DevilSlayer IV

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This is a revamp of what I sent in last week, it contains a *new scene* that wraps up all the mysteries about the past in previous episodes. I'm not making a DevilSlayer 5, this tells you what you need to know.
Length - 4 minutes.
24 FPS
<(A)> Anime Inspired
<(GH)> Graphic Heavy at parts.

The rest of the story starts with the Nightgun Prologue.


Very interesting to watch

I enjoyed it quite a bit, not much happened by terms of action, but it was quite stylish.

Also, I take it the 3:16 on the clock was a biblical reference? If not, what an amazing co-incidence :P

JazLyte responds:

Yup, it was a biblical reference. Good eye!

Not Dissapointed!

Hey, I really love this one compared to your previous works. This is because I see more frame-to-frame technique rather than tweening. Anyway, your design style are still tip-TOP and hope you'll keep this up with your next one.

Keep going! =]

JazLyte responds:

Thanks man! You know I will!


the animating is ok, but i think he voice acting could be better.

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JazLyte responds:


Great Stylization

Your animation is very smooth and of high quality. I am especially drawn to how well your lighting and placement is in the animation, this is very exceptional. Your characrter designs also stand out and are quite uniqe. I look foward to seeing more from you.

JazLyte responds:

Thanks, preciate it man.

Good but... jumpy at the end maybe?

Something just bothered me... The animation is nice, the story seems good, the voice acting is good, and the audio is crystal clear... but the actual flow seems jumpy or jagged towards the end, mainly where there was the kick... then instead of a fight scene (even a little one would have been nice) it was 5 seconds of silence, and then a window with a generic woosh and a thunk and an abrupt replay button. Try to make it flow better instead of having that huge gap at the end... sometimes silence is needed, but it should never cause an unusual interruption like that.

I'd have run it more like this: jazz is kicked, lands against the wall, gets up "Doc what the hell are you..." blocks a right hook, takes a jab or 2 of his own leaving him open for a 1,2 from the doctor, then he's up against the window. "Sorry mate, but I need to continue my research..." kick to the face then camera is outside positioned where you had it. But it follows him as he flys past into the ground/dumpster, and shows him with a grimace, slowly opening this eyes in pain, then a sigh and a release letting himself upon the ground passed out, fade to black.

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JazLyte responds:

That would have worked better hehe. But I kinda made this out of personal obligation, so it's probably not nearly as good as it should've been. I appreciate the honesty and the tip though =)

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3.91 / 5.00

Aug 3, 2008
11:06 PM EDT
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