Gladiator Customization

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Here is a gladiator customization game that we have created for our website. We hope you like it. Comments are appreciated!!!



I'm too made the Leonidas of the 300 Spartans AWESOME!!!

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Not "custumization"

If it was customization, it would change his features, his stance, and what-not. this gladiator dress-up

i thought it was real cool

it was alright but u should put in some villan like parts

Free history lesson alert!

It was a pretty simple game, but it should have been called gladiator dress up, also here's a few facts about gladiators:

1) Gladiators (Especially one as well built as the one in this game) saw there physique as there pride and joy and would wear their bare chest as a badge of honour.
2) Victims of kidnap and slavery, as well as criminals were the core of the gladiator population, their armour and weapons came from their fallen enemies or whatever their masters decided to give them. A gladiator certainly wouldn't have a cape!

This game doesn't have any correct association with gladiators...

PS. Apologies for my geeky outburst but I just believe the concept should always be associated with some truth. Something to keep in mind if you decide to make a sequel.

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I agree, but not a bad idea

you should be able to change character features; hair, mouth, nose, etc... plus very low amount of options even for a dress up.

and i would like to add, being the cynic i am, a roman gladiator would not hold a spear like that unless that was a javelin which it's too big to be

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Aug 5, 2008
11:54 AM EDT
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