Beneath the Sheets

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Background: Corey was murdered by a group of girl scouts who were selling cookies to earn money to go on a trip. Sadly Corey didn't want to buy any cookies and it proved to be a tragic mistake on his part. He spirit now haunts his house. His family was forced to leave because of the fear that they had of his angry spirit. Nick, an investigator, has been given the opportunity to investigate the house for the hope of finding any reason why Corey's spirit is still attached to the house. Beware. The things you are about to see are very disturbing. And shit.


YOUTUBE YOUTUBE YOUTUBE! Got it out of your system? Good. Yes I know its live action and anyone who states that it should be on youtube, without actually leaving a helpful, constructive review is pretty much a dumbass. I mean haven't you seen Numa Numa? That's all live action and its here on Newgrounds. You should just be happy that it has a pre-loader and stuff.


The movie is supposed to be very dark for a reason. Just to try and capture the ghost movie cliché where you can barely see anything. We also tried to capture a Blair Witch effect in the entire movie, which I think he did a pretty good job of doing. I know the quality is bad, but the file size would have been WAY too big to submit, so you are going to have to deal with the bad quality.


There was a complaint that I didn't use any Newgrounds music in my last movie so I used two this time, which are properly credited. I thank the authors of this audio for letting me use it for my movie. All music is credited.


Please stay tuned for after the credits, the very short credits, for another quick scene. I hope you guys appreciate the last couple of lines in the movie. It's actually the only funny part of the entire thing. We did have deleted scenes and interviews with the actors, but the file would have been too big.


Actors - Corey as the Ghost and Nick Lentz as the investigator.
Special thanks to Yoshi77777 for adding the pre-loader, menu, and menu song.



going for a "terror" movie review

that was an interesting plot you wrote there, the camera gave me a REC feeling
but then the ghost acting, he tripped XD
just in my opinion, I think the ghost or terror character, should just be at plain sight, no sheets, make yourself look terrifying(there are enough terror movies to get ideas from) an then distort the film, like its done in some horror films when the scary character enters or when it appears

about the place of event....try an "wrecked place", those usually help setting the terror mood

about the light work--- a less lighted place would help look scarier and with that you could play with the ghost shadows, when "he" appears he could be entering from the place where the light comes, then kick notices the shadow, he tries slowly getting out of the house with out making noise but then the ghost notices and the shadow "moves"(goes after the guy)

the ending.....thats up to you :P

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Fro responds:

Some great ideas for the future. I like the idea of using a more wrecked place. All we had to work with at the moment was my house, but I have a few images that I can think of now.

Thanks for the review.

A good laugh.

I did sense the parody of the Blair Witch Project in there, it was pretty funny. You and Nick are pretty good actors, the thing I like about Nick is how good his timing is. The ghost part was really well thought out, it nearly put me into hysterics. The music was very eerie, but I liked the irony of how funny this movie was. Overall, it was another good video. Keep up the great work!

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Fro responds:

Nick is the good actor. If it was up to me we would have more like him and I could just help direct.

Thanks for the review.


This was a change from the movies you do normally, but it is a good change. The acting was ok and i liked the storyline another good movie

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Fro responds:


Fuck Youtube.

The humor is somewhat infantile, but parodies are IN right now, especially on NG, so okay. Nick's acting is pretty good, but since he's more or less playing himself, it's to be expected. I can't really score very high though because of the simplicity of the cinematography and storyline. Like on a scale of storyline, with St1ckF1ght!!1! as a 1 and . . . something with an actual story as a 10, you're somewhere around a 4, right above Waterlollies.

One thing that I think you did really well was the lighting and set design. I realize there wasn't much to it, but the color and the point-sourcing were spot on. So as the equivalent of graphics, you did well in that respect. Also, major props on your choice of credit role. I can't emphasize enough just how sick I am of seeing bad credit roles. Style points +1.

I would have liked it if you had used a larger screen size, but I'm guessing that it would have caused pixelation? Also, add some controls on the bottom of the screen, man. See Half-Beard or anything else by Bobert-Rob for a great example of what I mean.

One directorial problem that I think is worth pointing out is the way the camera jerked while in the car. I know you'll say that it's supposed to look like that, but watch it again . . . did you see it that time? The camera shake is too soft, indicating that it was held by another person. Whether or not this is actually the case is irrelevant, because visually, that's how it appeared. So for the very first scene, I though Nick had a cameraman. If only one hand of his was shown, the camera jerks were sturdy and subtle, or if that wasn't the first shot, then I as a member of the audience probably would have understood. But since that wasn't the case, I found it confusing.

Basically, what I feel is that your execution of this project was very very good, but you could and should be working on way better projects.


I'm on a seven day ban right now, can you tell? Is it just me, or do you write waaay better reviews while on ban?

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Fro responds:

Fuck Jewtube is right.

The storyline could have been much better, but you have to admit that it is set up perfectly for a sequel and a prequel. Especially the prequel where we can have a video of the killer girl scouts.

Your the first person to understand that the lighting had to be that way because that was the way it would really be.

Larger size = can't see what the fuck is happening. By controls you mean fast forward, rewind, etc? Maybe next time, but I have no programming skills.

Yes, I held the camera in the car. It was the only way we could get a good enough angle to pick the entirety of Nick up and still get a pretty good background shot and everything. The camera was all of the way on the dash board next to the right window. We were hoping to have an effect that looked like he had something holding it there like you always see people having in their vehicles when making documentations.

We are working on better projects. And by working I mean we have them shot, but we just don't have the time to put them together.


I once wrote 40 reviews on a three day ban. I don't get banned often though. Once last year and no times this year so far.


Great! Haha, Can't wait for a sequel.

Loved the "did you see it?" Parts, and then the bit when the ghost (co-incidence?) ran across the screen and done a couple of skits...

I also love the way "The Ghost" Died... Couple of desperate girl scouts... lol!!

Humour: 9/10
Quality and Length: 10/10
Effort: 9/10

Sweet movie, and I hope to see more!

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Fro responds:

As for a sequel I don't know if that's going to happen, but perhaps. The thing that I really want to make is a prequel.

Lol, this movie is sort of ironic now.

Thanks for the review.

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Aug 3, 2008
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