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SpaceInvaders Multiplayer

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Author Comments

The classic Space Invaders now is a little bit faster, so you need some other friends to beat the level, the one that will earn more points will win in this multiplayer fight.
Click on Start and wait for some people to join.
Arrows to move, Spacebar to shoot, Destroy all the aliens!

I have made this game today, i am not sure if there is some bug, let me know if you find anyone.
Thank you to all the people will make a review. :)

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A classic

Enenmies are a tad tough Well this is a classic for sure and space invaders is a great style of strategy and fun all the way around so awsome job, you have gone and created a fun game here with this one as it really jumped out at me with the old classic style, I really like the visuals and detail, Its games like this that keep me entertainined and can be just all around fun and entertaining.


it doesnt load

pretty cool

its good
when you play alone u have a hard time killing all enemies

Good Game

GG is what this is. I enjoyed this game for my whole luch break. I pretty much say that any classic game that gets remade into the new age online multiplay is going to be fun.

I do agree that there should have been sheilds and the delay on firing was annoying, but Im not complaining because it YOUR game and your made it YOUR way. People who give it a 1 because they didnt like the fact they can only shoot one bullet at a time need to learn to aim.

In dire need of serious improvement.

I can't believe people like this game. The initial concept itself is a bit iffy, but its made awkward and unplayable by even more flaws.
First of all, where are the fucking shields? I mean, I guess it makes sense to rid them simply due to the fact that all the players could hide themselves and shoot upward at the same time. But you still remove this critical piece of strategy that made the original fun, and you could've added at least two or maybe some shields had different levels of damage to keep this strategic element of play alive without sacrificing difficulty.
Not that this game needs to get any harder, which brings me to my next point: What the hell were you THINKING with the lasers? You're telling me I have only one shot to hit an alien, and if I miss I have to wait for he shot to go off screen? What kind of lame ass bullshit is that?!? Then you're given the fact that your shots are slow as all hell, the enemies move at four times their original speed even at the top level, they shoot twice as fast as you do, and you've got four or five other guys shooting lasers the exact same rate, making the color-coding solution to player confusion obsolete.
And then why are you given no control over the color of your ship? I mean, with all these other fuckers flying around, how in gods name are you supposed to know yours is the red one or the purple one? You CAN'T, that's the truth, because when you're looking at other people's user names underneath their ships, there's so much goddamn confusion the names block each other out. How the fuck am I supposed to hit the UFO, let alone play this shit storm, if I can't even figure out who I am.

Overall the multiplayer CONCEPT was about a 6/10: initially it had a small sliver of promise that you fucked up with ridiculous game physics and removing things that made the original game great. Even if the concept is put into PRACTICE again, it may only be a few parsecs better than this shit. But hey, that's like saying you're a pile of shit against rotten diarrhea. And compared to this sloppy, illness-borne bowel atrocity anythings better.

LorenzGames responds:

wow looks like your are mad at me :D

Credits & Info

2.42 / 5.00

Aug 4, 2008
11:12 AM EDT