag.

I enjoyed this game very much. Nice music, graphics and features. Even on normal very difficult to play. But too bad that there aren't more levels.

A very fun, yet simple game in my opinion with a good style of graphics and gameplay. Although I still got some things to say.

-I would've liked it with a bit more weapons/upgrades that varied a bit but that's just me.
-Game was a tad short.
-Yes, some checkpoints would've been nice and I did get pissed off frequently but if you buy the right upgrades at the right times the game CAN be beaten.

And some advice for players that are having a hard time beating this game:

-Upgrade your hull as soon as you can. Weapon upgrades are honestly irrelevant in the first couple levels with the monster things.
-While playing, try to kill as many enemies as you can, so you can get the most money out of the easy levels.
-By the time your at the ship levels, you should be around the third hull and maybe the machinegun if you really felt like upgrading your weapon but that's about it.
Around these ship levels, your weapon does start to matter. In my opinion, the powergun is the best. And here's why.
-It may shoot slowly, but it has splash and does a good amount of damage. And trust me, the splash damage really ends up saving your ass at times.
-All the other guns like the gatling, yes they shoot extremely fast, but they only cover a small area in front of you which doesn't really help when enemies are coming at you from all directions; which is pretty frequent in the last couple levels. And they're also kind of hard to aim with.
-Okay, after you manage to get the max hull and the weapon of your choice, you should be getting enough money every level to almost immediately get the missile upgrade. Ignore the tomahawk, just save for the boomerang as well as its reload upgrade.
-After that it all really depends on how well you dodge and how well you prioritize your enemies. Here's some miscellaneous tips that might help.

-Always use your missiles, just hold down "r" and watch in satisfaction as your enemies get blown to bits.
-Always take out the turrets first. Otherwise while your occupied with the air enemies they will slowly but surely wean down your health.
-Always keep moving and make sure not to get trapped in the corners of screens, otherwise you'll end up being hit and shot by enemies a million times over, especially in the later levels.
-In the plane levels when those mega planes with the lasers start showing up, make sure not to get hit by those charge-up beam things. From what I saw, they seriously did about 30-50 damage.

Well yeah, that's about it, I hope this long-ass review helps you guys! And to the game creator; great job, this game was great and extremely fun!


I dan't really believe that I just fought a Starfox 64-like running Boss in armor while a rocking Zelda Temple remix was playing...

I like the style of it's graphics, and the gameplay is also good, but the game has some really annoying features. The most annoying is that there is no respawning! It's ok if there are hard levels, but when it's so easy to scew up, it's fucking over the player making him start the whole game again when dieing.
The difficulty is also not balanced: the 1st level (with those flieing medusas) is very easy, but the 2nd (with the spaceships) is kind of hard, sothere is not really a transition between easy and hard level.
Then, I can not sell my stuff, so I must be very careful what to buy, or else I may cannot buy the better stuff in time. And without knowing what I can except in the next level, it's easy to make a so wrong decision, that it makes game over.

however i don't feel like restarting withe that pooped ship ... my ship was blasting everyting with the gatling so... begin again with a handgun-like equipment don't look so cool ... =p

awesome but i was able to breeze through it on normal
really loved the grafx

You did it perfect from the start dont listen to theese wussies games not that hard if you upgrade and dodge properly

i dont wanna repeat that checkpoint thingy like everyone else here
(@stupids:first read other comments)
i just wanted to tell you that the 2nd boss is a bit too hard it did ~200 dmg at once on me before i knew the attack
but the game is the best space shooter i know so make a sequel

For some reason the word Bought was spelt Bough in my version. Checkpoints yea, maybe buy lives? One funny bug was that I died after the boss died so when the buy menu came up i was -370/350... I thought I could buy a new hull and it would be fine.. but nope, maybe I should have repaired instead. I died once I clicked continue.

this game is awsome id even buy from the shops if it came out

I do enjoy this game, it is bloody good with its graphics, controls and detail. The only issue I got with it is the lack of checkpoints. I get pretty far in the game and enjoy myself up to the point I die and realize I gotta restard the whole damn game with the basic armour and weaponry all over again.

Then I leave it for a few days, maybe a couple weeks, before I want to play again.

Add the fucking checkpoint, the game is absolutely unplayable, because you just keep starting from the very beginning over and over again.
Disregard that, its a great game.

Seriously needs checkpoints in the game. The upgrades were fun and frenetic and kept me wanting to kill more, but I always found myself frustrated when I knew I was dead and couldn't do anything about it. Still, great job.

omg tis id da boom. but it needs check points and color choise

whew that... was hard this is a great game keep up the good work if you make a AlphaBouty2

Aye! Its pretty good BUT done to early. I didnt had the time to try out all weapons. Programming, Style = Super. I like the oldstyle-trash-quality-sound and those little details of the enemies.

here i am shooting stuf and all of a sudden the level ends and the repair/shop screen pops up but becuz there was no warning watsoever, i accidentally click on and buy a gun i didnt want. see the problem? i didnt even want to continue with the game becuz i had already restarted it once after dying and now i took a big setback in money. based on wat i WAS able to play, u did a very good job. i liked the new AI every level and multiple areas/worlds. i felt the boss fights were done pretty well considering the simplicity of the game.

but the one thing that killed my experience was the level ending with no warning and the repair/shop popping up. i didnt mind starting over from the beginning, tho im sure some did, but there HAS to be a warning so people dont end up doing wat i (and im sure im not the only one) did.

ideas: a meter that says "distance remaining" that would count down to 0
a meter that says "progress" that counts up to 100%
the ability to undo changes i made this level

i like the last one best altho maybe u incorporate it with one of the meter suggestions. being able to undo changes would allow people to well..change their mind if maybe they wanna save up cash for later on. (i can see u made it difficult to save cash becuz the AI keeps getting tuffer but it IS possible)

finally, i dunno if there's a checkpoint of some sort later on but if there isnt there should be. maybe you cud have a checkpoint halfway thru or maybe if u die u cna start at the beginnning of the world u were on instead of at the very beginning.

Great music, great controlls, just fucking great.

Possibly one of, if not, the best sidescrolling shooter I've played. Good controls, balanced enemies and upgrades. Progressive difficulty and a great job in making it necessary to rethink your tactics. Wonderful.

I love the way the game feels when you play it. But dude, seriously need to make normal mode easier. And there should be a checkpoint or lives system.

I really like the whole thing, but it would have been better with checkpoints so you wouldn't have to restart at the very beginning each time you die

I love this game. The music goes just right with the chosen enemy and setting. Love the idea and the wide variety of upgrades. Awsome work!

I like the combination of this graphics and music. NEED MOAR levels!

lol this game rox and those big things on the second level kept on shooping their whoop all over meh..... my lazer was very small compared to theirs.....bud it was good to beat hard in 12 tries normal in 8, but i beat insane in 18 tries....my hand hurts :3 but good game needs more crazy powerups tho

The game itself is well tuned, the style is pretty unique (and the music does something fot it), just like the graphics. The difficulty levels is good (not too hard nor too easy).

The onle (but a major one) problem I found is that there is no save, continue or checkpoint feature... so each time you get destroyed, you have to start all over... combined with the fact that's a mouse-controlled game (meaning that you can get it out of the screen sometimes, by mistake or stree), this can be very frustrating.

I beat it insane mode after like 20 tries. And I didn't realise the final boss had two parts so I got hit until I had 20 HP left at the end. Pretty much everything was great about it. But you really need an option to mute the sound effects Not just the music.

FINALLY..i beat it, it's hard even on normal!

except that motherf**kin flamethrower

Found myself rocketing entire groups of them only to get shot down by two three round burst. Lack of save feature can really be annoying. Though when compared with the old retail shmup style games, is pretty fitting. Game music is pretty catchy. Another game I'd like to potentially play on a Ds or Psp. Would indeed make a nice handheld game.

Wow.... it took me a long time to beat it on Hard...

This game is very polished. The challenge, and a lot of the fun, comes from the combination of upgrades and memorization or pattern recognition. Fine tuning the upgrade path that you want to take, once you kind of know when you need what is probably half the fun. (Spoiler) I've found that:
Machine Gun --> Beam Gun --> Tomahawk --> Toyota --> Boomerang --> Ferrari --> Boomerang 2 --> Boomerang 3 works the best for me

I liked the game but i definately needs checkpoints and a pause button

This game was quite enjoyable for me on my one run through. Balance was for the most part decent, and th graphics were good, but ultimately I was miffed at the small but ever present annoyances in the game. Here's a list of them:

1) Collision detection. Frequently, I was getting hit twice by the enemies not because of multiple attacks, but because the enemy seemed to intersect my ship twice. As there is no shield to deploy nor any way to decrease damage done to the ship, I consider this a critical oversight. Particularly in the 2nd zone where you had swarms of 2 dozen ships flying at me at once.

2) Fire of Doom. As a result of this detection issue, I think the fire is WAY too overpowered. I was killed from 350 health by one breath of fire. Sorry, but instakill moves ruin any game experience I have ever had.

3) Pause button. Any game that doesn't have a way for me to pause mid level is one I will not play again. Most people can't just sit playing a game in isolation, and its very frustrating having to consign a good run to failure just because I have to step away to let the dog out.

4) Save feature. For reasons I don't fully understand, most people usually wait to put in saving for the sequel, but I'm still going to complain about it here. A great deal of game design theory was pioneered in the NES era, and it found that people like to make records of their good games! Even checkpointing would be good if you really want to force someone to challange themselves in a single sitting (though, pausing becomes even more necessary here).

5) Aiming. The gun is fixed on to the ship, and so fire's parallel to the plane of flight, albeit offset some. While it was a good idea in theory, I found it really freaking annoying with mouse control. Either I was shooting at air because I was dodging, or I was moving erratically upward/downward because I was trying to reaim from a target on one half of the screen to the other. While I realize it's a style interpretation, it isn't something I'm a fan of. Perhaps it would be better if I was given keyboard controls, but even then, I'm not too sure.

6) Enemies flying off screen. Obviously, as a point of balancing, you had to estimate how much cash a player should be accumulating per level, and scaled purchases accordingly. But if you have enemies that start at the far top or far bottom, and they're regularly going to go off screen, that starts to make your estimates a lot more guesswork. Combined with the difficulties of aiming while dodging shots, it just makes it annoying to the player that's really testing themselves.

7) Letter spacing. Presentation says a lot to people, and your letters are cut off or wrapping oddly. A very minor detail, but one that should be kept in mind for future games.

Again, I stress that I did have FUN while playing the game. But there's enough things on this list that I just don't really think I'll have that much more fun from subsequent playthroughs.

this game wasnt the most orginal but it was the best of everything sidescroller/spaceship/shooter
the only thing i didnt like was when you died you started ALL the way at the begining...
cant you add like a lil auto-save?

i liked how in the first level the vaginas u shoot explode gears of war style and in the second level when u get the shield and u can ram the shit out of the other guys
but i never beat it it was hard

But whats with the lack of checkpoints? I mean at the very least put a checkpoint at the begining of every new world. i would continue to play it but im tired or starting over, especially when i got so far

Hands down one of the best games I have ever played. Good job!

This game do not give enough money for upgrades so in order to get the good weapons you can not buy new ships and you have to stay alot of time with the default ship.And thats makes the game so disturbing because you can not get a new cool ship or else you end up broke with crap weapons.
Give double the the money you give. This game is so great and fun but having little money ruins is.

It was pretty fun and thegraphics were really nice, but the powerups weren't all that great and I couldn't switch out of one after I realized it was bad. I upgrated to the power gun from the machine gun and it was so slow! It was really frustrating.

nice game...but one life? come on! nobody likes 1 life games anymore. unlimited is so much better

I BEAT IT!!!! finally. lol. yes. u don't need a save thingy for this one. doesn't take that long to beat. makes victory that much sweeter. but, if you do make another(please) and if it's longer, u definatly need more power ups, saving, and maybe a pause button or something. this one's nearly perfect though. One of those gems. Hint: spend smart.

this game was so cool! i like the old style! and the way it looked was just great too!!!

I'm in the middle of building a shooter and this game made be believe that there is still room for old school stuff. Great job. Thanks for posting it & please let me know when you do a sequel. I really liked the way you ended the game. Great looking game.

I love the movement and the bullet paths, gives it a very original and non cookie cutter feel. The graphics are great in their own aspect, some folks focus too much on the look and not the feel.
I agree on the sequel idea, Make it alot longer, add some extra lives or a 2 lvl checkpoint maybe a new powerup or two (I love the shield) and for sure an underwater setting. Mutant sharks, Torpedoes, the whole works. Give it the same feel for the movement and shooting. and maybe a nice spread weapon.

Nice music should be like 3 lives or somethin, not 1.. gj!

The title says it all.

As you can tell, I think this is a great game. Very addicting. I like that.

But I didn't like how you had to start over every time you died.

And maybe a little more variety of enemies instead of just the same kind with variants?

If you intend on making a sequel, I suggest water warfare, and if after that land.

But I'm starting to babble. Great game.


i got to the 3rd lvl boss then acidently misclicked and his back -.-

you should have check points or be able to save...thats the only thing i can think of to improve this game

Great game, well made. very addictive.

OUt of all the sidescrolling shooters that are on the front page this week, dude, this one rocks....only gripe i have with it, is like what everybody else has said about starting from the beggining when you die...but then again, it adds a bit of challenge to it all, only having one life....

good but the mouse movement sux. shoulda made the movement with the keyboard instead

but you should have checkpoints or a serious of lives because I'm not about to redo all of that.

There are 3 or 4 Space-Shooters on front page and this is by far the best of them.
I gues "Star Serpant Sigma" has mouse controls too but here it's waaay more precisely.
Bodhi added speed and dynamic to his concept of meele, timing, high concentrated violence and gore.
The only slight disapointment is he could have added more and darker rock to the sound like he did in "Letum" and "Birdflu".

other than that very fun

It needs a checkpoint feature. I died fighting what I assume was the last boss, and died when he had 10 HP left. Then I find out I have to start from the beginning again. That will ruin any game.

Other than that, great game.

Great game with great concept, but there are still some flaws. First the good things: Great game graphic option with many detail configurations, very good weapons, hulls and rockets list (and funny names of hulls too), and great level and enemies design. Now one big mistake-there is no save option and it's very easy to dye too. It really ruins the game experience!
Awesome game I hope that the flaws are going to be corrected in sequel, thanks!

excellent game, could use a wider game area and definitely checkpoints.

The Graphics suited the feeling of the game an really made the game feel original. The blood gush, the explosions, the gun shots, everything was top notch.

Your choice of sounds was excellent. Everything from the gun shots to the background music suited the game. If you sold a sound track of the game, I would buy it instantly.

Over all. I give this game a perfect score.


Only once in a long while do I find a game on here taht I like, and this is the one. The controls! The explosions! The guns! Yum yum. I ate every bit of it. The final gun was not as spectacular as I was hoping, but the third to last more than made up for it.

Also, I play on an 8 month old lap top, and I had zero problems.

This game was great.
Just wish it I had another life.

i would of given this game a 10/10 it really needs a save point, i mean like the 2nd boss is hard man! but overall the graphics are great and the gameplay was awsome and the backrounds kinda reminded me of a psp game called patapon. Pata Pata Patapon!

it was good but the people r rite it needs a continue feature and a pause feature looking forward 2 number 2

i was gonna say "come on, give a guy more than one life"
but now i wanna say "ya what he said"
and if u could maybe pick up an extra life in some levels
it would be a wicked game if it had some of that stuff
i dont know maybe u can edit a little and submit a #2
it was fun still

Tried 30 times to make it pass the second boss, but can't. Its an easy answer that I and the others having problems are just mindless noobs who needs to practice, but I don't think it is the core of the problem. I play on a laptop with Core Duo 1.83Mhz and I experience quite a bit of lag in the ship control. The enemies seems to be unaffected, making it extremely hard to dodge from time to time. Being caught in boss 2's flamethrower is pretty much an instant death even with the best hull.

I suggest you try out your game on a smaller PC to test if its playable. The ability to continue at level start and bosses would also counter the problem.

I love diversity of the enemies, and would love to see whats after boss 2.

This game would be so much better if it had a save system or a continue function. The game play, art / animation & upgrade system are very good....if only it had a continue system it would get 10 stars!

Awesome game, managed to beat it on the first try on normal for all those who whine about it being too hard.

Little bug though, I tried to go through it again on Insane mode and I got to the first boss. Figured I'd spend some time killing some of the little guys he makes to build up some cash, but after a long time doing that, the boss suddenly went straight by me. I figured I'd spent too long on the boss and it wasn't meant to be played like that, but I was basically just flying there in boss fight mode with nothing to fight, flying into forever.

Anyway, it's a cheap way to do it anyway, so no real need to fix it.

Great game man, make more like it.

It needs continues!its just so anoying to restart the game after you died.

Very Good game, the execution, art, etc were well done.

However, it critically needs a "continue" or "checkpoint" system... It is thoroughly annoying to be overwhelmed and have to start over again... SEVERE shortfall that lowers the score a bit.

Everything is awesome!! But i would have liked a number of lives...like 3 lives or something.That and more powerups.

Really a superb game in almost every way. I know that a lot of people are saying it's too difficult, but I'm proud to say I beat on the third try. On that note though I would say that the level of difficulty is appropriate to the game, but the lack of a continue or save feature just makes it feel like you're trying to punish the player. The weapons and ship upgrades were very nice, though I think the rockets and missiles could have used a little work. I don't know why you had the rocket icon show two rockets at once when you could only fire one at a time, but that's not that important.

The only other thing I would bring up is that in the last few levels it seemed like the enemies were able to seriously confuse the tracking missiles. There would be several large enemies on the screen at once, but when you fire a missile, a small little bird would dart in and take the hit, which is a real waste of a shot.

Overall I think you have a good formula, and more levels would be nice, but only with a save feature.

Also, you could consider more varied powerups, such as shields and the like.

not terribly unique from most side-scrollers, but otherwise its a lot of fun.

Loved the game a great deal. Awesome enemies and upggrades, just I wanted a save feature. Oh well still great though!!!

Great game man. Great graphics and the music was cool as hell (sounded like techno versions of other games but I can be wrong), but that is definately worth a sequal. Great job dude.

I'm sorry, but i really didn't enjoy this game, this IS the kind of games i enjoy playing.
The graphics were brilliant, the upgrades, enemies, bosses, all great.
But, i hated the fact then when you failed you had to start the whole game over again. I think that's a but unfair. The one enemy that REALLY got on my nerves was the one on the second level, where it has a beam cannon thing underneath and a normal gun that fired, not only at you, but quite fast aswell. It's just about impossible to kill one without getting your ship shot up in the process. That's why i only, and barely, beat the 2nd level.

So, Next time, (and i hope there is a next time) make enemies less impervious to attack, when you die you restart the level, not the game. Possibly you lose the hull and weapon you were using too!

Just needs a continue feature.

WOOH! Yeah, that was great!
the graphics were nice, the music kinda gets you charged, the controls are nice and simple, and the boss fights are sweet.

Make a sequel that's a little longer and maybe have more diverse weapons :3

This is the kind of fun timewaster that makes NG awesome. Good work!

The game is really good and fun.
But the game need one system of checkpoint or lifes mod..

great game more weapons and armor and rockets would have been nice also a continue feature but all in all a great game

Perfect - nothing needs to be changed, I LOVED it!

Really fun and simple. The only reason I give it a 9 is because it could use a level select or continue feature

wow great game..pretty hard 2..i got all the upgrades..well expected for the weak guns and the weak missle.....but other than that i got it all done..lol XD but amazing game..i hope u make a 2 one of them ^_^

of all the shooters this week this is by far the best of all of them!

Great game dude... but a less frustrating re-try system would have been great... i just don't like too begin all over again when i die...

Man, was this a great game. I dunno about anyone else but this game had great composition. The game play made me reminisce of old school game play when I was a kid playing with my Sega. I love the soundtrack, it fits so perfectly with the artwork and feel of each level. It's very nostalgic and brand new at the same time.
Insane mode, for me at least, was great fun.
Just overall good fun.

Great freaking shooter man. I loved the weapons and the music on the second level was kick ass. Also the end scene with your gatling just mowing the shit out of the guys head and the angles of it just made it so great. Keep this crap up.

Good game I like the bloody-alien thing. Great job! -D

I for one really thought it was really really good

I love the simple yet complex art; the rustic feel of the graphics that gave it both that fresh feeling and old-school appeal.

My first play through I was too stupid to realize I could upgrade my hull and get the torpedoes, but I figured it out quickly the second time around when I happened across the help button.

The advanced options are nice. Audio is excellent.

Insane mode is fun, but it didn't feel any more intense than Normal. Enemies are tougher, yes, but I'd pretty much end up getting just as far with the same amount of technology on my back.

This is great though! I have no complaints, just suggestions. My main one? Make the game longer!

A good classic feel with the enemy progression and music ,but it would have been really nice to have ship upgrandes and other places to fight. Side-scrolling was well done and good job!

it was a great shooter. i like how it has that retro feel to it.

this game was F-ing amazing. i don't give out 10s very often but this deserved it sound track was good. game play was smooth, the last cut seen was nice to. i enjoyed playing it. good job peaple. this is god, out.

I love games like this.. so i may be overcriticising it..the ability to fire downwards and upwards is good but the fact that the best weapon you can buy is a weak but really fast one is bad for controls like that.so i honestly think i should have stuck with my powergun instead of taking the quadgun. like the fact that you can upgrade your ships hp and model but is it me or do you recieve more damage that way? i had a 900 hp ship and it took 40 hp from 1 hit, i dont really know is it just the stronger enemies becouse i upgraded from the 100hp ship to 900 hp ship only when i reached level 3.i spent all my money on guns so i could have the strongest one mid 2nd lvl :).i dont know what destroyed me so fast (wasnt paying attention in that moment) but i got from 850hp to 140 in a second :( probably the fire breathing aliens did that..
anyway the best way to build in my opinion is to save your money untill you notice your gun is too weak for them(gun-powergun-i went quad but i dont think thats a good idea)and then upgrade your armor.. misiles in the end.If you cant dodge so good then buy armor gradualy..
For these controls strong but slow weapon is the best option in my opinion.

This is what I call a shooter simple but still a really good game good for killing off a few hours.

I really liked this one but I just would've liked to be able to restart at the level I was when I died instead of restarting it all over again.

wth cant u at least make the shields flash when they run down? i got into negative health that way. and you should be able to save it. but other than that it was pretty good, like an old school snes game

but maybe instead of holding the mouse button down, u could give us an option to change it ? my finger's kinda stiff now lol. maybe use the keyboard more or something// awesome game. finally got to lvl three. hehe any tips on how to spend my money?

Quite the timer waster! Although, it does get a bit boring after level three. The fact that I lose everything when I die kinda sucks. Maybe you could add some random health packs and lives in the game? That always helps.

This game really does have style, really fun and a great time waster. Addictive from the start! The only thing I would of liked to have seen included was some sort of checkpoint or saving system, as its rather annoying that you have start from the beggining.

Who can't even spell 'Graphics' right. This game was AWESOME. The graphics were perfect for the game (Reminded me of the 'Dad and me' beat em up video game style animation). The powerups were fairly deployed as well. I had no real grudge with the music either. Of course it sucked once I died but damn who cares it was challenging and not insanely difficult. Loved it! 9/10.

This game is brilliant! I love it!
The only thing is, it would be nice to be able to save.
Apart from that, 10/10, 5/5.

Unbelievable, Reaskon.

awesome 5/5 very impresive

I have to disagree with some of the other folks. I think the graphics are perfect just as they are. Also, the first level music reminded me of the old Nintendo games. The best mouse-tracking game I've ever played.

This game is not that good if you look at the graphics, BUT, it is fun addictive and VERY competative =D
And that make it worthy for a 9

Lots of people are saying you need a continue and I disagree, you just have to play smart and not get greedy wanting to kill EVERYTHING you see. The gamplay and everything else is phenominal, this should be No1 instead of that assasing crap

but there is 3 problems:
1. bad graphycs
2. worse music
3. little enemies and little shots,
4. the alarm danger of low hp is ANNOYING
but c'mon, the first level music suks,
but after i heard the LAME music change in level 2 i stopped playing
(the begining is awesome but when it got a little quiet.... dammm.....)
but good game though

I love the game due to fact how easy it is to control! Do not change gamplay if your are making a number 2.

You need to work on Graphics a hell of alot though! dont get me wrong its decent now, but with better graphics it would be Perfect!.

For a number 2 add new guns and maybe a person able to build a ship rather than select from options?

Overall great game!

P.s. I think you spelt "Bought" wrong on weapon screen, lol.

Nice game, though couple quirks... Like the guns, there wasnt much difference between em. And you could create more weapons. Onna game like this its easy to make all kinda crazy weapons! And more bonus collectibles.

And then the life system, man, continue? Extra lives? Something....

Graphics were nice, nothing mindblowing but working!
Gameplay is ok. Compared to real console playing..

I agree with tamagat entirely.
Just one life ? Add a continue option.
And make some improvement to weapons (for example plasma seems worst than machine gun).

Beat it first try...ship was about to fall apart though.

Nice graphics, music is fairly awesome, but... no continues?

this couldve been a fun game
the graphics are hot
sounds are good

it needs CONTINUE

no continues? C'mon, you could have us start over from the last "rest" point or at least the starting of the world. Losing all the cool equipment and then starting over with junk kinda takes the fun out of it. Otherwise it's a very solid game. 7/10

I rarely take the time bother with reviews on this site, but I think your game was about as fun and visually interesting as any well-made internet game could be. The controls were simple but effective and the ability to upgrade your weapons and the ship itself was awesome.

The creature/ship designs were cool and their explosion effects were very well done. You put a lot of detail work into the worlds and it paid off.

The only comment I have is regarding the unforgiving game over that you get when you die. I realize that you want this game to be a challenge, but for people like me who won't waste their time on anything but something truly amusing, it's the fastest way to get me to click off and get back to work at my office.

You should be able to restart at least at the beginning of the world you are on with your old weapons.

Otherwise, AWESOME game. Kudos. You get 9 because of your game over problem.

Great control and love the intuitive form on shooting. one thing.............when i died i had to start all over wtf!

Managed to complete the game but did not manage to max out the gun which was a shame.

I liked the controls and graphics. They were original for a space shooter. The smoke and the empty shells are a nice touch. There are only two things this game
1.) Variety-Needs more weapons, enemies, etc.
2.) A save option.
The music was also well suited for the game.

Its a good game but my first time i got to world 3 on insane.
Kinda easy.
But a couple more lives would be good.
I wanted to keep playing after i died.

That is the only problem with this game 7/10

Your style and the execution of this game was astounding and you should be proud, the monsters reminded me a bit of the zerg from starcraft but this flash is honestly original for a shooter space/scifi game, great upgrades, great power ups, great bosses, and pretty damn good soundtrack, a bit short but still excellent.

shit i got to the secend world 3 body armor and the rail gun but then i died it pissed me off when i saw that theres no continue.......... but heck still an awsome game!

No continues. I got to the second set of stages and finally died the I had to start over. Seriously lame.

this game is creative and really fun. it kept me playing for a while.

wow this game looks amazing, plays great, and has an overall great feel to it
10/10 man

Was fun, looked awesome, and just really worked, somehow.

Bonus points for designing one of the bosses the same as one in Star Fox 64.

Epic, simply epic.
Love the way the rockets work, shoot one and the wall of enemies in front goes boom, the music was awesome too.

The only thing...Beam gun was way better then the last one. Since he do more dmg and pass out every thing. Kinda usefull for last boss too

This game is excellent plz create more

Good game you got here. The mix between a need for a better ship and better weapons kept you from getting too overpowered early on, however in the end level I would have liked something stronger than the gatlingun. Overall though it was a great game and I thought the end cut scene after the final boss was a just reward. Keep it up! 10/10

Entertaining game. Had a lot of fun and 10/10.

It was nice, nice mobs, "cute" songs, maybe if there were different weapons or ability to swich would be nice.

Keep it up !

game is awsome but too get to higher levels just to die and start at 1 again bring the score down a retry for the level would be a 10/10

The most frustrating part of playing this was holding down R for the rockets and then accidentally right clicking...I'm not sure exactly what function R is a shortcut to in the right click menu, but it would immediately cut my game to the beginning logo screen. I would be very far in the game and then this would happen -- very frustrating, especially happening multiple times.

I would recommend you pick a different key then R for rockets for those who fumble like I do.

LOL!!! Hull Names: Toyotus, BMWus, Ferrarus!! ROFL! )))
Liked, how you made "particles", which make each own stile to different weapons. Also liked the reflected "power-gun" bullets ) Rockets system was awesome, and "leveling up" is brilliant!
Liked how enemies get wounded appearance, especially bosses )

Althought I think you need ability to buy some lives, not to start over again once failed - it is irritating.
5\5, 10\10!
Keep it up! Waiting for 2-nd chapter or some next game, made by you!

nice well made game,still easy to control with laptop mousepad
needs a save or continue feature to make it replayable though
great job
keep em comin

i like the versality of your ship and the ability to shoot without stopping. Asequel would be nice.


Like others are said, Level Checkpoints would be nice, but the in your face difficulty f staying alive unti you ahve all the decent upgrades is nice too.

Just yesterday I complained about a shooter here on Flash because the mouse movements neccessary to dodge the enemy fire caused me to move my mouse off-screen. Well, there's no such issue with this game, because it was built from the ground up with mouse-movement in mind. Your craft actually swings or pivots as it moves, which causes your line-of-fire to sway and bob with you. This has a thousand tiny subtle impacts on gameplay which I can't really get into, but the end result is that the game's risk/reward schedules are uniquely geared towards the game's unique play-control.

The game works very well, and everything about the game just screams Newgrounds. The graphics are dirty (but well-animated) Wacom scribbles, the music sounds like Metal straight from the Audio Portal, and there's just a ton of little details in the debris as you blow the shit out of alien scum.

I did feel like the shop prices were just slightly beyond the ammount of dammage I could realistically do in a level, which made it difficult to keep pace with each stage's escallation. But I suppose that gives me incentive to keep trying. I'm normally not a huge fan of games whose overarching risk/reward schedule is a pass-or-fail based on cumulative performance. (This game, Xeno Tactic, etc.) But the game's quality as a whole is excellent. I think I'm willing to put in the time required to master this one.

Oh, and ramming clouds of traffic when you've got that sheild power-up on the second planet is just plain FUN. :)

I loved it, graphics rocked, gameplay rocked , i loved the weapons and upgrade feature , but i hate to say that sometimes you cant dodge enemy fire , and i had to start all over again for like 5 times , I really got bored , wich lowered the score to 6
I love you're game , But please add a save feature ! Keep up the good work , i love these games

Great game! I had a few suggestions/bugs though:
1) Needs a checkpoint feature. Got really annoying to go back over and over.
2) I bought the Beam Gun, then bought the Power Gun, but nothing before that. When I bought the Power Gun, it automatically equipped, and wouldn't let me equip the Beam Gun again...made me die...
If you could address these issues, it would be a MUCH better game. Because of this, its only an 8/10. Hope to see more games from you in the future!

The game is great...most of the time, Getting the crash animation with full health and having to start all over plus losing money on items you already bought really kills the fun factor.

The games fun to play as long as you don't explore to much with the buttons resulting in money lost on items you already bought and crashing in the next game with full health after you spend the time to beat a boss, ignoring those two buzz kills and sure you'll have fun playing Aplhabugtastic.

If this is how its going to be after fixing major bugs then you really need to punish you're testers with a good kick in the chestnuts, still its a good game.

I loved this game! From the great controls to the brilliant artwork and Robotnik boss theme.
Brilliant game

Although, there's a problem with the missle "Ready" sign. Times new roman doesn't fit :P

Awesome, about as close to perfect as they come. The only two things I though were off were, one, no Save points or pausing, and two, the smallest enemies on worlds one and two seemed to be smaller than they looked. As in I would fire at them, hit, but do no damage.

Anyways, keep making games, you're awesome! :D

same as everyone else. no save, pause, and weapons are unfair.

could use pause, save points, and you might want to work on the equiping buttons, i had to use the tab key to move around and select to equip stuff if i accidently equipped something i didn't want. also the railgun is pretty crummy.

It was fantastic !
one of my favorites...
but i had one problem...
i came to a level were i was faced by like... 6 minibosses... then a boss.
i had the 3 hull and the power gun.... YOU NEED A SAVE FEATURE !!! D:

Solid graphics, good progression, and the upgrading system keeps you playing. Solid game.

Amazing graphics and game play... also the physics seemed good but I'm no expert.

I have to agree with most of the others, the game is awesome,
however it really needs a pause button, and saves...

And yes, offcourse I'm wining about it... The weapons aren't really logical.
During the entire game, I had to hold myself of using the machine gun.

Fix all this, and you have the new blockbuster on ps3! (or maybe not :p)

the ONLY thing annoying about this game is that i found the rail gun to be kind of useless. after having it on for one level i went back to the plasma gun cuz it was better than the rail gun, lol. other than that, great job on everything!

No pause and restarting is a pain.

Now stuff you haven't heard! The weapons in all honesty don't seem to always upgrade fairly over time. Like the plasma shot seems less powerful than the machien gun, so maybe try making the upgrade system in a way that it makes sense or at least add a description that says what the weapons do. For example I had no idea that one gun could shout through enemies to hit others til half way through the level when I was hp critical so there was no way that I could use that info to my advantage.

Oh well, great game anyways.

Jussst needs a save point or check point! and a pause button!
Other than that, great game!
Maybe a way to use two weapons or switch weapons could be a great improvement!

But yeah! thanks for the awesomeness!

I like this game, much faster paced than fellow-front-pager Star Serpent Sigma. The upgrade system is also well done, scaled pretty well. The only thing I don't like is that when I died to the second boss, I had to start from the beginning! I would have prefered there be lives, even if that means you'd die more (maybe losing some upgrades or having to get them repaired as a penalty.) But still, very awesome game.

i loved the game from the first lvl.
Needs a check point then its be a 10/10

Nice graphics. The gameplay was good too, the movement and shooting was well done.

I died when the enemies which shot bullets and lasers started attacking... they were pretty tough. Was playing on Normal.

Maybe add continues so you start off at the last level (with the amount of money you had when you started the level) instead of having to do everything all over again.

Very fun. Excellent work.

Needs a pause button.

I want a #2 really soon...

Really good game, awsome weapons and upgrade system.

Keep it up!


someone has some taste in games

Awesome shooter! Blowing stuff up is just good old fashion fun. =)

In the first level i was gonna say repetative then the boss came and the second lvl was way diff and harder Awsome game hopefully this game makes front page and Flash History!Make more!

This is probably the best space ship shooter I have ever played. EVER!
Amazing graphics, awesome but yet simple gameplay, great music and good sounds!!! Truly epic!
Keep it up!!! (fav)

I really enjoyed this game, simple but entertaining. Good job!

Very nice indeed. The gameplay got me amused over the whole game (I got distracted after the first form of the final boss and almost died, that last surprise battle was inexpected, I LOVED IT).
The game is pretty cool, and a longer version would be aprecciated no doubt.

All my 10 are belong to this.

defiantly a keeper..
i liked the way when you move the bullets change direction.
hell even the music was suitable.
good job.
going into my favorites.

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