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.::1200 FRAMES::.

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Author Comments

Okay, so this is technically a bunch of work done over the course of a year put together into 1200 frames, k?


1. All of the different parts were at different frame rates, so don't rate bad because one part was "to fast".

2. This movie's genre is based on a matter of taste, which means you can like it, or you can't, but if you don't, please don't rate at all, I'm warning you ahead of time.

3. I'm encouraging criticisms ONLY IF IT'S HELPFUL, k?

4. \/0t3 F1\/3 0|<4Y???!!!111one!?

P.S. Isn't the little dot thing in the left corner cool?


If you like watch my other movie, Imagine!
http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/440764

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the little dot in the corner is very cool.
not quite as good as "3" or "imagine" though, coz it doesn't flow as smoothly.


I personally think that while you've given a decent amount of form to the animation with this piece, it is quite difficult to see exactly where you're taking it, as it is an abstract piece.

I think that you would do much better for yourself giving us a piece which has a plot and strays away from the abstract and more towards a mainstream animation.

[Review Request Club]

What is there to moan about?

This is what i call a movie an exciting, colorful piece of work with groovy music.

Graphics. 9/10 Well this is amazing the animation is stunning. The Pacman style figures ar,e so good. Each different scene blew me over ,the fact it has such a arcade style feel, was exellant. The fact it is colorful is a plus ,it had good lines and presentation.

Sound.9/10 I loved the music you used ,it reminded me of an arcade game. It was retro ,and fited the style well. The tune is such a succes, i loved the sounds throughout this.

This is a great FBF syle animation is cool. I found the fact is is so bright ,and wicked soundtrack, helped make this so watchable. Unlike Imagine this is colorful, and the 1200 makes alot of, difference you can see. This had an appealing quality with the look and the clever drawing.

No real flaws aprart, from lack of sound in the introuction.

Ovreall this is how i like to see this done.

review request club

I suggest more representational work.

Again with the autostart. Why?

No, I don't think the dot in the lower-left is cool. I'm not sure if you were being sarcastic or not... it just detracts from the other on-screen action. What there is, anyway.

I felt the movie used far too many non-representational lines. The lines - though ocassionally cool (like when they mix to green, change colour behind object or even in their movement) aren't as fun to watch as the representational objects in 'imagination'.

If you really wanted to have a lot of lines, drawing them more stylishly, rather than always with a fixed width brush, may make it better. Or maybe have more going on at once, with rotated mcs etc., for added visual interest.

I did like the effort, the pixellated bits were a nice change and some movement was great.

It just wasn't as entertaining for me.

RESPRiT responds:


Pretty good

Animation/Graphics: Another FBF animation that combines all your work into 1200 frames. Was really good.

Plot/Story: Random...but good!! Don't get me wrong, FBF is an awesome flash technique to do. Was really smooth and good.

Audio: Great choice for music. I also liked the little ball in the left corner :)

Overall, awesome FBF animation. You had a lot of really good ones in this.

.:.Review Request Club.:.

Credits & Info

4.24 / 5.00

Aug 4, 2008
11:57 PM EDT