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Ok, so this is my first non sprite animation, I've spent several months on it and have finally finished.
It's also my fist attempt at voice syncing.. but I think I've done a good job.

I will be making a second one, if anyone else is interested in creating parts or helping at all then PM me =]

If you don't watch LOST, you probably wont get some of the jokes... but comment on the animation and graphics.

( Lost S05E01 Airs 21st January, I Can't Wait )



I'm a big "Lost" fan and I'd have to say I was a bit disappointed by this. One of the most common criticisms in parodies is that they don't pay that much attention to the source material and it ends up being shallow. I didn't feel as though you had done a lot of research to make sure you got the details right. While I like the use of audio from the show, it would've been nicer to emphasize more specific details to make fun of.

hahaha. oyeah. i remember seeing this before.

i was right here in the portal on the day u released it. i thought of reviewing but i didnt but now i will. the first short is ok. the second is one good. you did a nice job with drawing john lock. on the one short inside the shelter. you did a great job drawing the shelter. it looked exactly like it with the book shelf and everything. and the one with hugo sawyer and the bird was fucking hilarious. lmao he shited our gold. that was fucking hilarious. it was also funny the way you had their eyes moving and all that. and the cow part. lol wtf was that all about? lol. and the walt part was funny to. oaverall amazing lost flash. and i enjoyed it. :3

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ColdRicePudding responds:

Thanks for reviewing I'm pleasd you liked it :)
I should be makeing a second one hopefully sometime next year :)

Mostly awesome

I love LOST and this was a really good series of shorts. I thought your animations were excellent, really different looking, but done in such a way that you recognise the characters easily, they almost had a Beavis and Butthead feel to them. The hatch was brilliantly drawn.

I thought your music choices were perfect, especially the Mamas and the Papas song, one of my personal favourites. Using the spooky music for the Hurley bird crapping gold was ingenious.

Comedy and dialogue was mostly pretty good, I liked the Teresa falls up the stairs short, and especially the Hurley Bird scene, the timing and the way the characters just stared was hilarious, and then it craps gold and the camera closes in, it was a great scene. The cow on the stairs was a bit boring. The Desmond in the hatch bit, I didn't really understand, but it was quite humourous all the same. The orange dropping out of Locke's mouth was ok, but not too funny. Charlie's knuckle bandages spelling boobies wasn't too funny.

Overall, your strengths are your animation and music choices. Your funnies were not bad, but could be improved. You should make a Lost Shorts Part 2 and I will write you some funnies which will guarantee you laughs.

Good effort!

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Good effort

It's a good try and not too bad. Not really all that funny to me though.

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the animation was good but most of it's jukes weren't funny
you could have done this a lot better

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ColdRicePudding responds:

Thanks for the review

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Aug 5, 2008
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