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Project: Princess

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Project: Princess is a game where you raise a daughter. You schedule her to take classes, do work, and so on. It begins just before her 10th birthday, and ends on her 18th birthday.

Depending on her stats and what she did, a different ending may be obtained, with over a dozen endings possible.

This is totally based on a weird Japanese game called "Princess Maker". So if you've played that, this'll make sense.

You can also go to my website to play a version compiled for Flash 7, which should work on the Nintendo Wii!
http://mmtlc.badlydigital .com/projectPrincessLow.h tml


Update to version 1.0.1: Fixed a typo. And just as a note, it takes 50 gold a month for feeding your daughter, so you've got to try to work with that. In later years, it's much easier to gain money, but it can be slow at first. More jobs unlock as your daughter gets older.

Update to 1.0.2: Removed some buttons in the fighting tournament that should've been removed before.

Update to 1.0.3: Added evil versions to the Warrior and Sorceress endings, and made Sin a bit easier to get. Also tweaked battle tournament hit chance, and added a "Give Up" button.

Update to 1.0.4: Some items were not actually taking the correct amount of money, and fixed Fighting/Magic/Social reputation so it is actually possible to obtain the high-reputation endings. Also added Phil marriage ending to ending viewer.

Update to 1.0.5: Added an Exit button to return to menu, and two more save slots, making the total five. And fixed a few minor problems with some numbers or whatever.

Update to 1.0.6: Added a new ending! There's also a shadowy figure who should show up to let you know if you're well on your way to getting the new ending.
Also, the ending viewer now has popup text telling you how you got an ending that is unlocked. So you don't have to vaguely remember what you did! A handy note that says "Decent Strength" or whatever will remember for you!

Update to 2.0.0: Added Adventure Mode! Select "Adventure" under Free Time in the scheduler! Use the arrow keys or WSAD keys to move around! Fight bandits and wolves in the forest! New items and stuff!

Update to 2.1.0 (1/24/2011): Added another area for Adventuring! The Cave is a new region accessible for adventurers, more difficult than the forest! Includes new items and new enemies! There are also a couple new endings available!
If there's any bugs or problems or whatever, I'll take a look at it, so let me know.

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Okay i got housewife who marries a random cheesemaker first and then played another two times to get warrior princess who marries a cowardly mage, any tips on getting the other endings? Is there a walkthrough for this thing?

For anyone else struggling here's some incomplete info i've gathered:
Game starts at age 9 ends at age 18

If you work at
+7 faith +7 morality -5 sin +8 stress +10 gold
-5 refinement +2 combat art -1 decorum +4 stamina +12 stress +100 gold
+2 cleaning +3 cooking -2 refinement +10 stress +90 gold
+3 cleaning -10 refinement +2charisma +15 stress +90 gold
+10 sensitivity +2 temperament - 8 charisma
test subject
+6 intelligence +6 magic def -3 stamina +13 stress
+5 temperament +4 cleaning +15 stress +100 gold
+2 stamina -7 refinement -4 decorum +5 strength +120 g
hair stylist
+12 sensitivity -8 intelligence +20 stress
office worker
+7 refinement +6 intelligence -8 combat skill
bar wench
+10 charisma -8 sensitivity +5 combat defence
+20 sin -10 morality +15 charisma +50 stress
+5 strength +8 stamina + 2 combat skill -2 decorum -10 refinement

if you study
+2 decorum +4 temperament +6 strength +10 stress
+10 faith +4 morality -5 sin
+6 art +4 decorum +10 stress
+10 refinement +6 morality
+4 combat attack +4 combat skill
+4 sensitivity +5 cooking
+10 intelligence
+6 magic skill +6 combat skill
+6 magic skill +6 magic attack
+8 stamina +6 magic defence +6 combat defence
+10 charisma +6 combat attack +2 sin
+6 magic attack +12 stamina
underwater basket weaving
+4 temperament +10 stamina +6 decorum +10 strength

(Didn't include stress increase for the studying it's all pretty much +10 i think)

As for adventuring
The forest is easier than the cave with the boss having 400 health and the other enemies having healths of either 200 in the case of the bandits and 40 in the case of the wolves.
The cave has a boss with 700 health and a bunch of special attacks so stock up on potions before fighting him, you have to trigger a lever in another part of the cave to even open the gate to get to him though. Other enemies have 400 health in the case of the monsters or 200 health with the rock golems. Charisma can get them to ignore you but if you overuse it they'll ignore and attack anyway.

You get increased rep fighter/mage rep from fighting the boss and from winning fights in the fighting tournament depending on how you fight.

If you want to place high in the other festival categories of poetry or cooking then you need to boost the corresponding stat as well as bringing the art / cooking stats up. In the case of cooking it's sensitivity, in the case of poetry it's decorum and charisma. I think.

With fighting it's both stamina and strength, (i think intelligence might be for mana but i didn't play a mage fight style yet so i have no clue) to go with your def, at and sk stats + your equipment.

Equipment is also important as is money and managing the stress level obviously.
If you get high enough money a random lady will appear and offer you a one off choice of her wares.
These including bigger boobs (which helps your charisma stat), a lightsaber and plate armour. Choose according to your needs. The most expensive thing is 5000 g i think so if you've got more than that go wild. She disappears after you pick just one thing though so choose wisely.

As for me I still haven't figured out how to get the 'marries the prince' ending or any of the others besides the two but I really want to see the marries the prince ending lol so if you got that please tell me what stats to raise to get it also. (I tried raising refinement and charisma and morality but i got housewife for whatever reason, maybe because of the rep? i have no clue...)

Hope this helps someone~

I will edit this comment sometimes but...


2 - how can i get refinement?

really great game. if possible if you ever update this again . medals will be good. sorry but i love medals.

I am with a bug. After doing a work in the restaurant the game showed the attributes raised with a speak of the chef, but no matter how much times I press the ok button this windows don't dissapear. I choosed the restaurant work 2 times before.

Wow, I enjoyed this game a lot more than I thought I would! There's just so many ways to customize your daughter, and the references alone make this game completely enjoyable. I got kind of a lame ending (cooking and cleaning for the rest of my life), so I can't wait to play this again and see what other endings I can get!

All in all, this is an awesome game. It may not look like much at first, but it eventually grows on you and you learn to love it... insert sentimental speech here and all that.

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4.53 / 5.00

Aug 3, 2008
1:08 PM EDT