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I've realized that there are no typing games on newgrounds. Now there is. Look for hidden mini games. Sorry about loading time.


haha wow..

There was not enough time to even see the letter to type it... then you die. It was a good idea to have a story behind the typing.

Good Idea

The game was a good idea, you just need to fix some bugs, like the loading screen on story mode, it takes forever, and no it's not my internet connection cause I have optimum online. Also you give to little time to react to the letters it's barelly half a second that they appear.

Pretty Cool

As far as typing games go this is one of the worst I have ever played. However, I did enjoy watching the stick animations in the tutorial and story modes. If you plan on trying to improve this, I'd suggest actually playing some typing tutors (there are some on this site) and learn from what they do.

omg that was lame...

what the hell? some stupid dino song... and u have like 1 sec 2 push a key or u loose.. then ohh no..... a typing lession...
congrats on waisting my time + killin my 69 blam record ><


I didnt really like the music if you kinda get better music i would call it a 10.

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1.67 / 5.00

Feb 23, 2002
12:57 AM EST