-Shock Arena-

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The return to lobby button does not work. I have notified Nonoba of this and it will hopefully get fixed soon (I can't do anything about it). To return to the lobby you can just close it and re-open it.

After many hours of hard work and frustration I present to you: Shock arena. One of the best multiplayer games around. Here you will be plopped into an arena with up to 4 other people and forced to fight to the death through a series of land grabs, beat downs and backstabs.

If it seems the game is lagging you have 2 options. You can either get a better computer or you can put the quality down. I think most people will chose the latter.

Instructions are in the game but in case you glaze over them:

- Arrow keys to move

- Stand on a territory for a while to capture it

- Push your opponents off the edge to win.


Programming by Arby
Graphics by 404


downfall of multiplayer

like an old mmorpg with too large a world and too small a playerbase

I couldn't find anyone else to play the game with and couldn't experience the game. It's the drawback of a game based on multiplayer =(

I'll give you a 8/10 on assumption because the interface seems to be very well thought out and I'm just an optimistic person.

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Yeah Other Peoples All Right

Yeah Im Playin Alone :( No One Comes But i think its a cool game...

i agree

only if ppl new dis would b AWSOME im here alone ALL alone hope it gets better or it gets a ad


Could use some music during gameplay, but not bad.

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Arby responds:

It has to load multiple times sometimes so I kept the filesize as low as possible =O

Hello? ECHO, Echo, echo

ill give it an eight since its not your fault no one plays =\ it looks really fun though. Maybe you should have a single player mode, only with a few AIs

Strange, that you have 40,000 views, which seems fine, but no one is on...

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4.23 / 5.00

Aug 3, 2008
4:04 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - VS