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This is not a game, it's a gadget. It generates a code for a batch file. Batch files are files with the extension .bat which you can create with Notepad from Windows. Everytime you open the file it performs certain arctions like copying and deleting files and folders and even shutting down or rebooting the computer. With this gadget you just have to choose what the batch file must do when you open it. Then you copy the code that is displayed and paste it in notepad. Save it with the extensions .bat and your batch file is ready.

UPDATE 3 jan 2009
Added the functions of changing the title and the color of the window, and some minor bugs fixed.

UPDATE 10 aug 2008
Added the function of adding a custom command.

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I suppose great for beginners who want an easy code.
Maybe add new commands, such as goto:, timeoff #, echo %random%, TASKKILL
Since it just appears to make use for pranks and such.

If you want it to be really useful, add the list of run commands
I make codes to quick fix my pc (for example the printer queue error deletion most people get)
rather buy/download software.

Anyway, nice gadget! :D


If you are a critic, please tell me, why you didn't spell your title correctly? If I came off as rude I apologize. As for the game, it's different. It is a game for people who know how to code computers.

Games Cridic

Hello as you can see i'm a game cridic and i test games to the best. so far this is the worst, i will not add this my art studio of favorites and now i will give you a... 1


Im making a virus and if u double click it its gonna shut down in 60 minutes very irritating if u almost was about to win a game u lost because computer shuts down :p


i sent this code in email to some dude in california
shut down the computer

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Aug 5, 2008
12:16 PM EDT
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