Ocarina of Stupidity III

August 2, 2008 –
October 25, 2018
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Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

A mere five days after part two comes out, and I've already got part three? Well, there are a few reasons for that.

One: It's pretty short.

Two: I felt guilty for the huge delay between part one and part two.

I think there's a third reason, too, but if I remember what it is, the universe will end.

Anywho... Enjoy.

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Edit: Again, KarmaLink requested the .mp4, so here it is:
http://files.filefront.co m/Ocarina+of+Stupidity+II Imp4/;12372131;/fileinfo.
I might not be able to do the next one like this, though, because it might be too long... Five minutes is the maximum length for the trial converter I downloaded. But maybe I could split the movie into two parts or something. It wouldn't be too hard.

And remember, remove the spaces in the URL. Silly Newgrounds doesn't like URLs.



I liked it!

<deleted> responds:

That makes one of us! xP Thanks.

lol dodongos :P

dodongos got destroyed! and link seemed so evil and then hes just standing there with king dodongo and he explodes and the goron king told link the gorons ruby is up his *** not as funny as #2 but still it=hilarious


Too short, but how Link was a "mass murderer who wanted to kill every single freaking Dodongo" was hilarious. ScootLumpDude's "Zelda: Unknown Origins" has the action, and you have the comedy! Maybe you guys should work together to make the best video ever?


now I feel guilty killing Dodongos.....
good flash. and I can see your trying to improve, I watched the forth one first because it made daily fifth. and while your fourth installment was the best in voice and animation. The first two were the best in jokes in my opinion. Lol, like in the first one how the first faerie died and then Navi came in. Also, I've never really liked LoZ animations where link was given a voice actor, but you pulled it off well. just try to put a little more emotion or dynamics in your voice and you should do fine. I hope you continue the series and keep improving.


oh man I'm grumpy play me some music so I can dance and the writing on the wall plus zelda's voice = LAWL

nice man!

your animating is awesome!

it was awesome

This was hilarious. I watched it 5 times.

<deleted> responds:

Ha, freak.

I MEAN... Thanks for your continued support! =D

Seriously. I'm glad you liked it so much. ^^

Got some good laughs from that episode.

The part with the dodongos was my favorite i was laughing so hard from it,so far i'm really liking this series and it's style,solid animation and good voice acting. :)


I liked to see it from the dudongos views... hehe


Very Funny but if you could add sounds and more exiting music it will be great!

<deleted> responds:

More 'exiting' music? For when the characters walk off-screen? xD

But yeah, I know what you mean. Thanks for the review, I'm glad you enjoyed it! =D


I was kinda hoping you would've not made the Dodongos so "whee, yay, whoo! Yippee!!" like. I mean, come on man, they all attack Link as soon as he enters their FOV (Field Of Vision) so, you could've made it just a bit more serious, yet still funny without going completely blatantly obvious about it. All in all, awesome.

<deleted> responds:

Well, as the animation stated, that was from the point of view of the Dodongos. Their version of it. What actually happened was probably much different and involved lots of dodongos attacking Link and hurting him very much.

But yeah, this whole movie was flawed and rushed for no real reason at all. >.<

Thanks for the review! =]

that was good...

though i liked how links head looked like before cause now it just looks rediculous, but any way good job on this though keep it up you're doing great as it is.

<deleted> responds:

Yep, more of that exciting style experimentation. One of these days I'll actually find something I can stick with, haha. Maybe.

Thanks for the review! =D

looking forrward to the next one also


good job!

funny but a little too short :/

<deleted> responds:

I know. ;~;

Making the next one longer, don't worry. ^^


AAAAAHHAAHAHA this just keep getting better!
many dark links here...

dark link

poor dodongos...


your flashes are realy funny. what do you use to make them?

<deleted> responds:

Flash 8. I record audio with Audacity (which is free, yay!).

Thanks! =)


This is pretty funny,good job!

Cool MAN

Nicely done specially the perspective parts

its good

funnyer then the last. spesh the evil link thingi lol. on the next one dont rush. concentrate on making the animeated graphics look better by using the ocational human feature. the gorons need work. try drawing one using a pic of one and what ever u use to make the picture and in a way, tracing it to ur own liking. this really helps and now i can draw the master sword and hyrule shield like a pro XD in hand and on the pc. if u need a good animated paint drawn master sword and hyrule shield later on. ill let u use mine. . also top up on ur weopon makeing skills if not.

I figured it out!

"A mere five days after part two comes out, and I've already got part three? Well, there are a few reasons for that."
"I think there's a third reason, too, but if I remember what it is, the universe will end."

The third reason is because you clearly spent no time on this. It's complete shit. Go practice more, and come back in a few months.

<deleted> responds:

Could be.

Definitely gonna try harder on the next one.


"Play me song and make me dance" Lol. Nice flash dude.

this is stupid alright

Poorly animated and didn't even got a smile out of me.

<deleted> responds:

Yeah, my other two were definitely better. Still, I'm learning.

This was so funny,

that it made up for the lower quality (The quality was still pretty good though), the whole thing is funny AND accurate if i could you would get 15/10 and 7.5/5. If it were longer and higher quality (Even a bit) and toss in a bit of music (Mainly music for the area where Link is) that score would jump to 30/10, 15/5 or better. You have earned those 10 stars, and a tip for you, ignore the haters as best you can and I for 1 am willing to wait for a good flash. You can do it, you just have to keep soldiering on and you will rise to NG Stardom:D Good Luck DarkLink777.


<deleted> responds:

=D Thanks. My first ten on this video. ^_____^

YES, I do need music. You're the third person to tell me that. xP

I appreciate your support. =3


I think you need to create more detailed artwork and add some music. Other than that, cool video!

Keep up the good work!

8/10 and 3/5!

<deleted> responds:

Music, definitely.

8/10 equals 3/5? Who taught you math? xD

Heh heh heh shuttup Navi.

Im a fan, truly am. I would recommend that you spend less time worrying about deadlines and pumping these things out. Try sitting down, forming a long, well though out storyline, and take your time on the artwork and animation. Find a way to make it so the sound doesnt cut in and out everytime a clip is played. I thnk that if you really spend a lot of time, like a few weeks, on one of these projects, you could deliver a wonderful, truly entertaining submission for you to be really proud of. Look forward to seeing more from you.

Not overly Shabby

by far not the best parody of Zelda I've seen, probably the worst...but it still wasn't too bad, the Dadongo killing was moderately funny, everything else not so much, keep up the work...guy

just couldn't finish it

first of all, the goron talked too fast to understand anything, there was no music, and the dudongoes part was just pitiful

<deleted> responds:

I agree, it does need music. A detail overlooked. Hopefully that won't happen again.

The goron is supposed to talk like that, and the dodongo part is supposed to be stupid. Though I could have done better, I admit.

Thanks for your review!

It was funny..

It was funny but there was no laugh out loud funny in it... but good ideas that could have been funnier... keep working at it..


The character figures could use a little work but it good either way


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