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This horror-adventure game bring you into the darkness. Do you will be able to survive ?

Walktrough :
http://www.gamesfree.ca/d esolationwalktrough.php

NEWS :::::::::::::::::::::::::
release date : September 23

if the first one got an effect on you... The sequel will scare you to death !!!!! =)

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The inventory system was crap. Lot's of items you don't need and you can drop ones that do.
Because the walk through no longer works I wrote a brief one.
Grab the note in side room(you can write down the digits and drop it)
Read the paper and go to 4th floor
Get the light out of a side room
Use the light and enter the dark room
Drop through the pit to the second
Take the Stairs all the way up and grab the gas can
Go to the 1st floor and turn on the generator with the gas
Go in the security room next to the elevator and grab the key
Go to the 2nd floor and use the key on the body and take the note
Go to the elevators and enter the code.
Use the TNT and step back
A couple more notes. Reloading the handgun uses the clip and sets it the bullets to 15 so only reload when low on ammo. The knife and Axe are both decent weapons. You don't need the bug spray, mop and fire extinguisher. The shotgun can't be reloaded.

From what i can remember this was my first jumpscare, thank you popbrain i am not scarred for life ;)

I always remembered this game. Just haven't played it since I became a new grounds member. I will always remember this game as having a special place in my heart. It introduced me to the point and click horror/action type of flash- I regard it as a classic.

3.5 stars, mainly because I played the game on another site and loved it. There was, however, a problem or two. I encountered a bug where, on the second floor, clicking a red circle on the map moved me to the exact same spot I was on. Another bug is when I took the elevator to the fourth floor and went to the room I was attacked in. After going back in to the elevator, I found the sequence restarted and the elevator jammed on the third floor. Also, there is a circle point on the second floor map which took me back to the entrance. Great game, but some new bugs have come up as of late.

Damn. A glitch caused the game to make the arrows and map disappear. I was well into the game. 1/2 star only for a buggy game that was playing well until that point.

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4.11 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2008
9:47 AM EDT