The Last Hour: Chapter 2

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The Last Hour series is an alternative interpretation of the Last Hours on earth before the coming of Christ. In this version of Revelations, the Anti-Christ allies himself with an alien race from the planet of Jaiba.

The Last Hour: Chapter 2 (Exposed)
Previously on last chapter of The Last Hour series. It is revealed that anti-christ has allied himself with the an alien race from the planet Jaiba. The American government sends a battle ship to probe the planet Jaiba. The MadFalconX13 arrives on Jaiba with his ship in stealth mode. The adventure continues.

I hope you enjoy the series.
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Being generous. But yeah, watching the whole series because it seems like i've seen all the other series on Newgrounds. But yeah, slow moving storyline. You should have combined them all into one and not just a bunch of long drawn out flashes.

cant beleive!

ok first of all how did your so called "Last freakin' Hour" on Newgrounds i so stupid.. i could wach teletubies and it would be better than this!

Jaiba responds:

check out chapter 10. it will more than make up for the quality of this movie.
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /457202


It's longer than Chapter 1, which is good. It gives us more to look at and the story slowly starts to get interesting.

The music was a bit too loud, so that the voice acting was overpowered by it. That makes it very hard to understand what you where saying once the rolling text was over.
Either lower the volume level of the music or stop it completly (I prefer the latter).

The voice acting is pretty annoying here. First of all, the introduction text is read much too slow and it gets annoying pretty fast.
The voice of the astronaut is all right, but try to keep your mouth farther away from the mic, as we can sometimes hear some breathing sounds.
Also we can hear some noises that sounds like as if you put the mic down. Try to edit those noises out of the soundfile with programs like Audacity (it's free and it's good).

{ Review Request Club }

Jaiba responds:

Don't worry i have worked on my voice acting. and everything check out chapter 4, but especially chapter 5, it is an an award winning episode. in fact i am an award winning artist techincally.

Slight improvement

We're getting towards the point of these flash, which is great, but i would point out one or two things about the grammar that you are using. Firstly, as in my review for part 1, you need to say 'A Jaiba Productions Production' or 'A Jaiba Production'

When you come to the text about previous parts, it should read 'Previously in The Last Hour' as you're wandering the words around without getting to the point.

With your animation, take more time to draw stuff better - zoom in and get yourself a graphics tablet to improve your control of the drawing tools - using a mouse can be made to look good, but it takes a hell of a lot more work.

The plot is still far too short for this - you could have fit this, the plot for Episode 1 and probably the plot for Episode 3 into one submission. This would have given you a lot more quality of the flash, as you don't have to mess around with the intermissions between episodes so much.

It's not like you're pushed for file space, reading in at 700kB - the music is great, but I would keep that particular piece for the start and the written introduction / narrated piece. When we cut to the movie itself, cut the music, as we're not in Star Wars with the London Symphony Orchestra and a massive budget for John Williams.

It was nice when you doctored your voice to sound deep when you were doing the narration - try to bear in mind that if you're going to do that, you need to speak slightly faster, as when you slow your voice down, the note lowers and the pace does too.

[Review Request Club]

Jaiba responds:

sorry you have to forgive my grammar. i am but an irish immigrant, and i can't afford a tablet unlike my idol adam phillips who is rich from making stuff for disney. i have only got a cheap mouse on a slow computer. jaiba productions isn't that rich, but we do what we can. the reason why i make the flash short, is because of courtesy for all the 56kers out there. i know what's it's like to have to wait for a big file to load, and it sucks. i've been in their shoes. with a smaller size movie i can reach out to more fans and get more people to enjoy the movie, without having to suffer just because they can't afford internet. those people on netzero can't download as fast as rich people with their dsl. but once jaiba productions get famous we will get better equipment including dsl. wow dsl! that would be great. thanks for reviewing. check out my other movies, they get better and better!!

OK.. A little better..ish

I felt the introduction text was REALLY annoying and a bit on the slow side due to the slow talking voice. You did put some more animation, so that's a plus. When the guy was talking and he got "attacked", it was more of a humorous part than a "OMG! THAT GUY GOT ATTACKED!!" part.

Overall, this was a bit better than Chapter 1 in a sense that there is voices and a bit more animation. Nice job.

.:.Review Request Club.:.

Jaiba responds:

oh this series isn't meant to be humorous. it' suppose to be a serious dark epic series. I guess we will work on the voice acting and we will do more animation. fans always are right, fans are always first. that is jaiba's stand.

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Aug 2, 2008
10:42 PM EDT
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