Ocarina of Stupidity III

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A mere five days after part two comes out, and I've already got part three? Well, there are a few reasons for that.

One: It's pretty short.

Two: I felt guilty for the huge delay between part one and part two.

I think there's a third reason, too, but if I remember what it is, the universe will end.

Anywho... Enjoy.

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Edit: Again, KarmaLink requested the .mp4, so here it is:
http://files.filefront.co m/Ocarina+of+Stupidity+II Imp4/;12372131;/fileinfo.
I might not be able to do the next one like this, though, because it might be too long... Five minutes is the maximum length for the trial converter I downloaded. But maybe I could split the movie into two parts or something. It wouldn't be too hard.

And remember, remove the spaces in the URL. Silly Newgrounds doesn't like URLs.

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I liked it!

DarkLink777 responds:

That makes one of us! xP Thanks.

lol dodongos :P

dodongos got destroyed! and link seemed so evil and then hes just standing there with king dodongo and he explodes and the goron king told link the gorons ruby is up his *** not as funny as #2 but still it=hilarious


Too short, but how Link was a "mass murderer who wanted to kill every single freaking Dodongo" was hilarious. ScootLumpDude's "Zelda: Unknown Origins" has the action, and you have the comedy! Maybe you guys should work together to make the best video ever?


now I feel guilty killing Dodongos.....
good flash. and I can see your trying to improve, I watched the forth one first because it made daily fifth. and while your fourth installment was the best in voice and animation. The first two were the best in jokes in my opinion. Lol, like in the first one how the first faerie died and then Navi came in. Also, I've never really liked LoZ animations where link was given a voice actor, but you pulled it off well. just try to put a little more emotion or dynamics in your voice and you should do fine. I hope you continue the series and keep improving.


oh man I'm grumpy play me some music so I can dance and the writing on the wall plus zelda's voice = LAWL

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Aug 2, 2008
12:54 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody