Beneath the Sheets

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Background: Corey was murdered by a group of girl scouts who were selling cookies to earn money to go on a trip. Sadly Corey didn't want to buy any cookies and it proved to be a tragic mistake on his part. He spirit now haunts his house. His family was forced to leave because of the fear that they had of his angry spirit. Nick, an investigator, has been given the opportunity to investigate the house for the hope of finding any reason why Corey's spirit is still attached to the house. Beware. The things you are about to see are very disturbing. And shit.


YOUTUBE YOUTUBE YOUTUBE! Got it out of your system? Good. Yes I know its live action and anyone who states that it should be on youtube, without actually leaving a helpful, constructive review is pretty much a dumbass. I mean haven't you seen Numa Numa? That's all live action and its here on Newgrounds. You should just be happy that it has a pre-loader and stuff.


The movie is supposed to be very dark for a reason. Just to try and capture the ghost movie cliché where you can barely see anything. We also tried to capture a Blair Witch effect in the entire movie, which I think he did a pretty good job of doing. I know the quality is bad, but the file size would have been WAY too big to submit, so you are going to have to deal with the bad quality.


There was a complaint that I didn't use any Newgrounds music in my last movie so I used two this time, which are properly credited. I thank the authors of this audio for letting me use it for my movie. All music is credited.


Please stay tuned for after the credits, the very short credits, for another quick scene. I hope you guys appreciate the last couple of lines in the movie. It's actually the only funny part of the entire thing. We did have deleted scenes and interviews with the actors, but the file would have been too big.


Actors - Corey as the Ghost and Nick Lentz as the investigator.
Special thanks to Yoshi77777 for adding the pre-loader, menu, and menu song.


This was ok

This was neat abit differant from your other stuff but i still enjoyed it, i did have to replay lol, good theme and good style leading upto the well you know lol, anyways decent flash here

Make it abit longer and with abit more suspense next time



Fro responds:

Ha thanks. I'm making a prequel and a sequel to this sometime. The prequel won't be very long, but it will be funny to those that have seen this one. The sequel will be longer and will probably have more suspense.

Good work. Didn't expect that!

This wouldn't have been funny if I'd bothered reading your author's comments first.

The dark high-contrast visuals were a great look. The bgm suited the creepy vibe perfectly.

For me, the highpoint of the movie was definitely the 'replay', with the ghost, trip etc. Seriously awesome.

I think the parts after that should have been shortened as much as possible, since it seems like a let-down after that hilarious ghost.

And maybe waiting for a beat (like 1s) after the final line before the music comes in would give us more time to enjoy it.

I was caught off-guard by the juxtaposition of the ghost but even on 2nd viewing, it was still hilarious.

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Fro responds:

I'm happy you enjoyed. Thanks for the review.

This should be on YouTube... LOL

Not a bad little offering here - much better than your Hay Wars submission, as the video quality has improved a lot - moving the camera around less has helped this a lot.

I like the way that you added the extra footage of the ghost moving around after the first few pieces of footage. What I would have done is a quick trace and put a barely noticeable image over the top of the video, so the really eagle eyed viewers could see that you were actually putting a ghost in there. What you need is to make it almost imperceptible, just like they do in things like 'Most Haunted' or any of those other fake ghost shows.

Punchline was nice as well - will we see a sequel to this at all? Dammit, someone's drunk all of my beer again! or something along those lines...

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Fro responds:

Believe it or not the video quality was worse, but we got rid of that by making it darker in the house and not having too much light around. It was so dark that you couldn't tell that it was bad quality. A sequel? Not anytime soon with us going to different colleges in about a week. I was thinking about how to make a sequel just in case though and I think it would turn out good. It won't be for awhile though. Anything coming from me in the near future will actually be flash. Thanks for the review.


<instert youtube comment here> :P

So, now we got that out the way, on with the review.

It's a nice movie with a good script. I liked how you parodied various "ghost movies" here.

I think the ghost was very funny, especially when he fell down. I would like to see that in a movie that runs in the cinema, heh.

Also, the camera man/narrator was very good. He was good to understand (which is mandatory if you want to know what's going on ^^) and also his acting was pretty good.

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Fro responds:

<Insert Angry Youtube Response Here>

Yeah, my friend is a great actor. A lot better then I am. I didn't have much to act though since I had a sheet over my face and my only lines were SON OF A BITCH and Boooooo. Thanks for the review.

A great spoof

Well i really into this type of thing ,so this is a great idea to make a movie of it.

Graphics.6/10 Sorry for the score but the screen was tiny ,and hard to make out what is going on. The quality not to bad but the size o,f the picture ,meant it was hard to see all. I do understand why you did this its a shame we dont get to see more clearly.

Sound.7/10 On the most part the voices are clear ,and very funny the audio is just right. I felt the speeches are just hilarious and the boo, of the ghost the dialogue is good. You speak to the audience well and the sound ,is creepy as well. Maybe the credits music did not quite ,go with the genre of this.

This is a very entertaing movie the feel of this ,and the subject i love ghost stuff. The narractor is so good he really ,is spooked out. The special effects not used but the sheet ,was the best bit ,i love the replay its was exellant. This is a winner as it so funny it takes, the mickey out of ghosts shows or maybe it was just me. The bit about being killed by the cheerleaders, for cookies is priceless. This builds up nicely and ends well with you, running from the house. The feel was scary and very clever to.

I guess the small screen was off putting, it meant we could not see all the action. I think it a shame the screen is not bigger i dont care if this is not a flash, it still a piece of hard work.

Ovreal a very funny movie.

review request club

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Fro responds:

Yeah, you are right about the screen, but sadly any bigger and the quality of the film was so bad that you couldn't see what any of it was at all. I'm happy that you liked that acting. I was the ghost, and my friend was the camera man. It's good to know that people appreciate the humor in this film. We have made several movies with humor just like this, but sadly they were lost. And it was really hard work because there was a lot of editing put into it. Sorry if you didn't like the music at the end, but I just feel that every movie credits should be in heavy metal. That's just me though, I like heavy metal. Thanks for the review.

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4.11 / 5.00

Aug 3, 2008
2:40 PM EDT
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