Entropy: 3D Pong Game

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This is my first attempt at creating a flash game for public release. I've been a flash developer for a few years now so I don't claim to be learning flash just learning the flash gaming community.

I just wanted to test out making a game in 3D for flash. So I figured Pong with a spin(literally) would be a great idea to get started. Here's the result, play it and let me know how you feel. It's been an exciting game to develop. So take it easy, get the feel for the game, and start curving the ball to beat the 13 levels against the computer.

Opinions are completely welcome, too easy? too hard? Let me know.

Read the tutorial to get started... it's not needed but if you find it difficult to beat... the tutorial will give you some guidance.

Thanks for playing my game, it's greatly appreciated.


RESPONSE: [to being a Curveball clone]
Last time I checked Pong is an old game anything done based on it has been done before. There's a billion "breakout" clones out there, no one claims copycat when they see a new one, it's just not always original. I had a friend send me Curveball when I made this, so yes I have seen it. I don't feel that this in any way steals from Curveball except the line that shows you where the ball is. I found that to be a great idea and helped out a lot. But if it's a copy, it's a copy of Ralph Baer's pong, the original.


Nice game and camera movement !

Like! Would be good an amazing mulitplayer fb version.

Nice Game!

Loved the physics engine, great work! Once I mastered it though, it left me wanting more.

Great curveball

I really enjoy it and play often. My two cents: Cent 1 - it's a bit too easy, I'd suggest either a better, quicker opponent the whole way through or at least more levels. Cent 2 - The point and upgrade system penalizes putting the opponent away quickly instead of encouraging it. Those are just minor suggestions, I love your game and I'm going to keep playing!

Really Great

Wow, I've never played a 3d pong that didn't suck until now. The guides, both the yellow line that moves down the corridor and the x and y axis guides, really made it worth playing. They not only made it possible to see how close the ball was, but they made the game more challenging because you have to pay attention to them to play effectively. The upgrades and scoring system were really good, too. I love that you get a chance at redemption by taking away the computer's points, it makes the game last longer. It's really in the spirit of the original pong, too, because on the original, the computer paddle also followed the ball and the only way to fool it was to make the ball move too fast, which is equivalent to the curving in this game.

5/5, 10/10 I can't wait to see more games from you.

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amPar responds:

Thanks a lot :) I really don't have much to say back except I truly appreciate the comment. So thanks again.


Awesome, I really enjoyed this one, loved the concept, graphics, basically everything. Overall 10.

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Aug 4, 2008
9:53 AM EDT
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