What Is It 2?:Sounds

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^^Good Points^^
This is definitely better than the first episode. A lot of the things I said in my review were addressed in this version. I liked how you had the clip replayable, and when you said what song it was from after the question was cool. The sound clips were also longer, which was good.

^^Needs Improving^^
Still, the graphics really aren't that impressive. You have a plain black background, which isn't very visually pleasing. Perhaps you could integrate some kind of checkpoint system as well. It's really annoying to get a few questions right, then have to guess your way through a clip you have no idea the source of. Checkpoints could solve this.

Bettr layout, but the first sounds one was better

The layout to this one was better with the list of bands, the sound clip above it and the fact that you could play it as many times as you wanted, this one wasn't as good as the last sounds one though, as I preferred it when you saw the pictures after getting an answer right, this one also had more pop songs in it than anything and due to all pop music sounding the same anyway it was really ahrd to work it out and becaus ethe same old problem with the ahving to restart everytime you got a question wrong was there it just got really annoying, you really should have had it so that when you get one wrong instead of having to restart you go back to the question you just got wrong and have another guess.

Peace Out, Afro Stud



betrer design layout than number 3.
that was pretty cool.
that pod sound was the best@!


there should be a random generator to make things more challenging

Can't vote for it

I'd love to vote for it but my fucking computer won't let me get in to see what you did. It may come as no surprise to some that I have Windows 98. Maybe it was some of those sounds that you used, I don't know. I've tried five times to get in and have failed all on five. I'll just take other peoples words for it. I just voted 5's just to get this review out. Is anyone else's computers fucking up when they try to get in this?

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2.11 / 5.00

Aug 10, 2000
7:52 PM EDT
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