The Balloon Journey

August 3, 2008 –
December 5, 2011
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Author Comments

*UPDATE* Hundreds I mean literally hundreds of people are asking me about the music. The most common question is, who made them? It says on the credits... The holiday OST by Hans Zimmer.....
The songs used:
"Anything can Happen"

*Warning. This is graphic heavy. Medium Quality is recommended... and flash 8 player*

Yeah I know, you guys haven't seen me do stuff for over a year now... Most of my stuff usually goes on other forums and my DeviantArt page.

Don't expect too much of this one, it does not have any complex full frame by frame animation like my On Your Mark p.1 for example. It's more supposed to be more of an emotional/moody experience, rather than having an all crazy action here and there footage.

This is based on an online comic from DeviantArt, simply called the "Balloon comic" by Emmy Cicierega!

http://b1nd1.deviantart.c om/gallery/#Balloon-Adven ture-Comic
Her comic style is hard to imitate for me in my opinion. I did the first 3 pages, but overall, I screwed up the designs. You can read the rest of the story here and see how it ends, its a great read.

Animation by me
http://tonikop.deviantart .com

Extra credits "More thank yous to"
-Unicomics and Zandoid


People focus a lot of attention on their fore-ground subjects/characters, but they sometimes fail to realize how much awesome backgrounds can help contribute tons to the work. Also, the style of art, like your faux watercolor style, subconciously adds to the overall quality and beauty. Your backgrounds were simply amazing...amazing! The story and music went very well together, the expressions on the characters were very good and emotive, and the animation was very good. There was some definite professionalism here.

what can i say?

It warms my heart and I love the music. One of my favorite moments is when he pulls out the chips and her face is like "WTF?" I loled.....but its excellent! ^^

This the best thing you've submitted to Newgrounds. I know some people would say "Serpent's Grave : Pitch :" was better, but this one was just so awesome it had to favorited. I was impressed at the use of color, if not some of the best color I have ever seen. The wonderful music fit the pleasant theme nearly perfectly. Even the credits with the green circles was nice to watch! I believe that Emmy Cicierega may in fact be the sister of Neil Cicierega (another great guy here) and I'm glad she has made this masterpiece.

if you found the link to this on a certain imageboard website in a certain thread devoted to comics

is that simon from ttgl?

I love you.

it puts a smile on my face to watch and i think its amazing

just wow...just wow!

I'm a big fan of the original comic, and I think this is a beautiful rendition of it. =)
The music and the animation just blended together beautifully and perfectly followed the type of storytelling that was used in the comic. =)
My only complaint is that it left me wanting more. ^^

Great Visuals and such a wonderful tone of adventure... Great Job!

the music was great and no complaints except the animation culd be better

Although the animation could be a little better, your style in lighting and colour is really sweet! I can see some amazing stuff coming from you in the future. Great imagination too! :)

you are great make more

Its beautiful! the music fits great! and it just ran a chill over my entire body. i still got the goosebumps to prove! really a beautiful piece.

a guy and a girl, with a bird, on a balloon, and they have a magical journey, yet, you end with him staring and her, love in his eyes. wouldn't it make sense to make a continuation?

The comic was an interesting wordless story, and this does not disappoint. I loved the music, very fitting. I can see this whole concept being made into a real movie put in theaters. If it was, I'm sure it would be very popular.

that was cool... that was from a comic? huh.. i liked it

characters and animation worth an 8 but the music was perfectly chosen so a 10
wich makes a 9 <3

man Shinobi-Kmashi is right they should have animations like this on TV

you guys are really talented :3 keep that up!

This is brilliant in it's own right. The style goes very well with the emotional/moody sense of adventure the score conjures up in your heart.

Man I nearly shed tears. Why don't they show animations like these in the TV ?

Obviously the story and animation, music and all was great. but what really impressed me is how you moved or directed the camera and the lighting in the movie. I could tell you used the inside glow filter on some movieclips but making the background glow realisticly somehow was really gorgeous.

that was truly heartwarming.

This animation was originally from a short comic by a talented artist on DeviantART.com and to see it come to life like this with such stunning visuals and music warms my heart. Truly breath taking.

As I said, Brill!

I luv the balloon comic and i luved this too

That was breath taking. God I was just sucked in the entire time and loved every second of it

The idea of this was pretty smart and well done.

I have to tell you right now that this is a brilliant piece of work. I've read the inspired comic and loved it to bits, but once Emmy posted a link to this in her DA journal, I was so amazed at how well this was put together. The movement and lighting and music and UGH. It was all fantastic, and infact, I cried. It may sound stupid and cheesy but I did. :C But I think this diserved the tears because it was just so gorgeous. As a fellow artist and aspiring animator, this was a serious inspiration and made me so happy.

You did an amazing job at bringing the comic to life! I hope you make more animations of it in the future. <3

Loved the original comic, and found this to be an excellent adaption of the first quarter of the story. It'd be totally awesome if you did the rest of it, though D:

I originally found this through one of Emily Cicierega's journals, so I was expecting it to be good. That being said I was still ecstatic while watching this flash. It was really very good and definitely gives justice to the original comic! The audio and visual flowed flawlessly and your music choice really added to the feel of the flash!

It was good and everything was good until i noticed that there was only music!!! Try putting in voice and it would be good but other than that i loved it!! make another one!!!

Must have another one! Loved the music an the graphics were cool

Loved the music the most. *thumbs up*

...Don't be so hard on yourself! This was very well done. The audio blew me away, and the style you used for this animation harmoniously gave this flash a perfect mix of emotion and spirit!

I wouldn't change a thing!

That was great. Loved music and the glowing light...

loved it.
sound was perfect.
graphics good too.liked the crow and seamonster most.
how the girl hugs the crow.
and boy calms the seamonster by giving it chips or whatever snack that was.

I loved every minute of it. It really needs a second part.

Sheesh read the reviews, everyoneis begging for a sequel.
Including me.

This was just plain awesome. I really wish this was a sneak peak for an upcoming full-length feature movie coming out next week lol.

If nothing else, this should be a series or something.

That was amazing, i had goosebumps ^^

Pretty awesome xD

That was just a piece of godness!I like it!

i enjoyed every second of it, excellent choice of music, hans zimmer worked in the new batman movie OST :D, keep em coming man!, a 2nd part would be most welcome :D

hey man pleeasse make the rest of the history i would love to see the complete story


that was a brilliant video and i loved it

As i read the other comments i couldnt believe it
The Flash totally bored my and i think its only good for a 3-5 year old

that was stunning i havent seen animation like that in a long time an instant classic

I don┬┤t know why, but I cried ;_; Wondorfull

Between fantasy and reality, with music of beauty and characters of action and circumstance.

The animation was equisite and with unique style, the choice of story and its execution is remarkable, and the music really breathed life into the flash.

A+++ would watch again.

Also, the bird kind of looked like a peep. At the end anyway.

Amazing animation regardless.

It was very original.
But the thing was it was brilliant.
I've not seen anything like this.
This is the first one like this I have seen.
The flash was excellent.
If I had my way I would give you King Of The Portal for this.
Oh and Frontpage forever.


Which is really all we ask for, but you deliver with great animation, very interesting artwork, and wonderful sound that works together to capture your audience. Very well done and I'd love to see more.

the music, the style, and what it's based on makes this a wonderful animation. You have some taste by the way you made it. You should try getting a publisher to make a dvd or something, idk, good job. good luck.

Very awesome! love the style

That was a great animation, the artistry was different from most i've seen but it was still very good I give 2 thumbs up.

it's sooooo unbelievable! :D

I went and read the comic after wwatching this which was also great, but was amazed with how perfectly you adapted it into animation, that takes incredible skill. This is easily my fav flash in along time. Thank you so much for it.


I wouldnt go as far as a "10" for this one. The animation was cool in a different kind of way, the sound was really good, but the story, left me bored. If you put together something that isn't so slow, had more of a flow and direction im pretty sure it would become a classic. Other than that, i thought it was great.

I didnt know potatoe chips could sedate a sea monster! I gotta try that! Great animation, and you weren't kidding about the heavy animation because my computer could barely handle it. But I love the style and story. Thanks for uploading it!

one of the better things ive watvhed lately and it was
very well animated and quiet interesting
10 of 10

very very very nice

One of the most pleasant pieces I've ever watched, would love to see more like it!

This is good. Really Good, I like the art work and animation direction. 5

the beggining was the best the rain and lighting looked profesional the people stoud (know i spelt that wrong) out in it though. The sea monster was pretty cool.

Ps. not really part of the review but for the small picutre for this movie it looks a bit like the dragon i drew in my profile i found that interesting.

It was good and you don't see too much of this kind the stuff but not my kind of flash but you did a good job on it

Oh well done!!!!!!!!!!
the music just made the short film like, EPIC or something!
oh if i culd, id rate it more the ten..
this should be a movie.

anyway, good job my friend, continue creating stuff like this :D

Things don't have to be funny to be good and this is an example.

relly relly good 4 somthin rated for any age, i liked it ^.^

Absolutely fantastic! what a great story!
Going to watch it again right now!

Great job. Very anime-like choreography and music (in a good way)

i simply prefer things like madness, and thats it! its just not my tipe.

It was amazing. To say the least. Peaceful but exciting and did everything it was expected to do, and waaaaaaaay more. 10/10, 5/5. and if there was any other way you could rate it, it'd get full credit. Deffinately keep it up.


you should definitely do the rest of the pages.

That was so beautifully done! Great job! I don't think any other song could have done this flash justice, it just went well together!
Keep up the good work!

even thou you say you didn't use full frame or whatever i thou it was great. I mean the music you put in it is amasingly good!!! It really gives it that Blow to the sky ^_^ and the animation was really great too i mean the emotions and stuff ^_^ it was a good little mivie i enjoied it ^_^ thanks!!!
keep it up!!!

I CRIED. That was a beautiful piece of art work. You should get someone to air that on T.V.!!!!!

this was amazing. the idea was great, the images were splendid. the backgrounds looked impossible. the music especially made the entire experience enjoyable

Like most of the poeple that have commented, I have to agree. It was a very nice little piece that seemed to flow very well together which i assume you were aiming for. The music was perfect, it was what made the piece what it really is. Alot of people chose music because it sounds good rather than makes a piece flow and feel natural. You have managed to make the music seem so natural.

Very good job.

why was she huging a raven

The animation was good and the storyline was simple. The way the music combined with the animation made it an awesome work.


What I loved about this animation the most was the music; it flowed with the story so well and it gave me chills on my arms. The animation was the second thing I loved; its simple, yet smooth style was beautiful and kept my eyes hooked to the Flash. I honestly wish it was longer, but I really cannot complain about a masterpiece like this. Amazing work!

could have been longer

That was simply put amazing! The animation and sound flowed together very nicely. Very good job! Keep up the excellent work!

Wow, those visuals were so stylish and fluid. The whole flash, despite being silent, managed to convey so much. The music was phenomenal as well. Fantastic overall!

Some subtle themes as well

Good stuff.

So pretty!!!! x3 The music fits perfectly! :D

Awesome story! Make another! I like how you put that 2D animation moves like it was actually a 3D animation. Almost more like the Disney movies like Little Mermaid or so. Haha!

BEAUTIFUL art, i dnt knw how u did it, and i loved the way her hair blew. the blur effects were flawless and the birdie made me laff. Needless 2 say 10/10. u deserve evry 10 rating here, awesome.

Terribly impressive! The soundtrack was spot on and the whole thing flowed marvelously! I marvel at how you possibly got all those blur effects and such to run so well! What is your secret!? I highly enjoyed this one.

The graphics and works were wonderful. The drawings were simple, yet effective. The all-around plot was great and cute. I really liked how smooth the animation was.

That was excellant. reminded me of a work by hiyao miyazaki. great job

3 Words.

I loved it.

Extremely uplifting. It's good to see one of those every now and then.

Just that... Simply gets me in...

Was so beautiful... That audio makes everything :3

Also that style of drawing; as simple it is, makes a great work with the feelings of this flash :3

Congrats n.n

So Awesome!!! I really hope that you continue it! And the music was spectacular!

Your adaptation to B1nd1's Balloon comic was really well done! you did pretty well in copying the style and look of the original comic 10 of 10

PS please consider doing the rest of the comic

Well, if I've learned one thing from this film it's this:
Potato chips > sea monster
Interesting film with a fun plot. 5/5

could tell this was gonna be good from the first second.

was simply incredible. Loved it :D

All I can say was that this was truly a very high quality flash, short film. You have experience with filmmaking at all? It would seem like you did!

The music and all of the movement in the scenes and frames were very smooth, and came out like what you would see in an anime film (except better to see artistically). Very nice!

you, sir, are a true artist

You definately captured the mood of the comic, good job!

that was real great, the animation and the music was perfect.
But how do you pick up some random girl in a balloon?

the music made the piece amazing! the way it flowed with the pictures was astounding! amazing work!

The way the music and the screnes came together gave the impression of a true professional. Get your animation to that level and nothing will stop you.

What a great adventure. If this was a series, I could come to really love the characters. The colors and music and events all make this a fun and memorable journey. Great job!

the music really made this piece work. nice job

It reminded me of the beginning of a Disney movie, kudo, thats the work of a pro.

one word; Splek--Talcularr

Loved the animation; it was different, in a really good way :]

that was beautiful

what song is that
its so freaking awesome

that was amazing and really beautifal, you really captured the comic and the music was amzing and perfect with the animation, my favorite part was the flying fish :)

AMAZING! You captured the comic very well, and the music fit perfectly! The crow was really hilarious!
But I do wonder if you're going to do the rest of it? If you're not, that's just as fine-But THANKS for doing this version!

That was very good! It's the "little things" that help the great artists stand-out from the good ones. People focus a lot of attention on their fore-ground subjects/characters, but they sometimes fail to realize how much awesome backgrounds can help contribute tons to the work. Also, the style of art, like your faux watercolor style, subconciously adds to the overall quality and beauty. Your backgrounds were simply amazing...amazing! The story and music went very well together, the expressions on the characters were very good and emotive, and the animation was very good. There was some definite professionalism here. A labor of love made for the joy of it, rather than just cranking something out for the pats on the back. Great job!

that was a cute little story, but, everyone is treating it like some sort of masterpiece.
anyways, that still was a nice piece of work. good job.
P.S i didn't know that water dragons liked potato chips so much.......

it was a little short, but hey none the less it was awesome and i loved the music :)

good detail but i dident like the story but the water dragon thing was cool

amazing, that was an amazing flash movie, great detail and everything!

The music and animation r amazing WOW ........ OMG WOW

The music and animation captured the comic in such a great way. I just wish you had(or will) do the whole thing.

you did really well great job

I've seen the original comic, and this animation definitely does it justice.
Great work!

This is why you're one of my favorite authors....

Good job, Toniko! I especially loved the backgrounds and the expressions on the characters' faces! It swept me into it's universe - I wish it would've been longer. ;-)

Can't wait till you release your next project.

Best regards,
Vreal Studios.

This is exactly how the comic should be animated, even the direction was spot on. Amazing work all round!

i almoust started crying when i saw this animation. ^_^ i loved it

loved all the colours and motions and espesially the audio XD
that was something special mate nice one

That was astonishing! Loved the music!

Beautiful Animation
great music
I enjoyed every minute of it,
it made me smile and i felt
relaxed and calm
wonderful work

Just listen. This is... perfection of epic scale. The music was maybe the best ever in ANY audiovisual production, and about the graphics... well only thing on NG that severly lags my pc.... and style, story and everything else was completely mint

I salute you for making this. It's the new ┬Ędefination of awesome

That was fantastic! Superb! Definitely one of, if not the, best flash animations I've ever seen. The animation, the music, the style, all of it was great! I'm also already a fan of Emmy's work, so that was a major bonus (that's how I found this animation in the first place). I will definitely have to check out your works, now.

This is the best use of music i have ever seen so far from newgrounds. The low and deep humming sound added to the depth of the flash, and my breath was simply taken away by your animation.

This is the kind of reason why i am so hooked on newgrounds...

I didn't understand the story behind it but it was really great to watch. The music is beautiful. The art style is simple yet fantastic. It was almost like watching a painting on a canvas come to life. The overall atmosphere of this is relaxing, adventurous and uplifting. In short, it feels original because I have yet to see anything like this on Newgrounds. Great job.

I saw this comic a few months ago i believe and i thought it was great. I didnt read the description, but i instantly knew you were illustrating it. It was stunning. Great music. Beautiful animation. You should be very proud.

You did a very well done emulation of the comic. The art style was nicely done, and the backgrounds were beautiful. The quality of animation was amazing and the story was great.

There were a few things that bugged me, however. The fist was that the arms didn't seem to move naturally. I understand this problem, but it is a pet peeve of mine. My only other gripe was the fact that the flash wasn't the whole story. I personally would love it if you were to make a sequel that told the rest of the comic.

Very well done. Almost like Phantasia

one of the most touching newgrounds vids yet other than "the composer"!

This goes higher than a ten, this was purely epic. My favorite flash ever created on any website ever. I loved this and it truly touched me. This is my favorite.

It has really good animation and music, I'm quite surprised that the writer is the sister of a youtube celebrity.

You really need to consider making it a series, it has al the makings for on, a duo of ppl, with a pet, a unique plot and setting, and a experienced animator! Please do make this a series!

This short short animation had the feel of a real hollywood movie to it, it had perfect lighting, it was intriguing and, it just purely was amazing, great great job.

ive seen lots of talent on deviantart, have to check it out, really great! uplifting

i loved the music and sunset. great use of lighting. keep it up.

Just amazing. The slight romance was very, very capturing, the slight humor kept my attention. And the music was very, very well executed. You did an outstanding job. So many amazing things happened here. And look at your rising score! It'll beat Waterlollies in days. I know it!

With an animation style that is new, brilliant, and creative, this movie illustrates a wonderful story perfectly! I feel totally awed. I'll be watching this movie again and again!

This was so good! I love Emmy C's art, she is completely brilliant. This had such great animation and the backgrounds were beautiful.

To be honest I didn't really find the animation level to be that great, I even found it rough at times, although the focus effect was used a lot. Not much of a story or character development there either. The music would have to be the thing that brought this animation to life for me, but otherwise (and looking at the other lengthy, positive reviews, I'm probably alone in my opinion) I found it rather lifeless.

Normally when I see a flash, i can point out at least 5 things wrong with it, most of the time I think to my self "There's so many things wrong with this.."

However, on this occasion, I was simply thinking "There's so many things right with this!" The visual style was new and refreshing, the animation loops for things such as the girl's hair were pulled off in a fabulous way, in that each hair was out of sync with another, whilst still maintaining the "wind blown feel"

The camera work combined with the use of filters was superb! The jolts and shakes at the right time, as well as co-inciding with the music (Which was also a great choice) was fantastic, it made me feel tingly all over as I watched it!

The facial expressions were emotive, and very much portrayed the personality of each character, even though no words were ever spoken.

I also loved al the small details, like the way the balloon rotated from the overhead shot, or how in one part, the boy moved in and out of a blur as the balloon was being shaken, even the part in which the girl holds onto the balloon's rope, where the hand dosn't wrap around, merley lays on a layer above that of the rope, just seemed to work.

Over all, you pulled this off perfectly, even if your graphical style wasnt exact onto the original, it was by no means "screwed up" and was a great representation of what you can achieve, both visually and emotionally through animation!

Ten out of ten, and a definite 1st place on my monthly voting form!

I loved the art and music you used in this. It brought the whole flash to life!

One of the best animation I've seen a while, A very moving piece.

The animation, despite its lack of "complex frame by frame" construct, achieves a very stylized body that flows with the pacing, music, and overall story near flawlessly.

I really enjoyed the subtle "raven" character that was friends with the female character in this, A nice little touch that I thought was very well fitting.

The intro and ending credits were also very impressive, with nice fades, transitions and nice ring effects. Well done.

Much respect is due here, And I think you succeeded in doing Emmy Cicieraga's story justice, as I find myself curious to go and check it out now.

I loved the entire thing, especially the way it was animated. great job on this, and you deserve every star given to you.

awsome trueley aw inspiring great animation

Very good animation and musical sense but it didn't really appeal to me, from the other reviews though people liked it.
Good job, nice work

I can't even speak.

Not bad.

This was an idea I've never before seen on this site before. I know you say you got it from a comic but this was fantastic! The graphics were stunning, the music was fantastic, and it was a very great animation! It was indeed worth the time to watch it.

"Don't expect too much" you say?

That was incredible! I've never read this comic, but it is obvious that you do it great justice. I especially like the music selection. Keep up the great work!

it would be really ok if there was talkin but ether then that it was ok

I think that compared to the original this looks almost exactly like it. If you had time you could finish it and make the amazing comic into an amazing animation.


its really good animation but its kinda...weird
but i guess I have to read the comic that its based on to get it?

Brill artwork its the best
it has the best artwork on the whole of ng

The visuals were really good (I especially enjoyed the colors you used), but I usually prefer more content in terms of a story.

I've been a Emmy fan for a while and I was a little hesitant, but you captured it beautifully and made it your own. Next stop, Front Page!

The graphics really didnt do anything for me, but the feel of the movie was amazing, i seriously felt like i was watching a short made by a professional company, the camera angles and the smoothness of movement made by the characters most of the time was amazing, ive never seen such good animation other than those done professionally

only downfall for me are the graphics and drawing style, i know it wasnt your intention to make something visually stunning etc, and maybe the graphics imitate those in the comic, i dont know, but really, while it doesnt suit my taste, it absoultely does not detract from the movie at all

amazing job, keep it up

Beautifull in all aspects, the friendly manner of that sea beast. the music, the animation, the theme, everything; and that cute little raven =).
Newgrounds needs more silent films like this.
Best wishes in all your endeavors; Jaed'rik & the DTPA

I absolutely love your style of animation! Stick on top of that some perfect Has Zimmer compositions and it's one of the best flash movies I have ever seen.

I loved it. I thought it was spectacular.
the animation was of its own style, which may have had a few kinks in the flow, but on whole, it was very pleasing to watch.
and the music was even greater!

I didn't particularly get too much of a kick out of it, myself.

But then, I prefer action/humor flash movies.

Still, I saw absolutely nothing wrong with this. The animation was great, the music fit perfectly.

I'm gonna go ahead and give it a perfect score. Good job!

Words can not describe this. If this isn't your all, I would like to see more effort then!!! GREAT!!!!

The animation was great and it was easy to tell the character's emotions.


That was just... AMAZING! The Animations + Drwaings -> Wonderful and harmonic with the music. Nice Job. ;3

this is amazing. i love it! i reconize the track from The Holiday soundtrack. i love that movie. Hans Zimmer is an amazing composer. that particular track is the ending isn't it? yea. "Cry". anyway. great use of it, i must say! and wonderful animation, even if u didn't go all out, it's still awesome!

This IS a piece of master-work. The music is fantastic, and perfect sooting to the scene.
Grat work! ;)

That was absolutely amazing!
You artistic style, the way you mused the music, the actual music!
Everything was perfect!

Well done.

Got my 10.
I think you grasped the comic very nicely.
The soundtrack is just heavenly. I hope you do some more!

thats great
Its a special style of flash animation


This is a lovely story and you get it over very well indeed.

Great job, simply charming. Music goes so well with the animation. These few minutes were the best in the latest few months of my life :D

It's an unusual style, but that makes it so wonderful. I enjoyed it very much.

I think when the people at macromedia/adobe first put filters into flash 8, they were hoping people would use it for stuff like this.
Its amazing how some lighting effects can help match animation to whatever backround canvas its against.

also good call on using Hans Zimmer music. Zimmer is a god.

Considering u're not the original artist, u did quite a good job animating it
There's alot of room for improvements, but nevertheless it's a great attempt
The animation n the music simply fits together, it's wonderful
btw, I saw the original comic n wondering if u goin to create the continuation?
It would be great to see some improvement, cheers.

That flash was just great, the art, the animation, the concept and i might forget some, everything was amazing, you got alot of talent, keep up the good work!

You are a genuis,......well done.

Very well done - a beautiful tribute to the original Emmy C. Comic!

1.votes 10/10 5/5
2.amazing flash
3.nice work
4.i'm sure this is going to be in the front page
5. :D

I think you did a beautiful job capturing the first part of the 'Balloon Journey' and the soundtrack was the most amazing accompaniment. My only complaint would probably be - I would have preferred cleaner edges on the people, other than that, you did an amazing job. Beautiful.

I've been a fan of Emmy for years now and The Balloon Adventure was definitely her best work. I had high expectations for this animation as I'm sure, every other fan of Emmy Cicerega did.

You did an AMAZING job. Captured her style and the comic's mood perfectly. And judging from Emmy's most recent LJ entry, you did her proud. :)

Absolutely fantastic work!

That was simply amazing.

This film is so moody and paintish all around, the feeling you get is pure happyness and well, the musical score is great too..it just fills all in perfectly. Sometimes theres too much of camera movement, but that's your style.

What can I say more than....keep up your great work bro!!

This was very lovely. Simple, elegant, warm, and devoid of any attempt to make it anything other than a nice lovely movie about two friends seeking adventure. I am very happy that this was made and it clearly shows that original content can be popular as awesome if we try. Though I must admit that I do attribute some of it's success to the fact that it is anime inspired.

All the same there is but two complaints I must level, and neither of them detracted from my experience enough that I couldn't enjoy fully what was there. First, those gaudy filters. Especially for lighting highlights. I simply can't stand them, I'm sorry to say. I find it much more pleasant to simply look at some solid highlight with a little alpha than to see those filter-blurred bits. Secondly, I find the ending abrupt and not in a good and poignant way. The boy with the map shows the girl this intricate pathway, which builds for the audience the expectation that we will follow the journey, and yet in mere moments the cartoon has concluded.

All the same, this really made me day and I am so happy it is here. That crow thing was probably one of my favourite characters in a Flash ever. The music choice especially was very inspired, though it is a shame there wasn't original music written for this. Oh well, we can't be perfect!

I am eagerly awaiting your next work of art.

Very good choice in music, it was almost inspirational. Great job.

You captured her style perfectly! Nice job.

Very good, keep up the great work.


Nicely done. The soundtrack works perfectly and creates a nice soft mood for the film. Did you have trouble making the glowing edges to the characters? I've considered that effect for a film of mine but found that the gradients severely hampered the playback speed. But you seemed to make it work. Great Film for a great comic!

This reminds me of the epic anime series. This could easily be made into a two hour feature film. I hope to see you continue your work. I loved the wind blown hair and your drawing style.

i love it. Nice colours, and the style was brilliant.

I liked the emotion you put into it with the music fitting well too, and the bird made me laugh :]

Feel good stuff.. i hope this gets into the top50

very nice, wonderful music, the lighting at the beginning sounded very good, the story was interesting, I like the dragon being fed a bag of chips :P

Fantastic as always.

Great job man, amazing color sense as usual, excellent backgrounds and perfect flow of things. Only one complaint: The human drawings, I follow your work on deviantart (other alias is Samuraijazz) and I've seen you do some great human paintings, but these seemed a bit rushed. Maybe you should stick to using lines, it just looks better, even though it's slightly longer to animate. Regardless, it's better than A LOT of stuff here, good job.

not much else to say the animation was pretty nice and the graphics where good, story telling was really good. sound was great aswell really helped set the mood =) goodjob and keep up the good work

truly a breathtaking short film. Excellent work!

Thanks man for making such a Great movie, I wish it was a real part of a game

That was an amazing job right there, the animation and drawing was a wee' bit simple but good all the same for the style and it was very attractive, Great use of filters in CS3 something I don't see alot, the music went perfectly with the story. I can't belive how amazing that was in my eyes. Front Page worthy, Well Done!

Really good, i loved the art style and the animation was smooth and proffesional. The music was great too and helped set the scene up for a fabulous animation. Really good work man, great movie!

this WILL go on the frontpage and be in the top 50,
so for that I will give you congratulations for when it happens.
hope to see more of this, well done!


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4.30 / 5.00