Edible Castle #6

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A haiku:

here, episode six
it has hot limbo action
we hope you like it

This episode is starring Edible Castle forum member 'MiddleFingerRings'! Middle won a drawing contest we held, and his prize was to be immortalised in an EC cartoon! Congrats to Middle, and please sign up to the forums so we can do more contests!

-Lliw dna Ydna



man broken legs are not so funny u know...

EdibleCastle responds:

maybe not. but no legs is hilarious. You should check out my other submission 'Calderbank 2' if u want some of that kinda action.

Well Made

I can see you have thought about character design quite a bit, they are simple characters with funny features and just enough detail to show expressions. And you still maintain them in a way that they are good to animate with. Like the simple 2-frame mouth movements and avoiding eyes.

As I said, entertaining and very well made, especially the the sounds :)

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Ok, that was fucking awesome

That was really original, I loved it. I'm sure that MddleFingerRings is more than happy about his part in this episode also.

Beside the graphics and sound being good as usual, the 'sacrifice' the jester made was really hilarious, well played!

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Aw, Missed the judgement

But that doesn't stop me from enjoying this: another genius bite.
Pity I'm going away tomorrow, so I'll miss all the others as well.
Ah well. I can watch them when I get back.

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EdibleCastle responds:

hurry back

poor old jester

excelent screenplay,also i have enjoyed all of what i have seen in your edible castle (sadly only 4 5 and 6) keep up the good work; i hope NG makes a collection for this.

how about next time you have the castle under assault by things that want to eat it?
that might be amusing

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4.24 / 5.00

Aug 6, 2008
4:51 AM EDT
Comedy - Original